28 Aug 2018

" A Meeting. "

A lady that I had been chatting with on the site, had always said, that she always doubted and wondered if I was real. After viewing her profile, I was sure she was afraid to meet anybody. Her profile had very little information that would make a person's hormones go crazy or to meet up with her. She had spent many hours peeping at me playing, while in the chatroom. She had read many of my stories and always left a message that this could not be true. I have always believed that any person is entitled to their opinions, until they can prove me wrong. I then left her a message, " Meet me and see."

She surprised me, when she sent me an inbox message, requesting that she would like to meet me for coffee one morning. It seemed like she had plucked up the courage to see if I was really as kinky as she wanted me to be. The venue and time had been agreed, it was a coffee shop that was not known to me. The coffee shop was rather grubby looking from the outside and was very dimly lit once you had passed through the front door. I took my seat at a table for two, looking around to see who could the lady be, who wanted to meet up with me. There was no lady sitting on her own, most of the tables seemed to be occupied by couples who were cheating on their spouses, they were cuddling an passionately kissing. Wondering if this was to be a no show again. Then entered a lady dressed in a black very short mini skirt, and her hair which had been colored to make her look much younger than what she really was, walking in the direction of my table which was in a deserted corner of the coffee shop. The closer she got to me, the more it looked like great fun it could be. Arriving at the table, she grabbed me around the neck and gave me a passionate kiss. Taking her mouth away from mine and me able to take a breath again, she took a seat next to me. Looking at me, and smiling, she said, "So this is the naughty kinky sex addict who has been driving me crazy." Laughing I said, So what is it that drives you crazy." She smiled and said, " I have never met a person who has never been scared to try so many sex situations, and as kinky as you. Fucking in the car park, in the public bathroom, on the beach and best of all on the dance floor.

The waiter came across to take our order, she ordered two cups of espresso, please. Looking more surprised, she said to me, don't you like your coffee dark and strong, not sure what she was referring too, I said, " do you like your coffee dark and strong. Laughing she said it is not just my coffee that I like dark and strong. Down went her hand under the table top and onto my leg, rubbing her hand up and down my leg, but still not touching my crotch. Open popped her one button of her blouse, and her boobs where begging for my hand to massage them. The coffee arrived at the table, she took a sip, and gave me a kiss, then nibbling on my ear and whispered, " what do you want to do to me.' That was just the invitation that I needed. Licking on her breast and out came her nipple, and sucking on her nipple, was starting to arouse her, I could feel her lifting her feet off the ground, and under the table went my hand, feeling her wet panty, rubbing her moist pussy lips with my fingers, causing her to arch her back against the back of her chair. Her beginning to grunt and groan, when she let out a whisper, please take my panty off and suck my pussy. Her butt of the base of the chair, I pulled her panty in the direction of her knees, and into her pussy went my two fingers, pushing them deeper and deeper into her pussy, and her groan turning into a grunt. Her knees push the table away from her chair, and her pussy was staring at me. I lent over the edge of her chair and started to suck on her pussy. Sucking and sucking on her pussy lips and her arching her back even higher than before, then she pushed my face tight against her pussy, and the taste of pussy juice was seeping through her pussy lips onto my tongue. The taste of pussy juice was beginning to arouse me, and I was hoping that she would suck on my cock that was already out of my jeans and in her hand. She lifted my head off her pussy and said, " now it is my turn to suck your cock." Into her mouth went my cock. Sucking and sucking on my cock, her mouth getting tighter and tighter around the shaft of my cock went her mouth and it wasn't long before I shot my load into the back of her mouth. Out came my cock, still covered with a little cum, she put my cock back into her mouth to suck it clean. All the cum swallowed and my cock back in her hand, when she looked at me and said would you make a video with me. I agreed, so that will be the next story.