Written by LickSuck69

27 Oct 2016

The most interesting lady friend I have ever met, was Kelly, "The Blowjob Queen," ever since we met she has constantly text me, say how great the afternoon of her first blowjob was and she can't wait for her next experience with me. Knowing that she is married and playing without her narrow minded husband knowing, so careful must I be. Meeting at coffee shops for her to carry out her fantasies, is not always the safest way for me too let herself get what see really needs. Last Saturday, while getting ready to go to a quaint little pub in Hout Bay, Kelly phoned me and said, guess what, "hubby's gone to Bloemfontein to watch the Rugby Final and will only be back the next day, so guess what that means." Being the rather cautious type I replied, you know we must be careful, so if you want too, you can come with me to the pub in Hout Bay and listen o the music for the evening, because I do not want the neighbors seen my car at your home. Kelly agreed to spend the evening in Hout Bay as she had not been there before. Picking her up at her home just before eight in Durbanville, onto the N1, off to Hout Bay we go.

Sitting, chatting, laughing , listening to the music in the car, it didn't take Kelly very long to start getting up to her fantasy. Kelly looks into my eyes and smiles and says, I had a feeling to night is going to to be the night, that's why I gave you a call, hoping you will give me more of your super dick, I said don't be shy call it a cock, because that's what it is. Kelly slowly starts rubbing her hand on the inner part of my leg, slowly moving closer to my cock, touching it every now and then, taking her hand of my leg and running her fingers through my hair and behind my ear, down my chest and back to my cock again, this carries on all along the N1 on to the M3, until we turn off onto the Main Road to Hout Bay. Been a poorly lit winding road, Kelly gets more daring, unzips my jeans, pulls out my cock and starts suck on my cock as if there was no cock for her ever again. Sliding her mouth up and down my shaft and feeling her mouth get tighter around my cock, I can feel a huge explosion on the way, so I yell Kelly beware, she keeps sucking until her mouth is flooded with a great stream of cum. Swallowing her surprise of cum, Kelly lifts her head and says now I am ready for a fantastic evening of music and more of you soon. On entering the pub we take a seat at the window over looking the see, with the full moon shining on the waves and making a great sight for a horny Kelly. Listening to great live music, and sipping on our drinks, Kelly lets her hand go a stray every now and then, keep smiling at me. The later the evening got the more horny Kelly got, taking my hand and putting it on her very wet pussy, and whispers in my ear, see what you have done to me, would you like to taste it again. Biting on my ear, squeezing my cock, the message was very clear rough riding was all Kelly needed. Leaving the pub, both randy as hell, knowing that Durbanville was still far, we both climbed into the car, Kelly grabbed me round the neck and just started kissing on my lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth as far as she can, causing me to take my two fingers and slip them into her very wet horny pussy. Pushing them deeper and deeper, feeling her warm pussy getting tighter and tighter around my fingers until the feeling of warm juices are felt around my finger. Pulling my fingers out Kelly takes my fingers straight to her mouth and licks them clean, pushing them in again to collect more pussy juice for her lick.

Slowly we start the journey home, thinking this will be a less horny trip, much to my surprise, as soon as we hit the winding road, Kelly unzipped me again and started sucking, and sucking hardly ever coming up for air. On reaching Kelly's home, she lifted up her head and said now it's your turn to eat on me. Getting into the house front door, Kelly lifts up her skirt saying all is yours, pushing my head towards her very moist pussy, falling to my knees and start licking on her pussy with the tip of my tongue, slowly pushing the tip between her lips causing her to scream. While screaming Kelly gets on to her toes, squeezing my head between her thighs, making it very difficult to breath, finally Kelly squirts all over me. With squirt running down her legs and squirt all over my lips, Kelly kisses me good night, and says hope our next evening will be soon again.