17 Jul 2018

Years had passed, and I was getting tired of mixing with the same people, so I decided it was time to open up a new chapter in my life again. So off to " The Singing Swinging Lounge " I went. I had frequented the lounge on a few occasions. On the first occasion it reminded me of a few of the lounges that I had visited in the red light district in Holland, when I was there on holiday a few years ago. The lounge was dimly lit, with plenty of tables and chairs, for couples, for threes, and larger groups of people. The bar was positioned in such away, that patrons could have a full view of all the people sitting at the tables and of the musician who was singing from the stage that he was sitting on. There were also a few private lounges, and a few rooms that could be occupied by patrons who wanted to be away from the noise from the public lounge. It was well supported, and the tables were the first places to be taken up, so I had to take a seat up at the bar. Listening to the Jeff singing from the stage and looking at the people, my eye caught the sight of two ladies sitting at a table for three, thinking That I would like to join them, when the one lady dressed in black and looking more like a goth got up and joined another table with a couple. After a while they go up and then left the lounge, and the lady in the pink mini skirt got up and left the lounge with another lady.Thinking this was my opportunity to meet some people I got up and took a seat at the table that was occupied by the two ladies.

Listening to the music and greeting a few ladies as the went to the bathroom and on their way back to their tables. It seemed like the evening would not turn out as I had intended it too, to making new friends. The night was passing by, when the two ladies returned to the lounge, the one dressed in black walked straight up to the table where they had been seated earlier in the evening. Looking at me, she said, " How dare you occupy our table." Looking at her and laughing, I said, " I do not see a reserved sign on the table, so you are welcome to join me." The lady dressed in her pink mini skirt wasted no time and took a seat opposite me, and the lady dressed in black took a seat on the chair between the two of us. I introduced myself, " Hi I am Billy." The lady dressed in pink introduced the two of them to me, pointing at the lady in black and said, " She is Mistress Kelly and I am Candy." Now with the ice broken I ordered a round of drinks for the three of us. All three of us sipping on our drinks, Candy started to talk like a gramophone not stopping for a second, and me battling to get a word in, Kelly got up and walked over and join another couple at a table not to far from where we were sitting. Candy started to ask questions like what made me frequent the lounge, and was I into kinky sex. Not been a shy person, I was very forthright with my answer and said, " I was hoping to meet up with new friends, and leading up to benefits if there was any chemistry between all of us. Laughing Candy said, " Just the kind of man Kelly has been hoping to meet."

Candy said, " Looking at you from a distance, Mistress Kelly always said he looks to shy for her." Wow.....I will shock her....If it need be.. Candy started to laugh, and asked me if I have ever been with a mistress before? Laughing , I replied, " Just what I need." Candy asked me how far am I prepared to go. Looking at Candy I said, " You really want to know my life history or should I say my sex history, and said Kinky sex is always best when nothing is prepared." Both of us laughing and Mistress looked towards our table, and sure she could hear what we had spoken about, as I could hear what she had spoken about at the table where she was sitting. Candy looked at Mistress Kelly, and nodded her head in my direction, Mistress Kelly got up and walked over to our table. Back seated at the table, Mistress Kelly leaned over in my direction and whispered in my ear, so tonight it will be me and you, if you like Mistress Kelly. Moving my mouth in the direction of her ear, and biting on the lobe of her ear, before I whispered, " I always wanted to be back at school again. Mistress Kelly pulled her head way and looked at me sternly and said so you will have to be punished by mistress.

All our glasses empty, Candy stood up and pulled me by the arm and said, "So you need to be punished by Mistress Kelly." Candy leading me towards the exit of the lounge and Mistress Kelly still seated at the table, I wondered what the rest of the evening had in store for me. Now in the car park and no sign of Mistress Kelly, Candy asked me if she could get a ride home with me, which was just around the corner from the lounge. I obliged and opened the door for Candy to get in, when suddenly Mistress Kelly came running in our direction, shouting no no Candy, I will be sitting next to Billy. Mistress Kelly got into the car and Candy in the rear of the car, and looking at me in the rear view mirror and smiling. We arrived at their town house and parked the car in the drive way, we entered the house which was rather spooky looking very dimly lit, when Mistress Kelly said, " Candy take him to the room and get him ready for me." Candy grabbed me by the arm and led me towards a room down the passage. Candy opened the door and the room was very dimly lit, you could hardly see in front of you. All I could see was a double bed which was almost in the center of the room, and a Chester of draws against the one wall and the other two walls had drawn curtains from the ceiling. Candy slowly started to unbutton my shirt, now all the buttons opened Candy pulled off my shirt and threw it onto the floor. Pulling off my jeans and leaving them on the floor, Candy screamed so no underwear you have, Candy started to kiss me, both of us clasped in each others arms, and kissing passionately, Candy pushed me onto the bed, pulling off her panty, Candy pulled me up again, and flopped onto the bed, and pulled my head towards her pussy, pushing my head tightly onto her pussy, and me tasting her pussy juice on her pussy lips and my cock getting more and more hard and almost totally erect . Suddenly the door bust open and in stormed Mistress Kelly. Mistress Kelly clad just in a black gown and unbuttoned down the front and nothing more. Mistress Kelly grabbed me by my hair and janked my head off Candy's pussy. Screaming so this is what you do me Billy.....Sucking Candy's pussy with out my permission, walking over to the curtain against the wall, Mistress draws the curtain open, and against the wall is a metal frame attached to the wall, pushing my head against the frame, Mistress shouted now you will see what I am going to do you. What Mistress did to me was for the next episode soon.