20 Oct 2017

It was just passed three or closer to three fifteen, when the cab pulled up just outside my apartment block, while I was trying to collect the fare from my wallet, I noticed the figure of two ladies walking in my direction in the dimly lit street, wondering what the two ladies were doing walking the streets at that time of the morning. I finally scraped together the fare and handed it to the cab driver and sent him on his way. On entering the apartment block, I noticed the two ladies were also entering the apartment block as well. As I opened the door to the elevator, the one lady shouted out, keep the door open for us please, I turned around and said, sure. I kept the door open and waited for the two ladies to enter the elevator, as they entered the elevator the one lady asked which floor, I replied, eighth floor please, and got into the elevator. With the two ladies standing behind me, the door closed and the elevator started to move towards the floors above. With a hush of silence in the elevator and my eyes watching the the number lighting up as the elevator passes the floors, when one of the ladies breaks the silence with a mumble to the other lady, pity we did not bring one of the men from the club home with us, as I am feel like a great fuck and you. I turned my head slightly and peeped over my shoulder and just smiled, as they had their eyes glued on me. As I turned my head back to the numbers above the door, I noticed the elevator had just gone passed the eighth floor, saying that is my floor, the two ladies burst out laughing and said sorry, but we sure you will enjoy the ride to our floor, as you are the new naughty kinky tenant from the eighth floor. Wonder what they meant as we had not really spoken to each other before, as we had only met once or twice in the elevator as we were going to work in the morning. The elevator came to a stop on the tenth floor which was also the top floor. I push open the door for the two ladies, as they moved towards the exit of the elevator, the one lady with long dark black hair and heavy dark make-up around her eyes looked at me and said, would you like to join us for a glass of wine and some kinky fun. Knowing I was not in the mood to go to sleep, I agreed to join them. We all exited the elevator and walked off in the direction of their apartment which was in the corner, 1004.

On entering their apartment I introduced myself and they introduced themselves, the one with the dark hair was Vicky and the other lady who had bottle blonde hair was Nicky. Not quiet sure if those were their real names or not, we went through to the lounge, which had a two seater couch and a single seater chair opposite the couch and a turntable on a table with a pile of seven single or 45 records next to it. Also on the table was a 5Lit box of wine and two half-filled glasses of wine. Vicky rushed off to the loo, while Nicky got another wine glass and poured me some wine.Vicky returned from the loo and took up a seat next to Nicky, as I was sitting opposite them on the single seater chair. While sipping on our wine, I asked them where were they returning from so late at night on their own. They said they were returning from a night out at Club Zanadu, which was just around the corner from where we lived. Vicky then got up and put a few seven singles on the turn table to make some music and create a club atmosphere with dim lighting and the smell of burning incense. With the wine flowing and the music getting louder and louder, Vicky got up and took me by the hand and said come dance with me. We started dancing, getting closer and closer to each other and our bodies starting to rub against each other. Vicky then held my body very tight against hers, rubbing her pussy against my cock, which was starting to get erect, and causing Vicky to rub her pussy more and more against my cock.Then the music faded away and the turntable need to be reloaded with some more seven singles. While Vicky reloaded the turntable, I took a seat and started to sip on my wine, when Nicky walked over to me and started to rub her hands up and down my legs, when suddenly she stopped and said, " What is this that I am feeling. " I said to her, for me to know and you to find out. Nicky then put her hand into my pocket and pulled out a condom, and shouted out, see you come all prepared.

The music started up again and Nicky made sure it was her chance to dance with me. Nicky pulled me up to my feet, and holding me around my neck, we started to shuffle around the floor. Nicky then started to bite on the lobe of my ear, and running her hand down towards my cock, causing me to get more and more horny and my cock to start getting erect again. While looking over to the couch I noticed that Vicky was playing with her pussy. Rubbing her pussy with her finger and every now and then finger fucking her pussy causing her to scream, this caused Nicky to squeeze her body closer and tighter against mine. With the music getting more and more romantic, and my condom on the table, and both ladies getting rather horny and me wondering what was going through their heads or what they wanted to do to me. When Nicky pushed me back into my chair and rubbing her hands through my hair and rubbing her pussy against my knee, Nicky then rubs her finger nails down my chest, causing me to get even more horny. With the music still in the back ground, the song " Take Off Your Clothes. " started to play, when the words "Let Me See What You Hiding." Vicky shouted out are you going to let me see. " I shouted out take them off if you want to see." Nicky then started to unbutton my shirt, and Vicky came across to my chair and started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my trousers, both ladies then stripped off my clothes, and left me sitting in the nude. Vicky then pulled her dress over her head, dropping it to the floor, leaving both of us in the nude. Nicky then took hold of my cock between her two hands, moving her hands up and down my cock, causing me to arch my back, Vicky realizing what Nicky was doing to me, Vicky climbed onto the chair, standing on the chair, and her pussy staring at my face, with my hands around Vicky's butt, I pulled Vicky's pussy into my face. Rubbing my tongue up and down her pussy lips, causing Vicky to start moaning as if she wanted more. Nicky was enjoying playing with my cock, running the tip of her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock, with sucking on my cock every now and then. While sucking on Vicky's pussy and pushing my tongue between her pussy lips, causing Vicky to start rubbing the top of her pussy with her hand, causing Vicky to start screaming and arching her legs and pushing her pussy tighter against my face, making it more difficult to breath. Vicky rubbing her pussy quicker and quicker and her screaming getting louder and louder and her pussy getting warmer and warmer caused Vicky to squirt all over my face. With the taste and feeling of warm squirt all over my face, caused me to loose total control and shoot my load into the mouth of Nicky. Nicky got such a surprise that caused her to bite on the shaft of my cock, while with a mouth full of my cum. Nicky sucks on my cock so that she can swallow all the cum. With my face and body dripping with squirt, Vicky climbs off the chair and flops onto the couch with her head against the armrest and her one lg on top of the backrest, while the other leg is resting on the floor. Nicky releases my cock and said, off to bed I go, and walks off to the bedroom.

With Nicky gone to bed and Vicky lying on the couch still playing with her pussy and me sitting on the chair sipping on the last few drops of my wine. I stood up to get dressed and ready to return to my apartment, when Vicky looked over to me and said, " I brought you here to make love not to fool around. "Knowing all to well what Vicky meant, that she wanted to be fucked by me, I walked over to the couch. Vicky did not move, but grabbed hold of my cock with her one hand and pulled my cock in the direction of he mouth, lifting her head slightly Vicky started to suck on my cock. While sucking on my cock, I started to fondle with her breasts and sucking on her nipples and running my tongue down to her belly, causing Vicky to arch her back and lift her pussy into air. Vicky's breathing started to get louder and louder and her sucking to get tighter and tighter around my cock. I took the condom off the table, Vicky realizing what I had done, she released my cock from her mouth and said hand it to me please. Vicky removed the wrapper from the condom and started to roll the condom on my cock with the use of her mouth and tongue, could see she had done that many times before. Before releasing my cock from her mouth she gave my cock one last tight suck. After releasing my cock from her mouth Vicky lifted her butt and rested it on the armrest of the couch and her legs hanging over the edge. I placed the tip of my cock onto her pussy rubbing her pussy lips with my cock, causing Vicky to arch her back even more and to scream put it in. I slowly started to push my cock into her pussy, causing Vicky to scream louder and louder with every inch of my cock going into her pussy. With my cock fully in her pussy, I start to fuck Vicky's pussy. In and out my cock went slowly in the beginning, with Vicky screaming for me to fuck her harder and harder. My actions start to go faster and faster with my balls bouncing against her pussy lips, with Vicky and I going wild and fucking as if there was no end, I lifted my head to see Nicky was standing in the doorway of the lounge busy finger fucking her pussy, not wanting Nicky to know that I had seen her playing with her pussy, I looked down again. With the fucking action getting more and more rougher, with Vicky's pussy getting more and more warmer, and more and more tighter around my cock, and Vicky digging her finger nails into my back, I knew Vicky must be very close to orgasm. Her screaming reaches fever pitch and finally she shouted out "I am cumming. " I fucked her for a few more seconds longer, before I shot my load of cum into the head of the condom and collapsed on top of Vicky. Nicky walks into the lounge and said, so this is what you up too Vicky. I slowly remove my cock from Vicky's sticky pussy, and remove the condom full of cum from my cock, when Nicky said can I have that please, as I am the cum drinking Queen. Nicky took the condom and disappeared into the bedroom again. After cleaning up myself and getting dressed, I left their apartment for mine.It was the first , but definitely not the last early morning fuck between us three.