Written by LickSuck69

15 Dec 2016

Wanting this to be a restful weekend, just before going to Seattle to visit my son, spending time at the HBSC Sevens tournament in Cape Town. Sitting in the stand in the burning sun, watching one of the many games, enjoying the day. My phone receives a message for me, reading " Lady In Distress " call me. Looking at the number, it seems familiar but does not ring a bell, thinking who could it be, been curious I return the call. Ring..... Ring..... finally an answer, " Hello it's me Jenny, " glad to hear her voice again, I ask where is she? sounding slightly embarrassed, Jenny answers I am in Gauteng, but need to be in Cape Town for a meeting on Monday morning. Jenny says, not knowing what weekend it was, she was unable to get a flight to Cape town during the day on Sunday, but only on Sunday evening at nine o'clock arriving at eleven and would I be able to collect her then, knowing I really wanted to see her again, I said no problem, and said she might as well spent the night with me, all plans in place, I said enjoy your flight and see you then. Watching the rugby for the rest of the weekend was very relaxing, unfortunately we lost the final.

Arriving home on Sunday evening all weather beaten by the heat of the sun, just wanting to collapse on my bed and fall a sleep, remembering I must collect Jenny from the airport at eleven, made me feel even more weak in my knees. Off to the shower I go, standing and been drenched by the warm water, started energizing my body again, out of the shower and off to the airport, arriving at quarter to eleven, the airport almost deserted, finding my way to the arrivals hall, the only people been there were chauffeurs picking up passengers from the flight. Slowly the passengers start filtering through mostly men with the odd lady, so it would be easy to recognize Jenny, finally Jenny makes her way, pulling on her luggage and the wheels making a clitter clatter sound as she come along, we meet. Jenny grabs me and starts kissing me, both knowing what the attraction is, because we are sexual lovers, Jenny stops kissing and says we better go before we get arrested for public indecency. Hand in hand dragging her luggage to the sound of clitter clatter, off to the car we go, getting to the car, loading the luggage on the back seat, both of us in, we depart for home. Chatting, laughing, Jenny kicks of her shoe and puts her foot on the seat, flashing her pink sexy butterfly panty at me, knowing what she is doing to me, noticing my cock is going from sleeping to rock hard in seconds, Jenny says wait until you you see whats new on me, thinking what could it be, a new tattoo or a new piercing. Arriving home we park the car and take the luggage from the car, and walk to the door.

On entering Jenny jumps into my arms and starts kissing me ferociously, pushing her lips tight against mine, pushing her tongue into my mouth, fighting with mine, getting it deeper and deeper, until I find it difficult to breath, almost choking, our bodies locked together and feeling the heat, Jenny removes her tongue an says, come see what's new, leading her to the bedroom, because that's where Jenny would rather be, Jenny removes her summer dress. Falling onto the bed, face down and onto her perky breasts, spreading her legs apart, she says, what do you think of my new tattoo in the middle of my back. It was the shape of lady's head with long hair with strands running down to the cheeks of her butt, which completes the tattoo of the lady's face with the eye from her belly. Spread out on the bed, Jenny says it's your turn to massage me, kneeling between her legs I start massaging her neck, down to her shoulders with my hands, down her back and up again, running my finger tips down her spine until the cheeks of her butt, sensing the tingling feeling running through Jenny's body, I decide to use my tongue instead of my finger tips. Running the tip of my tongue gently up and down her spine, Jenny starts getting more horny by the second, leading her to spread her legs even more open, knowing what this means, I run the tip of my tongue between her cheeks and onto her moist pussy, pleading for me to keep rimming, Jenny starts screaming, feeling her getting more and more horny, Jenny rolls over onto her back, leaving my eyes staring straight into her very wet pussy. Seeing her new piercing a stud above her clit with a chain running between her lips with a butterfly on the end, smiling at Jenny, I say, can just imagine what this will be doing to to you, Jenny smiles back and say that's exactly why I had it done, Jenny pulls my head between her legs, saying keep lick and sucking you not finished with my pussy, crossing her legs smothering my face onto her very horny pussy, my tongue starts to work ferociously, up and down her lips, forcing it's way between her lips, deeper and deeper it goes, feeling the warmer pussy getting tighter an tighter until my tongue is drown by her orgasmic cream. Jenny grabs my erotic rock hard cock with her two hands, squeezing and squeezing, leans over with her mouth wide open, starts swallowing it piece for piece until it's completely submerged in her mouth, biting on the shaft and sucking tighter tighter she sucks, driving me crazy, until all control is lost and my full load of cum is gushed into her mouth, sucking and swallowing making sure not a single drop is lost. Both lying on the bed, playing with the chain between her lips, Jenny starts arching her back, looking at me, Jenny grabs my cock again and say I am going to ride you like the cowgirl I always want to be, slowly it gets erect and Jenny sits on top of my cock rubbing her lips against the head, slowly push her pussy lower and lower on my cock until it's totally subsided in her pussy, Jenny starts riding slowly up and down gathering speed, faster and faster she goes, both of us screaming, louder and louder, both shooting our loads. Both full of body sweat and love juices off to the shower, soaping each other, rinsing , toweling each other, off to sleep we go.

P.S. many thanks to all the readers, wishing you all a very happy festive season, and a prosperous new year.