23 Apr 2018

It was a chilled Autumn evening and the mist rain was falling from the sky, and I was returning to my car from spending and evening in the pub with friends. They were more lucky than me, the had managed to shack up with a woman for each to take home. The side street was dimly lit and the mist rain made it more difficult for me to reach my car, it didn't help to run because a person would get more wet, hopefully I would not be drenched by the time I reached the car, which was parked halfway up the street, at an entrance to an apartment block. Reaching my car I was pleased as I was not drench right through. Unlocking the door and getting in, and ready to start the ignition, there was a knock on the passenger side window. Surprised and nervous at the same time, as I had not seen anybody while I had been walking in the direction of my car. Looking at the window I saw it was a lady with short blonde hair. Reluctant to open the door as I was not sure if this was trap, I only opened the window slightly and greeted the lady, who also greeted me in a very pleasant voice, and having a closer look at the lady, she looked to be in her naughty forty's or even closer to her later naughty forty's. She asked if she could get a ride up the street with me. Being the safety conscious person I am, I had a good look around before committing myself to let her in. I opened the door and let her climb in.

After getting in I asked her, " What was a lady doing on her own at that time of the evening." She looked at me and said I had been let down by a man that evening. Still not sure if I had done the right thing, I asked so what does she do for a living. She looked at me rather surprised, but answered that she was into escorting. Looking more bemused at her, she quickly answered I am not a whore. Saying that she attends functions and dinners with gentlemen and entertains them. She then said, she had been to a business function with a gentleman that evening, and on the way home he asked her if she would like to join him for a night cap before he took her home, which she accepted as she had had a pleasant evening. On arriving at his home and he had poured her a drink, and the two of them sipping on their drinks, the front door suddenly opened an in walk three of his friends, looking at her they said, " So is she what you invited us for." Knowing all to well what they were referring to, and what they had in mind, I stood up and said," I am not into Gang Banging ." Putting on her coat she left the apartment for home, not knowing how she was going to get home. On seen me getting into my car she approached me to give her a ride home. Before leaving the parking bay, I asked her why she thought it would be safe to approach me. She replied seen that you have greying hair at your temples, I thought you would be a safe bet to get a lift home.

Still thinking that she was rather revealing in the way she was dressed, I asked her, if that was the way she normally dressed when going out for the evening. Looking at me she replied no, this is the way he wanted me to dress..... Traveling up the street to her home, she was giving me the directions, we turned into the main road going in the direction Newlands, when we were caught by a stop light, while waiting for it to change, she leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheek, and thanked me for giving her a lift. Still traveling, and not just up the street as she had said, we had traveled two and a half kilometers already, and I had no idea where I was heading to, the silence was broken by the odd splash as the car went through a puddle. Her looking at me and me peeping at her from the corner of my eye, she broke the silence by saying she would have to treat me for going out of my way. Playing with my hair and running her tongue up and down my neck and sucking on my ear lobe every now and then. This carried on for the rest of the journey, when suddenly she screamed you should of turned left, missing our turn, I did a U turn, and turned into the street. Half way down the street, was the guest house where she stayed. Stopping outside, and expecting her to get out, she opened the entrance gate with her remote control and said please drive in. Following the narrow road, there was a cottage at the end which was occupied by her. Stopping at the front door, she got out and walked over to the driver side door. On opening the door she started to kiss me with the tip of her tongue, her tongue doing all the work, I could see she really knew how to kiss, after kissing for almost a half hour, and releasing me from her arms, she pulled me by the arm, and both of us standing outside the car, she dropped to her haunches and opened my fly of my trouser's, pulled out my cock. Starting to suck on my cock and playing with her pussy, I could feel how horny she was getting, by the way she was sucking tighter and tighter on my cock. Suddenly she released my cock from the clutches from her mouth, kicking off her shoe, and putting her one foot onto the front seat of the car, and pulling her panty to the side, and said, fuck me please. Grabbing her around her hips and my cock entering into her pussy, I started to fuck her, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, causing her to scream. Fucking her more and more, and thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy.I was on the verge to cum....when she turned around and out slipped my cock from her pussy. Grabbing my cock with her hand, she started to masturbate my cock, and my cock starting to drip, she put my cock in her mouth, sucking every drop of cum out of me..Swallowing the cum and releasing my cock from her mouth, she kissed me, thanking me, and hoping she would see me again.