Written by LickSuck69

16 Aug 2017

This topic must of had many people wondering or thinking where is this article going. We all grew up with the urge to experience sex for the first time, just imaging or wondering what it was going to be like, and was it going to live up to our expectations. Sitting on the school bus, just listening to all the scholars discussing their sex lives or discussing how they would want it to be. You would join in the conversation with your friends so as not to be known as the old square, your eyes would catch sight of a person who you would like to have your experience with, not knowing how or when or where your lucky time would be. Luckily there would always be a few girls and boys who would be more open than the rest, and would be available to who ever wanted them. On our bus there were two girls, Wendy and Sue, better known as the sluts of the bus, they would be heard on the bus every Monday morning letting everybody know how they spent their weekend, interested or not you had no option but to listen. They would tell of their experiences in great explicit detail, making most of the young men on the bus wish it was them. To them is was just a case of fucking and fucking or been fucked by as many cocks that could pass through their pussy lips in a single weekend. Wondering if Slutty Wendy or Slutty Sue had enjoyed the fucking session or not, was not important to us young men, we just wished and wondered when would it be our turn, so we could be on their list of lucky guys to have fucked them. It was Friday evening and the school had arranged a disco or better known as a session in those days to raise funds for the school, and most of the pupils on the bus would be there. The hall was dimly lit, and the band was responsible for the music which sounded like great noise, but who would care, as long as we all enjoyed ourselves to the full. A friend of mine Bernard who was just like me very highly sexed, pointed out in the distance and said, look who is there, it's the two sluts of the bus, Wendy and Sue, so we approached the two of them for a dance to break the ice and see where it leads. Both thinking, would this be our lucky weekend. Both of us chatting about, what it would be like to fuck Wendy and Sue, we went outside to get some fresh air.

Both of us watching the stars and the light of the moon, wondering and wondering, would it be our turn next, when suddenly Slutty Wendy and Slutty Sue, approached and asked if they could join the two of us, when Bernard asked if I would like a smoke as we were both smokers and he has a cigarette in his pocket, and he can't keep it much longer, so we went into the dark with Wendy and Sue following. Standing behind the shed, we both puffed as quickly as hell, so as not to get caught, when Wendy asked, could I have a puff as well, Bernard with the cigarette in his hand passed it to Wendy who took a puff, which caused her to choke, which told us, that she had not tried to smoke before, both laughing at her, Wendy and Sue looked at each other and looking back at Bernard and I, and said well we will see if the two of you have ever fucked before, Wendy grabbing me round the neck with her one arm, and hold of my cock which was already erect and ready for action, with her other hand. Bernard and Sue disappeared into the dark, while my hand went up Wendy's legs and onto her pussy, which was already very wet. Wendy unzipped and opened my jeans, and pulled out my rock hard cock, rolling on a condom, showing how experienced she was, I lifted up her dress and pulled her wet panty to the side, and shoved my rock hard cock between her pussy lips, to a load scream, wow....you so big. The fucking started slowly in and out goes my cock, getting faster and faster, with Wendy's body up against the wall of the shed, and it wasn't long before we had cum, taking my cock out of her pussy, removed the condom, we went back to the hall. Wendy went her way and me mine. Bernard walked up to me and said did you enjoy Wendy, looking at the moon and stars, said it was a fuck that I would never remember for ever.

Always saying I would never just fuck for the sake of fucking again, as it must be a pleasure for both of us, I had an experience on this site again. Having joined the site, with the intention of meeting people who have the same outlook in life as me, and to make new friends, with whom I can meet and have some adult fun. Been an active user of the chatroom, I noticed a lady, whose profile said she was single, was always eyeing me when I was on my cam, when in the chatroom, but never chatted with me or anyone else in the pool.So one evening I sent her a message, saying "Hi would you like to chat." Very surprised I received a message in return. Having read through her profile unfortunately with no photos, she seemed to have similar interests as mine, saying she was into very kinky sex. We messaged one and other, when ever we were in the chatroom, and her telling me what she would like to do to me, and what she would like me to do to her. After trying on a few occasions to meet up, and her always having an excuse, I started to wonder if she was really single or playing on the site without her husband even knowing. So I only chatted with her when she greeted me in the chatroom. Her chatting got more and more sordid, and that she would like me to be her slave for a weekend, still not been very pushy with her reluctance to meet in the past, until she said, she would like to meet me for coffee one morning, so I said that would be great, as then I would be able to put a face to the person I have been chatting with. So she arranged to meet me at a coffee shop around the corner from where she lived on a Wednesday morning. On that morning I got a message to say her car was in for repairs, so she could not meet up with me at the coffee shop, but I could meet her at her home, if that was fine with me. With the time arranged and the address given to me, I arrived at her home, still not sure what to expect, I knocked on the door. She opened the door only dressed in a pink frilly bra and a suspender and pink fishnet stocking. Been very surprised, I was not sure what to expect after entering the door, I took a few steps into her home, she closed the door behind me. She started to unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, leading me into the sitting room, which had two large sofa's and a fluffy carpet in the middle of the room. With all the buttons undone and my chest with my nipples looking at her, she pulls off my shirt and threw it onto the one sofa, then dropped to her knees and pulled off my shoes, untied my belt and opened my trousers and pulled then off and threw them onto the sofa with my shirt. Now standing in the nude and my cock starting to get erect, she grabbed hold of my cock, making it get harder and harder, she pushed me onto the large sofa. Wondering what she was going to do to me, she straddled her legs and pushes her pussy against my rock hard cock. My cock entered her pussy, finally in her pussy, she started fucking and fucking, faster and faster, not making a single sound, wondering if she was enjoying the fuck or not, then finally I felt the warmth of her pussy juice round my cock, and her still fucking me, I shot my load into her pussy. Finished fucking me, she sat on top of me with my cock still inside her pussy, she got up and wiped off my cock and said many thanks that's all I wanted from you to day. It was a fuck, that I could really say, I have never enjoyed in my life. Still wonder if she is one of those women, who just wants to brag to her friends how many cocks she has had, or has she ever though that fucking is suppose to be pleasurable to all, and that fucking is only the end of great sex, which is made up of great foreplay and chatting......