10 May 2018

Sitting around the the table contemplating should we play poker or go down stairs to the pub for our lunch time beer. We were joined by Sherry, so that put an end to our plan of going to the pub as she would not have a drink during working hours. Sherry was shuffling the cards as she always liked to be the dealer. She was dealing the cards one....two....three....When all hell broke loose, in walked a Lady, she was stunning.....Beautiful thick shining black hair.....Stunning Body....and beautiful olive skin. Dressed immaculately in a white tight body fit dress and shoes to match. All our heads spun in her direction, when Sherry said, " Just like men, how a lady can make you loose concentration, and your dickheads takes over from your brain." The lady asked the receptionist if Robyn was in, she replied, " He is in his office." At that moment Robyn walked out his office and said, " Hello Sally-Anne, and she greeted him, and the two off them left the office to have something to eat.

Larry, Greg and I were looking at each other not saying a word, but our expressions said it all, when Sherry looked at us, and said, " Not what you all thinking, she is his wife." We all said can't be, " The Boss is to old fashion to have a wife like her. The poker game continued, but my mind was no longer on the game, but rather on what I had seen. Thinking, was the lady just a gold digger or was she really in love with him, as she seemed to be much younger than him. He was celebrating his 50th in a few weeks time, of which we would all be attending. She looked to be in her mid 30's at a quick glimpse, we had of her before they left for their lunch. The lunch break was over and so was the poker game, and back to work it would be, when Sherry walked over to my desk and said, " Billy, you didn't seemed to believe me, but you will see on the evening of his 50th. Looking at Sherry, I said, " Didn't look like the perfect match to me." Sherry asked, " What is the perfect match for you?" Smiling I said, " You will see, in a few weeks time." Sherry returned to her desk and not another word was spoken about the two of them again. On arriving home that evening, I said to my wife Joanne, you won't believe what I saw at the office today, Robyn's wife came to the office today, and she looks nothing like the lady for him, but looks more like your kind of friend, so at least you will have someone to chat to at the 50th party evening.

The weeks had past by and the weekend for the party was upon us, and none of the people were looking forward to the evening. On arriving at Robyn and Sally-Anne's home, which was immaculately kept, and the picturesque view of the mountains in the distance, made me wonder even more if Sally-Anne was a gold digger or not, but I never said a single word. Joanne and I were met at the door by Sally-Anne, who led us through to join up with the other guests. Larry and Greg introduced Joanne and I to their wives, who both looked totally bored and were not enjoying themselves at all. Joanne noticing the situation, said to them, come lets have a ball, and started to joke with all of them. Then Sherry and her partner arrived and I introduced them to Joanne.It wasn't long and Sherry and Joanne were the life of the party, as they were both very lively persons, and enjoyed every moment of their lives and to party. The snacks were out of this world, and were been served all night long, and the drinks were flowing, and people were getting more and more relaxed and the music was fantastic something for all. Dancing and dancing was Joanne and my forte, It wasn't long and everybody was on the dance floor, and swapping partners all evening. Then I noticed Joanne and Sally-Anne were chatting outside on the lawn, they seemed to be hitting it off rather well, both their drinks empty they returned inside, both their glasses full again, Sally-Anne asked Joanne if she would mind if she had a dance with me, Joanne not been the jealous type said of course not, and off to the dance floor we went. While dancing Sally-Anne said you are so luck to have such a fantastic wife like Joanne, very open minded and not very jealous, which made me blush as I knew that I was so luck to have a great wife like her, so trusting and full of fun. The evening was passing and it was well past midnight and most of the people were leaving for home, and Joanne and I decided it was time to leave for home. When Sally-Anne said no you can't go home, you have to see the rising sun. Joanne said, no Sally-Anne...we must go as we are the last people standing....but we will see you soon.

Now the two of us on our way home, I asked Joanne what was she and Sally-Anne chatting about, Joanne answered, just lady talk. Joanne leaning on my shoulder while we traveling home, finally we arrived home, and off to our bedroom we went. Both of us cuddled in each others arms, and our body's tight against each other, Joanne started to chat again about the evening. She said, she felt so sorry for Sally-Anne, as she had to be on her best behavior at all times, as Robyn was always worried what other people thought of him. She also said that Sally-Anne was a very down to earth person, and was not worried about all their wealth, and wished they could be like us, just happy and fun loving couple. Both of us quiet again, and Joanne rubbing her fingers down my back and me squeezing her body closer against mine, Joanne said, Sally-Anne asked her, if we were into swinging or partner swapping.I asked her what did she reply. she said, yes we are both into that lifestyle, and really enjoy it very much, and would like to join up with them in the future, but Sally-Anne said Robyn would never agree to that lifestyle at all, so that will never happen. Off to sleep we went.....

A few weeks had past since the 50th party, and everything back to normal at the office...and most of us out at different clients doing our audits, it was Wednesday mid morning when I returned to the office, when Robyn the Boss called me into his office and asked me if I would mine to chauffeur Sally-Anne to a luncheon as the chauffeur had not arrived for work that day. Looking at him, I asked only to drop her at the venue, he said no I would have to accompany her as he was suppose to attend the luncheon with her, but he could not attend as he has a very important meeting just after two. I said, seen it's during work time I have no option, so I would accompany her.I phoned Joanne I told her that Robyn had asked me to accompany Sally-Anne to a luncheon, and if that would be fine with her.Joanne replied go and enjoy your lunch and see where it leads. Arriving at Robyn and Sally-Anne's home, I knock on the door, the door was opened and I was led in by the char, as Sally-Anne was doing the finishing touches to her appearance, which was immaculate as always. Sally-Anne now ready.....We walked over to my car, Sally-Anne said no....we are traveling in my car, which was Mercedes Slk champagne in color. Traveling on our way to the venue, Sally-Anne asked if Joanne knew that I was accompanying her to the luncheon, I said yes, and at that moment Joanne phoned Sally-Anne, and said she did not mind me accompanying her at all. Arriving at the venue, which was a charity function, was very classy, well attended....But not my cup of tea....but made the best of the situation for Sally-Anne. The function was over and Sally-Anne and I were on our home, and Sally-Anne thanked me for attending the function with her, Sally-Anne started to rub her fingers through my sun bleached blonde hair, and the thought went through my mind, were was this leading too. Her fingers wonder from hair to my neck and towards my ear lobe, causing my cock to get slightly naughty. We arrived back at her home, and we entered the house, and the char had left already, and Sally-Anne grabbed me around my neck, rubbing her body against mine and her tongue rubbing on my lips, my lips opened and into my mouth goes her tongue.French Kissing....and her warm body tight against mine, and my cock getting erect, and pushing against the inner part of her leg, Sally-Anne pushed me towards the bedroom.....off went our clothes and what happened is for the next read....