Written by KeepPeeping

06 Nov 2017

This is an insert from one of my many journals while living in Hillbrow during the mid-Eighty's and early Ninety's.

Now with my studies completed and all my friends who had either returned to their home towns or had left for overseas, to work for a few years.I decided it was time to spread my own wings and find a nest of my own. After looking around to see what was available for the next few years, before I also leave for greener pastures of overseas. I thought it would be wise to live near to where I would be working, and close by all the night life as well. I found an apartment block which was not too high or too on top of other apartment blocks as well. It was situated in a quiet street with a squash court across the street, ans all the apartment blocks in the vicinity not been more than three blocks high. my apartment block was ten stories high and only had four apartments per floor. They were all single apartments with an enclosed sleeping porch, which had a full length window facing onto the street and received sun all day long. With all the painting work and interior decorating done, and murals painted on the walls and doors, it was time to move in. My apartment was 804, which was far from the elevator and would not be having other tenants walking past all day and night long.

The decor and the murals made the atmosphere of living in the sky for the first more acceptable for me. On entering the apartment you were hit with the sight of a mural of a birds nest, with the message above the arch, " Welcome to my Nest and hope you enjoy the fun." On the wall on the the west was a mural of someone looking through the window at the sight of the setting sun through a forest of trees, and with two couples, one sitting on a log of a fallen down tree, watching the setting sun, while the other were hidden between the trees more interested in making love than watching the setting sun. On the opposite wall was a mural of a couple picnicking, watching the birds entering and leaving the nests and flying towards the water falls and cliffs, as this was the name of my apartment, " The Nest." On the wall next to the bedroom was my bar, which was made from dark wood and glass shelves, with a mirror of a man and a women sitting opposite each other with an empty glass in front of each of them, with a printed message, " Nobody Leave's Until Totally satisfied." All the ceilings were done with a chess board design in Matt black and mirror tiles. The bedroom had a mural above the headboard of a couple cuddled on the bed, with a message below, " If You Not Interested Keep Watching The Ceiling." The final mural was on the door exiting the apartment of Baby Tadpoles swimming with a message, " Thanks For Cumming. "

In the beginning living in an apartment in the shy was still Closterphobic for me, so to avoid the feeling of been totally locked in, I would stand at the window from the bedroom and watch the people and the cars moving in the street. It was very interesting how many people used the squash court center all day long, been a person who enjoyed living in the nude, it was not a problem to stand at the window in my birthday suit, and it never entered my head that anyone could see me, as all the other apartment blocks were much lower than mine. There were a few sexy looking women who lived in the apartment block across the street, the could be seen leaving the building in the mornings or returning back home in the evening, and it was not very easy to greet while I was high in the sky. Then there was a lady who would be exiting the block most mornings as I was about to cross the street, and all she would do, as I greeted was smile and say no more. Thinking she must be shy or afraid to greet or talk to strange people, but I carried on been polite and friendly, but was never very pushy. Little did I know that she had her reasons for just smiling and saying no more. All that changed one evening when the two of us exited the bus, and it was raining, and we both had two blocks to walk, and she had no umbrella, and I did. So I offered her the use of my umbrella, which she gladly accepted, so both f us walked down the street cuddled underneath the single umbrella. On reaching her apartment block, I expected her to greet and go her way, but was totally surprised when she invited me in for coffee, which I gladly accepted, as this was a way of making a new friend. O n entering the elevator I introduced myself and she introduced herself as Sally-Anne. Her apartment was on the third floor, which was also the top floor. It was a bachelor flat, comprising of a single room, which was west facing, a kitchen which looked onto my apartment block, which could also be seen from the living room. While sitting on the couch sipping on my coffee and chatting about everyday things and how long she had lived in the area, and that she enjoyed going to the club and cocktail bar around the corner. Sally-Anne asked me if I had ever been to the club or cocktail bar as yet. I said not as yet, but will put it on my list of places to visit soon. Also while we were chatting I noticed there was a dildo on the lamp table next to the armrest of the couch where I was sitting, not wanting to embarrass Sally-Anne, I never said a word. On finishing my coffee, I stood up, and thanked Sally-Anne, and said we should do that again. While in the elevator and on my way walking to my apartment block, I wondered what a funny place to keep a dildo on the table next to the couch. Then the thought went through my mind, have we got a voyeur in our midst, was she toying with herself while she was watching me. Then I said, "Don't be silly," surely she was using it while she was watching porn.

A few days had passed since we met over a cup of coffee, and it was a Friday as well, when Sally-Anne met up with me on her way home I asked her if she would like to join me for a drink at the cocktail bar around the corner. Sally-Anne smiled and said, "That would be great, and much better than sitting and having a drink all on my own." As we were crossing the street, I said to Sally-Anne, I just want to go upstairs to drop off my briefcase, and then we can go off to the bar. We both entered the apartment block, the elevator, then into my apartment. As I went through to my bedroom to put my briefcase in the cupboard, Sally-Anne said, why don't we stay here and have a drink, because your place is cosier, than the pub, and best of all you have got my drink as well. What is that I asked? Sally-Anne replied " Hendricks Gin." I then said to Sally-Anne, if that's how you feel, that is fine with me. I put on some music and went behind the bar to pour Sally-Anne a "G & T", and opened a bottle of red wine for me. Sally-Anne joined me at the bar and took a seat on a stool, with both of us sipping on our drinks, and music playing in the background, Sally-Anne started chatting, and asked how come I keep "Hendricks Gin"because she can't find it at any pub she has gone too, and who did all the murals on the walls and the doors for me. I told her the ideas were mine, but were painted by an artist friend of mine. With the drinks flowing, and Sally-Anne getting more merrier on her G & T'S, the time flew by as well, and I started to feel rather peckish and needed something to eat, so I asked Sally-Anne, I she would like something to eat, she said that would be great, as I have not eat all day long. Off to the kitchen I went to prepare a few snacks for us to nibble on. On returning with a platter of assorted cold meats, cheese and cracker biscuits, and placing it in front of Sally-Anne, after nibbling on the eats, Sally-Anne, smiled after looking at the mirror behind me, and said, " I hope you going to satisfy me." I burst out laughing and said you will have to wait and see. Sally-Anne grabbed me by my long sun bleached hair and pulled my face closer towards her and started to French-Kiss me.

After French-Kissing for a while, Sally-Anne slipped off the front of the stool and landed on her feet against the bar counter and said, " I need the Ladies Room." Looking into her eyes, I said it is through the door with the optical illusion mural with the words,"The Fun Room," Down the middle, Sally-Anne entered and closed the door behind her, with the sound of the toilet flushing, Sally-Anne came from the bathroom with a smile on her face, so I knew she had read what was written behind the door. It read, " There can be more fun in the bedroom." Sally-Anne then walked straight through to my bedroom, and stood at the window, and said, " What a great view you have." I shouted yes, it can be very interesting as well. Silence for a few seconds, then Sally-Anne's voice broke the silence, may I have a sweet from the dish, knowing all to well they were not sweets, but flavored condoms. I said which flavor for you, there was total silence from the room, as I entered the room, Sally-Anne said I will not be looking at the ceiling that is for sure. So with both of us looking out the window, Sally-Anne said so I can see you too. The thought went through my head, was that the reason for the dildo on the table next to the couch. Sally-Anne then looked at me and said, " Penny for Your Thoughts Please." Smiling at her, I said it's worth much more than a penny.

Sally-Anne flopped onto the bed, with her head on the pillow against the Headboard, and smiling and said. " Aren't you going to join me." Kicking off my shoes I flopped onto the bed next to Sally-Anne. We then both started to talk about our different fantasies and kinky turn on's. One of her fantasies was been a voyeur, so I said, you must of seen plenty of me. Blushing and turning her head towards me, and grabbed me around my neck and started to French-Kiss me again. Her hands started to wonder all over my body, down my chest, over my back, then down towards my legs, into my groin and into my cock area. Sally-Anne then grabbed hold of my cock and said, so this is what I have seen. While fondling with my cock and causing it to get more and more erect, I fondled with her breast and feeling her nipples getting hard, I started to unbutton her blouse, seeing her nipples which each had a piercing, looking straight into my eyes, as an invitation to please suck on them. An invitation to good to turn down, my mouth goes straight to her nipples, sucking, lick on her nipples, Sally-Anne then said to me, " I see you a Booby Man." Lifting my head I said not really, just like to start from them and work my way way through, until I reach the pussy. Sally-Anne then grabbed hold of my cock and said, " so you also into oral sex like me." Sally-Anne unbuckled my belt and unzipped the front of my trousers as well, slipping her hand down the front of my trouser to grab hold of my cock, feeling that I was not wearing any under-ware, she shouted out, "just like me, just hate wearing under-ware."I slipped out of my trouser's and threw them onto the floor. Sally-Anne started to seductively suck on my cock, first on the tip of the head, down the shaft, and sucking on my balls, and then moving all the way up again, before swallowing my cock completely. Slowly while all the suckingis going on, I slowly started to work my tongue from her nipples down to her belly, which was adorned with a piercing and a chain with a butterfly on the end.With the feeling of the tip of my tongue touching her belly, seemed to drive Sally-Anne wild with desire, because all of a sudden, Sally-Anne pulled up her skirt for my eyes to see her sexy clean shaven and pierced pussy, only to be covered by a thong, which was splitting her pussy lips. Feeling what she had done to my cock, Sally-Anne released my cock from her mouth and said, "So tonight is my lucky night, because, I hope you going to oral me." Slipping out of her skirt, Sally-Anne flopped back onto the bed, spreading her legs wide open, I started to lick on her pussy with the tip of my tongue. The more I licked the more Sally-Anne lifted her pussy into the air, casing her to scream and scream, causing her to squirt all over my face.

Sally Anne rolled my body over and landed on top of me in the sixty- nine position, with her sucking on my cock and me sucking on her pussy again, with the taste of pre-cum in her mouth , Sally-Anne, jumps up and straddled her legs over my mid-drift and her pussy just touching the tip of my cock causing me to go wild with desire to fuck Sally-Anne. I lifted my body to try force my cock into her pussy. Sally-Anne realizing what I am up to, she puts pressure onto my cock with her pussy, causing my cock to slowly enter her pussy. Almost totally in. Sally Anne lifts up her pussy, causing my cock to exit her pussy, grabbing her around her hips, sends a message to Sally-Anne that her teasing is causing me to go crazy. Sally-Anne then puts pressure with her pussy on my cock again, and quickly my cock is in.With the feeling of warm moist pussy walls around my cock, Sally-Anne started to fuck me, her motion turned to bouncing, and our sounds from a happy murmur quickly turned into a loud scream of total pleasure, each trying to outdo each other with the noise. It wasn't long before we both screamed I am Cumming, first it was me, my warm sticky cum shooting deep into her pussy, then Sally-Anne orgasmed, with the warm mixture of cum and pussy juice dripping out o Sally-Anne's pussy onto the bedding, Sally-Anne said I hope to see more of you. Bursting out laughing, I said, " I am always there for you to see, as I know you have been looking at me through your window." Blushing, Sally-Anne said, "I know you enjoy me looking at you, but we need to play again." Getting up and walking off to the " Room of Fun." to clean up herself, before leaving for her apartment across the street, Sally-Anne burst out laughing when she saw the mural on the exit door, with the tadpoles swimming and saying "Thanks for Cumming." Gave me a huge hug and said I will be back for more.