Written by LicSuck69

04 May 2017

Walking down the passages in the shopping mall, not with an idea to buy anything, just looking in the shops just to past my time. All of a sudden a I hear a name called, thinking is the person calling me, or is it someone with the same name as me. Feeling a tug on my arm, I turn around and see it is a young girl, and she says hello Peter-John do you remember me. Looking at her, I say not really, give me some idea where we met before, looking and smiling she says to me, remember Jean and the School Ball. Immediately the bell in my head goes ring ring, and I say you must be Susie, she answers that's me. Remembering her reputation, I was not very keen to be seen with Susie, but she did not waste anytime to say lets go and have some coffee at Mug and Bean. Being a friendly person and not like to hurt ones feelings, I said lets go and have a quick cup of coffee, little did I know that was gone with the rest of the afternoon. With the order in for a bottomless cup of coffee for Susie and me, the chatting started, I asked her what was she doing since her schooling had come to an end, was she going to study further or was she going to work as a gap year, Susie replied with an embarrassed look on her face that there was no money to study as her Mon and Dad are both alcoholics and there was never any money for anything else except drinking. Felling very awkward I changed the topic very quickly and asked her if she had seen Jean since she completed her matric year, Susie said yes she had become very good and close friends, and we started talking about the evening of the School Ball and how she enjoyed the couple of dances she had with me, and I asked her if she was still seeing her date Billy from that evening, she said no, he just used me, he fucked me a good couple of times, and bragged to his friends and dumped me. Susie liking sex like crazy, as I had heard from Jean, surely must of enjoyed the fucking much more than Billy. While still chatting, suddenly Susie puts her hand on my crotch and said I had to do this, because ever since the night we danced at the ball, I had the thought in my head, I would love to feel your cock and so with the chance , I had to feel your cock, hope you don't mind. Shocked and surprise, I said you can keep feeling if you want to. Playing with my cock and making my cock start to get bigger and bigger, Susie whispers in my ear, I would love to give you a blowjob that you would never forget. Not sure what Susie's next move would be, I whispered surely not here at the table. Susie looking into my eyes and says wouldn't you like that, smiling at Susie I said that would be the best gift from you to me, so where will it be. Susie says give me a lift home and I will give you a Blowjob all the way home. Calling for the bill and waiting for the waiter to bring the bill docket, Susie takes my hand and puts it between her legs and says feel what you have done to my skimpy wet panty, with my fingers I feel her clean shaven pussy. Paying the waiter, Susie and I get up and leave Mug and Bean for the motor car in the parking garage, what happened on the way home will be for the next episode of Susie and me.