23 Jul 2018

The three of us were still in the room, Candy still flopped on the bed, her legs spread wide open and her neatly shaven wet pussy still flashing at me.Mistress Kelly had pushed my body tightly against the metal frame against the wall, "screaming wait until I am finished with you for cheating on me." Me wondering what Mistress had in mind or what was she going to do to me. My cock still erecting, while I was still been teased by Candy while she was still finger fucking her very wet pussy. Mistress seen what was happening to my naughty horny cock, hit me on the chest with her one hand and said, " still cheating on me." Releasing my body,Mistress waked over to the chest of draws, and pulled open the top draw and pulled out a whip and said, "see what I have for naughty cheating men like you." Mistress then unleashed the whip, and the tip of the whip hitting against the floor, sending a cracking sound through the room. Mistress then, laughing said, see what is waiting for you every time you disobey or cheat on me...Dropping the whip to the floor, Mistress took four sets of cuffs from the draw, walking in my direction, Mistress grabbed my one leg by the ankle and cuffed my ankle to the corner of the frame. Grabbing my arm and pulling my hand above my head Mistress cuffed my wrist to the corner, with my hand way above my head. Mistress then cuffed my other ankle and my wrist until I looked like a stretched hide of a wild animal hanging out to dry.

With me hanging out to dry, Mistress walked over to Candy still flopped on the bed, saying, " now is your turn to be punished for trying to cheat with Billy." Grabbing Candy's two arms, Mistress tied Candy's two arms at the wrists behind her back. Then cuffed her legs wide apart over the edge of the bed. Mistress then started to tickle Candy's pussy with a feather, which was causing Candy to go crazy, lifting her butt off the bed to stop Mistress from tickling her now very irritated wet pussy. Mistress then took the feather and pushed the feather against Candy's nostrils and said "see what Billy is missing all because of you, the taste and smell of a nice horny wet pussy." Mistress peep over in my direction and said, " see what you are missing, sure you would like to Lick and Suck on Candy's pussy. Knowing all to well if I answered yes, punishment would becoming my way, so I just shook my head in all directions. Mistress seen that I had shaken my head walked over towards me, grabbing hold of my balls which were hanging in their bag and squeezed, and said pity this is not Candy's hand squeezing your balls. Taking two clamp clips from the draw, attaching one to each of my nipples, then running her tongue all over my chest and down towards my cock, caused me to get more and more horny. Trying my best to prevent my cock from getting an erection, but was not succeeding, and my cock getting harder and harder and Mistress seen what was happening, out came her hair clip which had many teeth and onto my cock it went. The teeth biting into my cock and it wasn't long and my cock hanging limp again. Mistress then started to play with her pussy, rubbing her fingers up and down her pussy lips causing her to get more and more horny and bouncing on the ball of her feet. Candy was licking her lips, and my arms were getting heavy as the blood had slowly drained from them, and I was just wishing Mistress would just release them from the cuffs.

Mistress then noticed that Candy was licking her lips, then walked over towards the draw again. I wondered what was coming out of the draw again. Out came Mistress's strap-on. Mistress then strapped it on to her body, and started to parade with her strap-on, saying who would like to be first. Mistress looked in Candy's direction and said, " Candy for your punishment you will be first. Mistress walked over towards Candy flopped on the bed, bent over Candy's pussy and started to suck on Candy's pussy, with Candy moaning and moaning and pushing her pussy into the air, I could see that Candy was enjoying having her pussy been sucked by Mistress, After sucking on Candy's Pussy for a while, Mistress stood up, Thinking Mistress was now going to fuck Candy with her strap-on, to my surprise Mistress walked over to me and started to kiss me forcing her tongue into my mouth and the taste of Candy's pussy juice on my lips, I was hoping that the kissing would never stopped. After kissing for a few seconds Mistress pulled her mouth away from my mouth and said, " see what you have missed just because you disobeyed me. Mistress then walked over to Candy and rubbed her strap-on up and down Candy's pussy lips. As Candy started to groan which turned to a grunt, into her pussy went Mistress's strap-on. Fucking Candy's pussy more and more and thrusting the strap-on deeper and deeper into Candy's pussy and it wasn't long an I could sense that Candy was ready to orgasm, digging her finger nails into Mistress's back, finally screaming I am cumming Mistress. Mistress collapsed on top of Candy, Slowly Mistress removed her Strap-on from Candy's pussy, saying to Candy off to bed you go. Uncuffed from the bed and her wrists untied Candy stood up and left the room.

Mistress walked over towards me still cuffed to the frame, Mistress uncuffed my ankles, and my wrists, and said, "drop to your knees." Me now on my knees Mistress said, "open your mouth." On opening my mouth, into my mouth went her strap-on and Mistress said, " suck suck my strap-on clean.", with the strap-on sucked clean, Mistress pulled the strap-on out of my mouth and pulled me towards the bed. Pushing me onto the bed, and me lying on my back, Mistress took the hair clip with teeth and all off my cock. My cock still very limp Mistress started to fondle with my cock causing it to get a bit of life again. Mistress seen that my cock was getting back to life, she straddled over my face with her hips and her pussy flush against my lips, Mistress screamed suck my pussy like you sucked Candy's pussy before I entered the room. Sucking and sucking on Mistress's pussy, I tried to push my tongue into the inside of her pussy. The more I tried the tighter Mistress pushed her pussy closed by the use of her hips. Still licking on her pussy lips and Mistress sucking on my cock, I could get the taste of her pussy juice seeping through her pussy lips.. My cock now fully erect and dripping pre-cum onto Mistress's tongue, Mistress jumped up and moved her pussy on to my cock, rubbing her pussy lips on the head of my cock, and forcing her pussy down on my cock slowly entering into her pussy.My cock now almost deep inside of her pussy, Mistress started to fuck me cowgirl style, bouncing her pussy up and down my cock and getting more and more wild, and bouncing her pussy lips hard against my balls. Both of us panting from all the fucking and all the grunting from the vigorous motion, and both of us screaming please please don't stop, I am cumming, both of us still fucking like no tomorrow, I shot my load of warm sticky cum deep into Mistress's pussy. Feeling the warm sticky cum inside her pussy, Mistress collapsed onto the bed. My cock now released from Mistress's pussy, Mistress started to suck my cock clean. My cock clean and cum dripping from her pussy onto the sheet, Mistress looked at me and said, " Wow Billy, you have exceeded all my expectations, hopefully we can turn it into a great threesome and have some more fun soon.