Written by LickSuck69

13 Jan 2017

Surrounded by the heat in Cape Town, and in more ways than one, this past Sunday was no different , pondering what am I doing stuck in a stuffy apartment, when I could be outdoors, taking in the fresh air, absorbing the sun and taking notice of all that mother nature put around me. Thinking getting out is a must for me. Deciding it's now or never, so I contacted Bella a friend who I had not seen for a while and invited her to join me. Hearing my voice Bella sounded over the moon, and she gladly accepted my invitation, saying she can't wait to see me and wish me happy New Year. Bella then says only one problem, I have moved, no longer in the north, but living in the southern suburbs again, saying to her not been a fully fledged Captonian, traveling was not an issue for me, so I will see you at three.

Packing the picnic basket and the quilt into the trunk of the car, off to the south I go, arriving at Bella's new place of abode, very quaint looking cottage in Claremont, knocking on the door, Bella opens, dressed in an elegant matching pink shorts and blouse outfit, her nails of her toes and finger immaculately painted as ever and everything else done to a "T" Bella jumps into my arms, kissing me Happy New Year. Both knowing where this could lead, we carry on kissing for the next few minutes, finally letting go and say lets go and enjoy the sun. Not quiet sure where we going, Bella asks, so which beach are we going too, not wanting to let out my surprise, I answer we will see where the car takes us, Driving a long Rhodes Drive, Bella says off to Hout Bay we go.... no... no... turn to the right we enter Kirstenbosch Garden's, park the car, both getting out, I open the trunk and to Bella's surprise she sees the Quilt and the Picnic basket, oh what a way to spend the afternoon she says. With the basket in my hand, spritely we begin to walk up the hill leading to the lawns, finding our spot, laying out the quilt, and packing out all the goodies, made up of snacker biscuits, various types of cheese, dips, a bucket of strawberries and cream, a box of Lindt chocolate balls and last of all a bottle of ice cold pink champagne, with all out, Bella flops on to the quilt and smiles, looking into my eyes, saying what a surprise, pulling me by the hand,causing me to fall and land right next to her. Sipping on our champagne, staring into each others eyes, we start chatting, asking Bella what was the reason for the sudden move to the southern suburbs, Bella says the battling in the traffic every morning was just killing her, and working in the south just made sense to her. Nibbling on the biscuits and cheese, sipping on the champagne, led to many more naughty ideas, taking strawberries, rubbing the cream between her lips and biting on the strawberries, leads Bella to take a few chocolate balls in her hand and says well if I can't taste the real cock and ball, this will have to do, unwrapping the balls Bella pops one into my mouth and gives me one to pop into her mouth, both sucking on the balls, leads to us both clasping into each others arms bring her lips close to mine, touching each others lips we opened our mouths swapping each others ball, leading to a long lasting passionate kiss, running our fingers through each others hair and rubbing our body's against each other, feeling Bella's breasts getting harder and harder and her nipple pressing through her lace bra and on to my chest, feeling my cock slowly getting bigger and bigger, Bella moves her head back a little from mine, looking into my eyes, smiling, with the sun setting and the music from the amphitheater in the background, we decide it's time to return home. Getting back to Bella's quaint cottage, Bella unlocks the door, on entering, the door closed, Bella clasps me around my neck, thanking me for the afternoon, pulling her body closer to mine, rubbing her harden breasts against my chest, slowly dropping her hand onto my groin area, every now and then grabbing hold of my rock hard cock, slowly unzipping my shorts, letting them fall to my knees, feeling free Bella drops to her knees, starts licking on my balls, moving her tongue up my shaft right up to the head and down again forcing one of my balls into her mouth, sucking...sucking never letting go, pulling pulling on my ball, Bella finally lets go, forcing the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking tighter and tighter with the feeling of her warm wet tongue rubbing against my shaft , driving me wild with desire wanting to cum, finally I could not resist the temptation and had to flood her mouth with my cum, smiling swallowing every drop Bella looks me in the eye, and says now it's your turn to return the favour and suck me until I squirt all over you. Peeling off her shorts only to find Bella was not wearing panty's again, I lift my head into her very wet horny pussy, start licking slowly with the tip of my tongue, separating her lips occasionally, Licking.... licking.... forcing my tongue into the groove of her pussy, tasting pussy juice, causing Bella to start screaming more and more, squeezing my head with her thighs, feeling her pussy getting tighter and tighter I knew the squirt was near, finally Bella could not resist and squirted all over my face and into my mouth the squirt would go, leaving a salty taste for me.