27 Jun 2018

The rain had come and gone.....and it was a lovely summer's day again. My lady was still overseas studying, with another year to go before she comes home to service me. I was lonely, watching the the fish from the patio at home. Wishing I could hit the road on my bike for the afternoon, but with no one to accompany.

Ring...ring went my phone which was lying on the table next to me....Looking at the number.....I saw a name Tiny....Wondering what does Tiny want from me.....I answered, " Hello Tiny. " His voice on the other side of the phone sounding rather embarrassing to me, he said. " Hello Billy, I would like to ask you a question but do not know how too. " The phone went quiet again, and me wondering has he found out what had happened between Bea and I the other afternoon. Now expecting anything to reach my ear, Tiny's voice breaks the silence again. " Billy, Bea would like to go for a bike ride this afternoon, " Me interrupting Tiny.....I said " Sure you can use the bike you gave to me." Tiny said...." No no Billy, I do not want to use the bike....but I want you to take Bea for a ride for me." Silence on the phone again, and me still thinking about the other afternoon....Tiny said, " Have I caught you at a bad time again. " No...no...Tiny....I wanted to go for a ride, but had no one to go with me, so tell Bea I will see you both soon.

Grabbing hold of the two helmets, and getting the bike out of the garage, I started the bike, and with my helmet on, I left for Bea and Tiny's place. Down the winding roads I went.....gathering speed and winding down the narrow streets, and house number63 was getting closer and closer, now it was in my view, I turned into the drive way. Parked the bike behind Tiny's car, I entered Bea andTiny's home. Bea was already dressed in her bike leathers, which were clinging tight to her body. Looking at Bea, my cock was already starting to get naughty...yes getting hard.....hoping Tiny had not seen what was happening to me. Tiny then grabbed hold of Bea and gave her a kiss and said, " I hope you enjoy the afternoon." Bea took hold of the helmet and off to the bike we went. Before I started the bike, Bea thanked me for giving up my time to take her for a ride. Me wondering what the afternoon had in store for me.

Both of us on the Kawasaki, down the drive way we went...into the street, Bea's body tight against mine. Bea's arms wrapped around my hips. It wasn't long and we were on the open road, and gathering speed, the faster we went, the tighter Bea clung onto my hips, digging her finger nails into the inner part of my legs, not knowing if it was the speed or the adrenaline rushing through her body that was causing her to dig her finger nails into the inner part of my legs. Reducing the speed made no difference to Bea, she kept digging her finger nails into my legs. Now I knew that it was the adrenaline rushing through her body, and it wasn't long and her hands were in my pelvic area, and her grabbing hold of my cock. Bea playing with my cock and the feeling of her zip of her leathers rubbing against my back was starting to take it's toll on me. Still trying to concentrate on the road was becoming more and more difficult. I could feel how quicker and quicker her heart was beating, I knew this ride could have a different ending than what Tiny had ever dreamed of.

Then taking a turn off the open road and going down towards the beach, we parked the bike and watched the waves rolling in. Bea the said to me Billy lets go for a walk along the rocks to stretch our legs. While walking, all I needed was a pee, so out I pulled my cock and started to pee. It wasn't long and Bea had my cock in her hand, playing with my cock, I started to pull her zip down, and I could see she had no bra on, so I wondered if she was wearing any underwear. Bea still playing with my cock and me playing with her breasts, Bea unzipped her leathers completely. Now I could see she had no underwear underneath her leathers. Her pussy looking straight at me, I fell to my knees and started to suck on her pussy, with my tongue rubbing up and down her pussy lips, was causing Bea to start groaning and groaning, and her pushing her finger nails into my back. Deeper and deeper they went, the more horny Bea got, the salty tasty of her pussy juice was getting on my lips, making me push my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy. Bea then pushed me to the ground, me lying on the sand on my back, Bea started to play with my cock, more and more erect it got, then Bea started to suck on my cock, sucking and sucking and me getting more and more horny and ready to shoot my load, when Bea suddenly released my cock from her mouth and straddled her legs across my hips. Bea's pussy above my cock which was in her hand, Bea slowly started to lower her pussy onto my cock and pushing her pussy against the head of my cock, slowly entering into her pussy. My cock surrounded by her pussy, Bea started to fuck me. Fucking and fucking and more and more up and down Bea went, Bea's pussy started to get tighter and tighter around my cock. Bea started to fuck me more and more vigorously, and me fondling more and more with her breast, and Bea groaning more and more, and I have no more control and shoot my load deep into her pussy. Feeling the warmth of my sticky cum in her pussy.......Bea creams lucky me. Bea lifts her pussy off my cock and pushes her finger into her pussy, taking it out and licked it clean. Licking on her fingers for a while, Bea then stood up and pulled me up by the arm, both our bodies against each others, Bea whispered in my ear..." Tiny would never of fucked me like you did on the beach.

All our clothes straight again, and back at the bike, we hit the road for home again. Bea still playing with my cock, and pushing her body tight against mine. The road was getting closer and closer to home, Bea stopped playing with my cock. We reached house number 63, into the driveway we turned. Walking into the house, was Tiny sipping on his whiskey, Bea looked at Tiny and said, wow...what an afternoon it was....hope to have another ride again soon. Looking at them both I said good bye hope to see you both soon, and left for home.