Written by LickSuck69

19 Jan 2017

Waking up knowing all to well that the family will be returning tomorrow morning early. So today will be spent mostly cleaning up and making the house respectable for there return. Start by airing the house, by opening all the windows, dusting, vacuuming the carpets, putting all the washing in the machine and cleaning the kitchen, unpacking all the dishes from the dish washing machine. Then off to the fish pond, removing all the leaves and feeding the fish for the day, finally it's the turn of the pool, thinking would it be wise to first use the pool for the day and then clean it just before sunset, so it would be ready when the family returns at ten the next morning. Having not used the sauna at all during my stay, I thought it would be wise to switch it on and sit in it for a few minutes when it heats up. Leaving it to heat up, I return to the kitchen have breakfast, consisting of cereal, bacon and eggs and a glass of juice to wash everything down.

With the Sauna now heated, I enter and splash the rocks with water to cause an unbearable steam, hardly able to breath I stay lying on my back and sweating like a pig , but still feeling very refreshed. Suddenly the door opens, standing before me is Jean, smiling, Jean says got you. Asking Jean how did you know I am here, she said I had gone right through the house, then the garden and not finding you, I knew you had to be in the sauna no matter how silly it seemed. Taking off her summer frock, and just standing in her tini wini bikini, Jean joined me, both our bodies dripping with sweat, Jean removes her bikini top, then slowly removing her bikini panty. Now both of us in the nude, and more and more sweat running down our bodies, the sweat running down Jean's breast and dripping on to her belly, and running down her belly and on to her cleanly shaved pussy, running down to her anus and on to the floor. Jean starts to rub the sweat on my chest with her finger tips,down my chest her finger tips start running through the sweat and down to my cock, every now and then grabbing hold of my balls and pulling my bag with her fingers. Leaning over to Jean, I start running the tip of my tongue over her breast and over her nipples and suck all the sweat off, then running my tongue up her chest on to her neck , and into her ear region, licking and sucking on her lobe causing Jean to stiffen up and run her finger tips through the lips of her pussy, rubbing her finger tips slowly and softly up and down her pussy causing Jean to start moaning. Knowing all to well that Jean loves to have her pussy played with, by my tongue, I start running my tongue down her body, over her breast and into her belly, down, down into her pussy, licking gently up and down the groove of her pussy, sucking on her lips, causes Jean to moan, moaning louder and louder, squeezing my head between her thighs, to prevent me from lifting my head. Licking faster and faster and deeper and deeper, causing Jean to hit a fever pitch orgasm. After relaxing for a while to regain our energy, we both exit the sauna and dive into the pool, both coming up for air, Jean and I look at each other, Jean swims a few strokes closer to me, standing up Jean grabs me around my neck and starts kissing me passionately, rubbing her body against mine, causing my cock to start erecting, stiffer and stiffer it got, eventually push between Jeans legs, causing both of us to get more and more horny. Slowly pushing my body towards the pools edge, now resting against the edge Jean whisper in my ear, would you not like to sit on the edge with your feet dangling into the pool, so I can give me the best blowjob by a Milf. Slowly pulling myself up until my butt is able to take a seat on the edge, with my cock looking straight ahead. Jean clapse my cock between her two hands, rubbing my shaft with her two hands, moving slowly towards my balls and up again, the erotic feeling starts driving me crazy, Jean then starts running the tip of her tongue up and down my shaft and into the slit of the head and into the mouth it goes, moving my cock in and out of her mouth, tasting the few drops of pre cum, Jean realizes I am near, so she pulls me off the edge and back into the pool, grabbing hold of my cock and force's my cock into her very horny pussy, with an in and out motion we start fucking, fucking....fucking in the pool, both moaning and moaning, turning into louder and louder screams, warmer and warmer her pussy gets until we both climax together. With each others arms locked around each others body, not trying to unlock the tangle we slowly make way to the steps to exit the pool. Sitting in the sun to dry, Jean lets out all her secrets about me, how she always wanted to fuck me in the pool, I then told her, how from the first time I say her at pool in her bikini I wanted to fuck her, and was hoping she would come over to swim while I was house sitting, so I could fuck her and tick off one off my bucket list. Smiling Jean grabs me by the neck and kisses me saying, we both have wipe out one of our wishes. We had many more experiences, while I was studying, will lets the readers read in due course.