Written by LickSuck69

07 Aug 2017

Days had pasted, and had turned into a few weeks, since Bruce or Janine had greeted , since spending a weekend in Langebaan, with the two of them and Stella and myself. Thought what had taken place on that Saturday evening, had soured our friendship. All that I had heard, was a few screaming noises coming from the house during the evenings, not sounding like an argument, but more like the sound of a lady having a great fuck, or toying with herself, which ever one it may have been. Not with much spare time on my hands, as I had two presentations to be presented in the next week, at two different schools in the area, on "Teenage Pregnancy and Manners of the Modern Day Child ". With all the research work done and only to put the information into picture and comic form, it was a nice sunny day to work on the loft outside my bedroom, over looking the garden and the mountains in the background. Engrossed in my presentations, and listening to music which was coming from the room, and not paying much attention to what was going on around me, I heard someone scream "Any body for coffee.", not quiet sure where it had come from, I looked down, and over the wall from the loft, and saw Janine looking in my direction, and asked, are you not going to accept my invitation. Thinking I had not seen her for a while, and I could afford a break for a few hour, as my presentation was on schedule, and the chat would do me good, as Stella had been away for work for the last few days. So I said to Janine, just give me a few minutes and I will be there. Packing away my laptop, and putting a brush through my hair, I went over dressed in a T Shirt and running Shorts which was my normal attire when going out during the day.

Arriving, the front door was partly open, so there was no need to ring the door bell, so I just entered, my nostrils were hit with the odor of freshly baked scones, with Janine nowhere to be seen, I shouted anybody home, and Janine came through the door, that led onto the patio and into the garden from the sitting room. Janine dressed in a summer floral dress, came up to me, and said hi, and gave me a kiss on my cheek, and said lets go and sit in the sun. Going through to the patio, the table was laid with the coffee and the scones which had been buttered and spread with strawberry jam and cream.I flopped into the cushion on the cane chair facing the sun, and Janine took up a seat on the couch next to my chair, with her back against the one arm rest and her legs and feet on the couch. Janine said she felt bad that she had not thanked me for the weekend that they had in Laangebaan, as Bruce has been in Gauteng for the last week and half and will only be back on Friday evening. I said don't worry, we must do that again sometime, and she said, she really enjoyed the weekend. I asked Janine if she had spoken to Stella, since the weekend, she said yes, yesterday evening and that they were going out on a lady's night on Wednesday evening and she was really looking forward to see Stella again. Knowing all to well what had happened on the beach that weekend between her and Stella, I could understand why she was looking forward to seeing Stella again.Not knowing that Bruce had gone to Gauteng, I said to Janine, I thought Bruce was annoyed about what had happened in the the room with Stella, herself and I, while he was drunk in the other bedroom. Janine said no, Bruce said he wished we could have the weekend over again, except that he will remain sober until all the fun is over.. Janine asked what gave me the idea that Bruce was annoyed, I said I had heard some screams coming from there home during the week, and I had thought that they had an argument about the weekend, Janine blushing slightly, said no, he was not even at home, wow....don't tell me you could hear me when I was playing with myself and my toys. Quickly changing the topic, Janine poured the coffee and offered me a scone. Sipping on our coffee and nibbling on the scones, the topic of chatter turned to me, Janine said, she noticed I spent most of my time on the loft in the sun writing. I said yes, because I have a blog, and write articles for different schools and local suburban newspapers. Then asked her, how does she pass her day, she replied that the does graphic designs and paints portrait's for people. Janine then asked, would I like to see some of her paintings that she had done. So we went inside to her studio, which was in the loft above the sitting room.

While climbing up the stair to the loft, I noticed Janine had a nice sexy looking butt and looking a little higher up her dress I noticed Janine had a sexy thong which was splitting her sexy butt's cheeks. Not saying a word of what I had seen, we got onto the loft, with three uncompleted paintings still on their Boards, and a large round cane chair which was more like a bed under the window. Still feeling horny from what I had seen while climbing up the stairs, I walked over to the window, flopped onto the chair, lying on my side with my hand under my chin, I said to Janine, would you like to paint me. Janine walked over to the chair and flopped onto the chair, and said, I would like to do more than paint you in the nude. Janine then started to nibble on my ear, knowing all to well what she was doing to my cock, she carried on nibbling on my ear, then started rubbing her hands all over my chest, slipping her hand under my T Shirt, finally pulling my T Shirt over my head, now just in my running shorts and no jocks, Janine moves her hands down in the direction of my rock hard cock, only touching it very lightly with her hand and moving back up my chest. The nibbling on my ear now turns to a bite, and a whisper that she would like to have anal sex with me. With the vision of her sexy butt in my mind, the thought of have anal sex with Janine, drove my sex drive to go even more wild. My hands started running down her back, and my fingers down her spine,causing Janine to arch her body, with my hand now touching her butt and my finger splitting her cheeks and touching the rim of her brown eye, seemed to drive Janine's hormones to go completely out of control, pulling her dress over her head and throwing it onto the floor, falling face down on the chair spreading her legs wide apart, I started to pull her thong through her butt, then pulling it off all together, and just having the sight of her sexy brown eye looking at me. Started running my tongue from her pussy into her Butt, rimming her brown eye with the tip of my tongue, licking on her eye more and more, pushing with my tongue trying to enter, causing Janine to scream and squash my head between her legs, turning over on her back, still with my head between her legs, Janine makes a grab for my cock, squeezing my cock tighter and tighter, Janine throws her legs into the air, and over towards her head causing her butt to lift off the chair, making it easier for me to get my tongue onto her sexy brown eye, licking and licking on her brown eye and pushing my face more and more into her ass, is causing Janine to go more and more wild, until she can't take the excitement any more and jumps up and leans against the window sill and begs me to fuck her in her ass. Pulling down my shorts and kicking them to one side I take some saliva and rub it on my cock and spit some saliva onto her brown eye,spreading it with my tongue, I lift my face and push my rock hard cock against the center of her brown eye, pushing softly, causing my cock to enter her ass, going in deeper and deeper until it is half way in, Janine shouts out,please start fucking me. I started to fuck her ass more and more, first slowly, then getting more and more rougher, Janine's screams get louder and louder, and she starts pushing onto her toes, the fucking just gets faster and faster and finally my control is lost and my load of warm sticky cum squirts through the head and into her anal channel. Feeling the cum in her anal channel causes Janine to drop onto her feet and takes a deep breath, before taking my cock into her mouth and suck off all the cum, and on taking my cock out of her mouth, Janine squeezes me in her arms and said, wow...that is something Bruce would of never done for me...