30 Oct 2017

While walking past the Europa Hotel I was distracted by the sound of a voice which reminded me of Jodie Mitchell, so I went in, only to find out there was a lady artist sing on the first floor, so I went upstairs to see who it was that had caught my attention. On reaching the the entrance and standing at the door I was greeted by a voice that said come in, on entering and taking a seat at a table for two , my eyes wondered around to see if there was anybody that I knew, but there was nobody, so I ordered a drink and listened to the music, which brought out happiness in me, as music is a great part of me. After sing a few more numbers the artist took a break, as leaving the stage she walked in my direction as if on her way to the bar, as she got to my table, she smiled at me and said welcome, how are you enjoying the show, looking up at her I said, would you like to join me for a drink while you having your break, she took up a seat and said she would like a rock shandy if that was okay with me. I ordered her rock shandy and while waiting for her rock shandy she introduced herself to me by her stage name which was Jenny Ward, but will be Jenny to me. Jenny then asked me what brought me to lounge and cocktail bar, as most patrons are much older than me. I told her it was her voice that caught my attention while I was passing in the street, and I enjoy Jodie Mitchell as well. I then asked her how long will she be preforming at the hotel, she said, she preforms every Tuesday and Thursday evening and has done so for the last few month and hopes to carry on for the next few months as well. Jenny then got up to continue with her show. At the end of the evening we greeted and parted ways, until the next Tuesday evening, which became a favorite place to me.

After visiting the lounge and cocktail bar for the last few weeks, and talking to a work colleague about this amazing singer at the Europa Hotel that preforms on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and that he should join me one evening as she does Jodie Mitchell to a " T ". Marc then replied that was not his scene as he was not into country and folk music. Little did I know that our conversation was been listened to by a person in the office as well, as Lexi a lady in the office started to make eyes and chat to me about country music and where could she find a place to listen to country and folk music. Knowing that she was much older than me, and thinking her tastes for music would not be the same as mine I told her about Jenny and her preforming on Tuesday and Thursday evening. Never entering my mind that Lexi would ever want to come along, I never said another word to her again.

After a weeks had gone by, and been a work colleague's birthday and we all went for a few drinks after work, I arrived just after ten at the cocktail bar to listen to Jenny, as I entered, Jenny said, " here he is," wondering what that was all about and looking at Jenny, Jenny pointed to a lady sitting in the corner, who would you think it would be, it was Lexi, she called me over to her table, not wanting to create the image of been the playboy, I reluctantly accepted her offer and ordered a drink for me. Lexi then said, " wow I never expected to see you hear tonight," Jenny then took a break and walked over to the table and said, "I hope I did not embarrass you, when you entered," because I was wondering if you would becoming around this evening, and Lexi had asked her if I had been in that evening, and I had told her about the place and that we were work colleagues. The three of us started chatting about music, and Jenny sipping on her rock shandy, with her twenty minute break over Jenny took to the stage and carried on preforming, while Lexi and I carried on chatting, nothing to do about work, but rather what makes each one of us tick. Lexi saying she gets very horny when she drinks, that's why she never joins in the functions after work, and that she has a crush on younger guys as well. Thinking is this the reason why she join us at the cocktail bar this evening, but working in the same office I was reluctant to get involved with Lexi, but I could see Lexi had other intentions on her mind for the rest of the evening. The evening had flown by and Jenny was singing her last song for the evening, the song completed and her guitar packed away in its case, Jenny walked over and greeted and said see you on Thursday evening.

With both of us still with a drink in front of each of us and the other patrons busy leaving, Lexi made no attempt to finish her drink, and mine just with one sip, the barman Dan walked over to us and said, the bar is closed and I will be locking up in a minute or two. I picked up my glass and took my last sip, Lexi still made no attempt to leave, but I got up and said good night to Dan and left the cocktail bar. Lexi then followed me, and said could I walk her to her car as it was parked two blocks away in a side street. Walking down the street Lexi clings to my arm, thinking, is she able to drive home or not, we finally arrive at her car, Lexi hands me the key, I unlock the door and open it for her to get in. Lexi gets into the car but leaves her one leg dangling in the street. Lexi then starts to fondle with her pussy, pulling her panty aside she starts to finger fuck her pussy, and sucking on her fingers every now and then, still finger fucking her pussy Lexi leans forward towards me, she grabs hold of my cock and squeezes with her one hand. Lexi then unzips my trousers and puts her hand inside to grab hold of my cock again, while Lexi fondling with my cock, I start fondling with her breasts and feeling her nipples getting harder, Lexi pulls out my cock and starts to suck on my cock, sucking and sucking on my cock and her fingers going deeper and deeper into her pussy, my cock getting more and more erect and more and more horny, and the feeling more and more of me going to shoot my load, Lexi pulls my cock closer and closer to her mouth, and sucking tighter and tighter on my cock, until I cannot hold back no more and full up her mouth with my load. Lexi still carries on sucking on my cock, making sure she was going to get every drop and nothing was going to fall on the street. Finally Lexi releases my cock from her mouth, and licks on her fingers which were in her pussy. Looking up to my eyes Lexi lifts up her leg and puts it in the car,smiling at me she said see you in the morning. This was the start to a very strange sex relationship between Lexi and me. Many more to follow.