Written by LickSuck69

11 Oct 2016

This was an experience which took place between a couple I met on a swinging site, names have been changed to protect their identity.They agreed to the story.

Having been on the site for a few months, and having made quite a few friends, these two friends named Superstud and JuicyLucy and I became great friends, the only problem was they lived in Gauteng and I in Cape Town, we spoke on Skype and wrote many emails to and fro. The opportunity arose for a face to face meeting one weekend when I went up to Gauteng for a school reunion, the reunion took place on the Friday evening, so that left the whole Saturday free, so I contacted Superstud and JuicyLucy, and said I would like to meet with them, the only problem was that I was alone. They answered no problem they will organize a friend of theirs for me, forwarding the address and saying that they would see me later that Saturday afternoon for a braai.

Arriving at the address under the sweltering heat of the Gauteng summer sun, think " a great cool swim would just do." I knocked on the front door, to my astonishment I was greeted by JuicyLucy, dressed in a bikini bottom, she grabbed my round the neck and said welcome, glad to meet you face to face, and said come in. JuicyLucy led me through to the large entertainment area which consists of large Jacuzzi, and a bedroom with a giant size bed, many soft cushion couches and chairs, and a fantastic music system, which was already playing great music. JuicyLucy then offered me a drink, and said what would it be, been from the Cape, I said red wine would be great for me, bring the wine to me, JuicyLucy said Superstud would not be long, he has gone to fetch their friend to share the evening with me. JuicyLucy then said to me, you can undress and make your self feel at home, which I did just leaving my jocks on, knowing sooner or latter I would be in the Jacuzzi. Sipping on wine, chatting, laughing, the time went by, still no Superstud or the other lady, JuicyLucy said would I like to join her in the Jacuzzi, been steamy hot I obliged, both of us in the Jacuzzi, JuicyLucy, started flirting, something I knew she was an expert at, from the mails that I had received from her in the past, been a charmer, and it wasn't long before JuicyLucy said to me, I have been waiting for this day to become a reality. All the mails you have sent, were only between you and me. So I said, so Superstud is happy about you mailing me, she answers, he only knows about the earlier mails between us three. Suddenly I feel a little strange not knowing which lady was meant for me. All of a sudden Superstud arrives with the other lady, and introduces her to me, saying she is WetandReady. He then gets them each a drink, for him a beer and her a whisky. One two three we all in the Jacuzzi, sipping on our drinks, talking about what ever tickles our fancy and the fun begins, first with each others feet, playing footsie footsie, not quite sure who's foot was who's, seen what reaction it would have on each. Suddenly WetandReady grabs me round the neck and starts kissing me passionately, first around the neck, then the ears, leading to my lips, thinking it must of been her pussy I was playing footsie footsie with. JuicyLucy just stares at me, knowing what she had told me earlier that afternoon, wondering what kind am I. The Kissing only lasted a minute or two, we all left the Jacuzzi. JuicyLucy and Superstud went to get the meat ready for the braai, while WetandReady spoke to me and said no one introduced your name to me, so who are you, I replied LickSuck69, which brought out huge laughter and JuicyLucy running from the kitchen, saying that must be your name again, grinning and saying I am used to it by now. Superstud brings out the meat for the braai, placing it all over the grid, the women start hanging over the men, first JuicyLucy over me, whispering in my ear, I want you all for me. WetandReady then starts putting her hands down Superstuds jocks and playing with his crotch, causing an erection, she could hardly resist, JuicyLucy grabs me between my legs and squeezes squeezes, I say we all waiting for the meat, because the men want to eat. Finally the meat is ready, we all take a piece and start eating, the music in the background, JuicyLucy grabs me by the hand and starts dancing with me, rubbing her body against mine, WetandReady grabs Superstud and starts dancing rubbing her horny wet pussy against his horny erect dick. Dancing continues, both couples playing with each other, leading up to a great orgy, swapping partners, licking, sucking each other until we all wet and steamy. JuicyLucy grabs me by the hand and says I am sure you would like to fuck me, leading me into a room with a great giant size bed, she pushes me over onto the bed and starts running her hands all over my body and between my legs, playing with my rock hard cock, sucking on my cock deep down her throat, feeling her mouth closing on my shaft, causing an explosion of cum in her mouth, sucking even harder on my cock, swallowing every drop of my cum. Rolling over on her back, she says to me, it's your turn to drink every drop of me. Start massaging her body and her perky breast and nipples, leading down to her very horny wet pussy, finally there, she says, I start licking on her pussy, sucking on the lips and sucking on her very pronounced clit, causing her to orgasm and squirt all over me, swallowing as much and as quickly as I can. Lying on our backs on the bed, smiling at each other JuicyLucy, turns to me and say we not finished yet, because I still want to fuck you silly. Slowly getting off her back and falling on top of me, she starts rubbing her warm sweaty body all over mine, causing my cock to get hard and erect all over again, rubbing her wet pussy all over my cock, slowly getting back into a sitting position, she forces my cock between her pussy lips, deeper and deeper until it right in, slowly starting to fuck me, up and down, speeding up, until we both screaming, we both explode and both just feel the warm love juices in her exhausted pussy. Still get emails from JuicyLucy, she explains to me she started swing, just to get back at him cheating on her. Guess who, it was. Like she says it a legal way of cheating, when you have a swinging threesome.