Written by LickSuck69

31 May 2017

The final whistle for the F.A. Cup final had blown, the winners had been given the prize the cup and there medal, which was been paraded for their happy supporters to feel and see, while the losing supporters were making their way home by train. Now was time for a change in channel's, so music it would be, paying tribute to "The Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band." The music brought back great memories of my early years, with fantastic artists like Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, The Bee Gees, Aerosmith, and many more. With the song "Getting Better", just been completed, the next song was " With A Little Help From My Friends", with the words blaring in my ears, and me thinking, " who could be free to night, when suddenly my Cell Phone started to ring, seeing the name on the screen, I answered the phone, to a voice yelling "Hello Gambler", not quiet sure what they meant, I took a few seconds to answer. " So what will it be, Tables or Slot Machines", there is silence before the answer is screamed at me. " Do you think my pussy is a slot machine, or do you think I will lie on my back with my legs spread high in the sky, showing off my pussy for everyone to see". There is total silence from both of us, then I said expect me when you see me, they answer it better be soon, otherwise they will become a Vegan and will have to use a cucumber for thier pleasure instead of me.

On arriving at the door, the door bell was rung, the door was flung wide open, and Stella grabs me by the arm and said off to Grand West Casino we go, Laughing and laughing at what had happened over the phone, Stella said I knew that was the only way I would get you to come with me. On entering the Casino, Stella dressed in a black mini skirt, with black fishnet stockings and a red blouse exposing her cleavage and a cigarette holder between her fingers of her one hand, and me dressed in an open neck shirt with dark trousers. Stella looking more like the Madame and me more like the Pimp, or Stella like the Dominatrix and me like her Slave, you can decide which one it might be. Off to the cashier we went, exchanging our notes for coins for the slot machines. Finding an open slot machine, Stella takes a seat in front of the machine, with her skirt creeping up her legs, stopping just short of her Belly, causing the man seated next to her to have a stroke and his eyes just about popping out of his head, me standing behind her, playing with her hair. Stella starts feeding the machine with three coins at a time, yanking on the joystick, the machine making a gutten of it's self, by gobbling her coins at great speed without offering any in return. Stella starts tensing, so her neck and shoulders need some more TLC form me. My hands working all over her, from her ear lobes, down to her neck, to her shoulders, and every now and then down to her breasts, causing her legs to spread and her nipples to harden and almost causing her blouse to pop a button. Horny and ready, Stella turns to me, and said, come see how lucky you can be. Exchanging positions, I take to the seat, started feeding the machine, and it wasn't long before the machine started spitting coins at me, battling to keep up, and Stella's hands and fingers flowing through my hair, and the occasional tongue to my ear, driving me wild and unable to concentrate any more. I turn my head and look into Stella's eyes and said, so lets have one for the road, Stella looks back at me and said, how can you risk your luck with one for the road, and maybe leave me to be a vegan and rely on my cucumber for the rest of the evening. Knowing exactly how Stella is feeling, I cash in my coins and off we go.

Homeward bound Stella sits in the car, leaning against the door, not saying a word, looking more like a naughty school girl who can't get what she is looking for. Lifting her skirt every now and then, flashing her pussy through her fishnet stocking at me. Playing with her pussy, Stella kicks off her shoe, and puts the heel of her foot right on to my cock and her toes pointing to the roof of the car, saying these will be yours soon, playing footsie footsie with my cock all the way home. On getting home, Stella jumps out the car, runs for the door, unlocks and scampers for the loo, closing the door behind me, and taking a seat on the couch, Stella returned, with out her fish net stockings, meaning only one thing to me, her pussy will be totally exposed for me. Stella pushed me into the corner of the couch and removed my shoes as well as my trousers, leaving both on the floor, Stella flopped into the other corner, with her toes playing with my rock hard cock, feeling my head getting wet, Stella pushed her toes into my mouth and said you know what to do, both having the same fetish, she loves her toes to be sucked and my tongue tickling between her toes, Stella's body started to stiffen, and she played with my cock. Suddenly Stella jumped up and threw her legs over the back of the couch and her very wet and horny pussy in my face, Stella started sucking on my cock, deeper in her mouth it went, with the tight feeling of her cheeks against my cock, because of her vicious way of sucking. Her pussy looked strait at me, waiting for my tongue, but looking a little higher, my eye caught the view of the most beautiful brown eye, I had seen, so I decided it's time to rim her eye, so with my tongue making contact with her eye, Stella almost crushed my head with her thighs. Stella screamed, what a jackpot for me, so anal it will be. Releasing my head from her grip, I started rimming Stella, causing her legs to get stiffer and stiffer until she couldn't take it anymore. Jumping off the couch and bending over the end of the couch, Stella pleaded fuck my anus please. Having never had anal sex with Stella before, I lubricated my cock as I did not know how tight she would be. Pushing my rock hard erect cock slowly against her eye, first the head entered, and more and more of my cock made it's way into her anus, with my cock almost halfway in, Stella yelled fuck me please, with my hands on her hips, I started fucking, with more and more pressure, the in and out motion, and faster and faster, louder and louder Stella gets, arching her feet more and more until she was standing on her toes, screaming cum inside me. Enjoying seen Stella going so wild, was driving me more and more wild, fucking, fucking her anus, until I could no longer control myself and shot my load of cum, with all my cum inside her anus, I slowly started to remove my cock, with the head all covered with my cum, Stella turned around and sucked my cock clean. Stella squeezed my body tight against hers and said, always wonder when we would have anal sex, it was really most enjoyable, hoping we could have anal sex more often. Stella said she was surprised, how easy she convinced me.