18 Dec 2017

It was late on Saturday night, when I decided to join the chatroom on the site before going to bed. Surprising the chat room was fairly quiet and I was not quiet sure if I should join in on the banter between some of the people chatting in the open pool. When suddenly I got a private message from a couple, who called themselves AB and C. They said the had read some of my articles and had also read my profile as well and would like to join up with me. So switching on my cam, so they could see who I really am, as well as what I looked like as well. The AB I could understand, as their profile said the husband was Brian and his wife was Alice but no mention was made of C. Brian was the one who did all the talking , while his wife was just watching. He said his wife really enjoyed my video, which I had put on my media profile, and she would like to join me for a video some day. The chatting went on into the early Sunday morning, and the three of us had exchanged numbers so we could contact each other in the future or sometime to have some fun. Brian kept on asking if I would open a private room so I could put on a show for him and his wife, because she really enjoyed watching me playing with my cock, while I was chatting with them. I then asked them to open their cam so I could see who I was chatting too, but they made many excuses, so I thought they were not real, or they were just too shy for anyone to see who they are. When suddenly my phone rang, and when I answered, on the other side was the voice of a lady who said she was Alice, and asked if I would like to join up with her to have some fun while her husband just watched the two of us. Asking her when would she like me to join up and where, she said now if you wanted too, looking at the time, it was nearly two on Sunday morning, I said, " it is a bit late now but we could join up tomorrow, and see where it leads." Alice sounded very excited and said she would give me a call in the morning, to say where and what time it would be. Alice then said good night, before switching off her phone, and logging out of the Chatroom. Before I went off to bed, I thought, sure this was just some one fantasizing again, and would most probably never hear from them again, and off to sleep I went.

Still lazing in bed with a cup of coffee, my phone rang, and it was Alice the wife of Brian from yesterday evening. Alice greeted, and asked what would I be doing today around twelve, I said nothing, she asked me if I would like to join up with them for a bite and something to drink and see where it leads. Knowing very well how she had reacted last evening and she wanted to have some naughty fun, so I agreed, and asked where would we meet. Alice said, Brian said, it would be better if we met at the V and A Water Front, and if she liked what she saw, we could go off to there home which was in Claremont. So with all the arrangements made, I went off to shower and get ready to meet up with Brian and Alice for a day of fun. Arriving at the Water Front and finding the restaurant, I took up a seat at a table for four outside under an umbrella in the sun. Ordering a non alcoholic beer, as I was been careful for this time of the year, as I had had a lucky escape with a drinking and driving charge before. Sitting at the table sipping on my beer, and watching the seagulls swooping from the sky, while I was waiting for Alice and Brian to join me. Still wondering what they looked like, a lady walked in my direction and took up a seat at a table for two, opposite me, she kept looking in my direction and smiling, every time I looked at her. Wondering if that was Alice and what had happened to Brian who was suppose to accompany her. Not knowing what she looked like, I took my phone and made a call on the number that Alice had phoned me yesterday evening, it just rang and went over to voicemail, so that did not help my situation. On my second beer, and wondering will this be a no show again, which seemed to be the norm from people on this site, big bullshitters and time wasters. My phone rang and it was Brian been very apologetic and saying they will not be able to make the meet as Alice was unable to find anybody to look after their child for the day. Poor excuse I thought because they had not said anything about a child before. Feeling disappointed and annoyed, because of the time I had wasted, I thought I might as well just have lunch seen that I am here. Putting my phone on the table, the lady opposite me said, waiting for someone are you, I replied yes, but they are not coming anymore. So she said to me, would I like to join her then. Picking up my beer, I joined her at her table. Looking at her smile, she looked like someone I knew when we lived in Gauteng, but thought it can't be. I introduced myself and when she heard my name Billy, she looked at me, and said, don't you have a son called Steven, I said yes I do, he is married and living overseas. I then asked her what is her name, and she said her name is Joanne, she was our neighbor when we lived in Gauteng before we moved to Cape Town. I said to Joanne, but I had heard you had gone to Thailand to teach English, she said, yes she had but had come back at the end of October for good. I asked her so what brought you to Cape Town. Joanne then said, she had come down on holiday and was staying at Frans and his new wife Ria for a few weeks, but was not working out very well, and she was hoping to change her flight ticket so she could return to Gauteng in a few days. Feeling sorry for Joanne, as Fran's friendship had fallen apart as soon as he had married Ria as she was very possessive. I then said to Joanne, she was welcome to come and stay by me as it is only me, since my wife had died of Cancer a few years ago. Joanne holding my hand and saying sorry to hear the bad news, but would be more than greatful to spend the rest of her stay with me, as we had been great friends for many years while we were neighbors in Gauteng. After having lunch together, Joanne phone Frans and said, you won't believe who I had bumped into at the water front, and has asked me to spend a few days at his place, it is Billy. So after wondering through the stores and the sheds at the water front, we left the water front to collect Jonanne's baggage to spend the remainder of her holiday at my place. Arriving at my town house, and making Joanne feel at home, Joanne asked me, who was I suppose to have met for lunch to day, as she could see I was rather disappointed when I put my phone down." Smiling and not sure if I must tell Joanne the truth or not, Joanne said, "come on Billy tell me the truth, are you still so naughty." Laughing I said to Joanne," you won't believe I was suppose to meet up with a couple to have some fun" Joanne then said, " so you have not changed, have you, their loss is my gain." Plenty of time, we have got to have plenty of fun, can't wait to carry on where we left off before we all parted ways.