13 Mar 2018

Arriving home alone just past mid night, after a night on the town with friends. Feeling rather horny as I normally did after a night out drinking with friends. The only problem was I arrived home all alone, and just wanted to have a fuck to relieve my horniness, so it seemed it would be a late night with Mrs Palm and her Five Daughters to please me. On entering my bedroom on the loft of the house, I kicked of my shoes, ripped off my clothes, and ready for bed, when I walked over to the window to close the curtain, so as to prevent the early morning sun from disturbing my sleep. On reaching the window, I noticed a dim light from the house next door, It came from the living room. Wondering was the light left on by accident or was the light used as a form of security for Tommy's Mom as she lived there all alone. Peeping through the window, all I could see was the form of a lady clad only in thigh length boots, sitting on the chair. Hiding behind the edge of the curtain I kept on peeping hoping that I could not be seen, and it made me even more horny, which led to Mrs Palm and her Five Daughters to start doing their trick of playing with my dick, hoping that the lady could not see me. Up and down the shaft went Mrs Palm and her Five Daughters, when suddenly the lady stood up and put her one foot on the chair, and started to play with her pussy, telling me she had seen me. Watching and watching her playing with her pussy was making me more and more horny, and just wanting to have a fuck before retired to bed.

Knowing all to well that, that was not going to happen, Mrs Palm and her Five Daughters carried on tormenting my cock, which was causing my cock to start weeping. Drip drip and precum on the head of my cock, the phone rings. Wondering who could that be, I answered the phone, saying "Hello," not a sound came from the phone, I asked, " Can I help you?' When the voice on the other side of the phone said, " Would you like to join me?" Not quiet sure who it was on the other side of the phone,I asked, " Who am I speaking too?" When the phone went silent again, before the voice answered, it's the naughty lady next door, now with my heart missing a beat, I was sure Tommy's Mom, could realize what she had done to me, that she asked, "are you going to join me?" Battling to answer I spluttered out, " yeeees, and she said, 'come dressed just like you are." Standing naked, I said to myself, don't dare me because, I would arrive just as you wanted to see me. Still naked I left my bedroom, opened the front door, looking out and seen that all the houses were in total darkness, I left my house and walked over to the house next door.

Knock knock went my knuckles against the door, and waiting for Tommy's Mom to open the door. Finally the door opened, standing in front of me was a lady dressed only in knee length boots and nothing else, there was total silence, when Tommy's Mom shouted from inside, " What is wrong Lindsey," Lindsey answered, " Janine there is a naked man at the door." Janine answered, " That is my Toyboy Billy from next door, so let him in." Lindsey grabbed me by the arm and said, please come in," with the front door closed behind me, I walked through to the Living room, Janine was sitting on the chair playing with her pussy. On greeting Janine, and looking at Lindsey, I could see her pussy had not been shaved that morning. Janine still playing with her pussy, inserting her dildo and licking it clean, she looked over at Lindsey and said, " Billy is all yours, since you were lusting about him, while he was masturbating at the window for you. Lindsey blushing, walked over to me, and took me in her arms, and pushed her body tight against mine. My cock pushed tight against her pussy, I could feel the one day's growth against my clean shaven cock. We both started to kiss, me pushing my tongue deep into her mouth, and feeling her warm saliva on my tongue, was making me pull her head tighter against mine, and Lindsey running her hands down my back and onto my butt, then spanking on the cheeks of my butt. Me sucking on her nipples, while fondling with her breasts, Lindsey grabbed hold of my cock with her two hands, one around the shaft and the other around the head of my cock. Running her one hand up and down the shaft and the other fondling with my balls, Lindsey slowly pulled me in the direction of the sofa, causing her to fall onto the sofa. Lindsey on the sofa and me standing in front of her, and my cock nice and erect, Lindsey started to suck on my cock, first only on the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue, and running her tongue down the side of the shaft of my cock, and licking on my balls with her tongue. After sucking on my cock for a while, and the shaft of my cock all covered with her saliva, Lindsey pulled my cock into her chest between her breast, and asked me to fuck her between her breasts. Fucking her between her breast, my cock going in and out between her breast and occasionally hitting on her chin. After fucking between her breasts for a while and Lindsey sucking on my cock, Lindsey pulled my face towards her pussy, forcing me to lick on her pussy lips, and sucking on her pussy lips, was causing Lindsey to arch her back and screaming every now and then. My tongue entering into her pussy, and licking on her pussy walls was causing Lindsey to scream even louder. The louder she got, I knew it was time to fuck her pussy, I slowly lifted my face from her pussy, and pulled her pussy closer to the edge of the sofa, ready to insert my cock into her pussy. Spreading her legs further and further apart, all I could see was her sexy moist pussy begging to be fucked. Bending slightly over Lindsey I slowly pushed my cock into her pussy. My cock totally immersed in her pussy, I started to fuck Lindsey, the harder I fucked Lindsey, the more she enjoyed the fucking, screaming at me to fuck her harder and harder, me thrusting my cock deeper into her pussy, and faster and faster the motion got, not wanting to be stopped, I fucked, and fucked Lindsey. Lindsey screaming don't stop, and me fucking her faster and faster, thrusting my cock as deep as it could go, when suddenly the wonderful feeling of warm pussy juice flowing around my rock hard cock, told me the end was near, still fucking and fucking, my balls could not take the pain any more and released all my cum into her very moist pussy. Her pussy totally flooded with my cum, Lindsey pushed me back with her feet, so she could suck all the cum off the head of my cock and lick all the cum off the shaft of my cock, before saying to Janine, many thanks, the Toyboy is all yours, before pulling her dress over her head and making her way to exit the door.

Janine then came over to me, grabbed me around the neck, and started to kiss me, both of us kissing each other, Janine pulled her lips away from mine and said, " Don't think you are going to get away lightly, you are still going to fuck me." Janine started to rub her hands up and down my chest, and pulling on my nipples with her fingers, this was causing me to get horny all over again. Her hands all over my body, I started to fondle with her pussy, which was very moist indeed. Pushing my fingers into her pussy, and feeling how moist the inside of her pussy was, made me want to take out my fingers and lick them clean. Sucking on my finger, Janine then pushed a couple of her fingers into her pussy, and rubbing her fingers against her pussy walls, before taking them out of her pussy, and up to her mouth to lick and suck on them, taking them out of her mouth, still covered with her saliva and pussy juice, Janine put them into my mouth to lick and suck them clean. Janine then grabbed hold of my cock with her mouth, and started to suck tightly on my cock, releasing it every now and then, and grabbed hold of my balls with her mouth. Now with my cock back in her mouth and Janine fondling my cock with her tongue, I started to slowly mouth fuck Janine, forcing my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth, causing Janine to gargle and saliva to drip from her mouth, with more and more saliva dripping from her mouth, Janine, slowly released my cock from her mouth. Janine then spread her legs apart before bending over the sofa, and asking me to rim her ass and leading into her pussy. Pulling her cheeks apart, I started to lick on her ass with my tongue, trying to push the tip of my tongue into her ass, this caused Janine to go wild and say Billy don't stop please. Running my tongue from her ass on to her pussy, and lick on her pussy, and back again was causing Janine to scream and scream. My tongue running from her ass and up her spine, caused Janine's body to quiver, and my rock hard cock to touch on her ass, caused Janine to shout out fuck me please.Opening her butt's two cheeks with my two hands, I pushed the head of my cock against her beautiful brown eye, pushing slowly and slowly, my cock started to enter her ass, with my cock half way in I started to fuck Janine. Pushing my cock deeper and deeper, I started to fuck Janine more and more, causing Janine to scream louder and louder.After fucking for a while and me getting ready to shoot my load, I took my cock from her ass and strait into her mouth it went, shooting my load of warm stick cum into her mouth, with cum dripping from Janine's mouth onto her breast, Janine looked at me and said, Surely this was not what you had expected when you looked at me from the window." After wiping off all the cum from her breasts with her fingers, and licking them clean. Janine gave my cock one last suck, before we gave each other a good night kiss and I left for home next door.