15 Apr 2019

It was fun kicking the ball in the park in the afternoon, to rid us of the frustration of been in the classroom. Yes we were four, we were not top of the class, but we knew how to be naughty with out even thinking. The park was " The Magnolia Dell " yes, with large lawns and a pond to wet your feet, but most of all bushes on the lawn, for all the naughty couples who enjoyed to cuddle and kiss with out been seen.Kicking the ball was fun, but how lucky were we, we had one spectator, a lady who was there most afternoons, sitting on the bench basking in the sun and reading her book, while she tried to tan her long legs to heaven. She was a real tease, she enjoyed to uncross her legs and flash her panty for everyone to see. But most of all,her age must of been somewhere between my older sister and my mom, which made her the mocking bird between my friends, and them always saying " Billy she needs your body." Laughing I always said, " How Lucky can she be. "Little did I know that her lucky day would be soon.

Their we were kicking the ball to each other, when one of the friends tried an extravagant kick, which sliced of his foot and spun off in her direction, all looking in her direction and hoping it would miss, but unfortunately the ball hit her book and sent it sprawling across the lawn. Looking back at Timmy, we all said Timmy you better go and apologize to the lady, knowing that Timmy was very shy, I knew he would not go, so off I ran collected the book and handed it back to the lady and said, that I was sorry for what had happened. There she glared at me and said, " why must you apologize, you never kicked the ball that hit me." I looked at her and said, "Timmy is to much of a weed, so I thought it was the right thing to do." She burst out laughing and said, " Your Mom and Dad taught you well. " Laughing I replied, You will have to see. " Shaking her head, she replied, " what do you mean." Not saying another word I ran off to join my friends. All wanting to know what the lady said to me, the all said, " What...What..."I laughed and said, " sure you all would like to know, but that is for my ears and not yours ", picking up the ball I made off for home.

A couple of days had passed by, since the incident with the lady, so off to the park I went again, hoping to meet up with my friends, with none of them at the park as yet, I lay sprawled on the lawn and using the ball as a cushion, I stared into the sky. When suddenly I heard the sound of foot steps, thinking it was one of my friends, so I did not look to see who was coming in my direction, when suddenly a voice said, " so your friends are not joining you to day. " Looking around I saw it was the lady who normally read her book in the afternoon. Standing in front of me, dressed in her tight fit summer dress and flashing her panty at me, I was lost for words, because I was sure she knew that I could see her bright pink panty, and made no effort to hide them, she said again, " so you have no friends this afternoon." Laughing, I said, Seems like you have scared them off. The lady then took a seat on the lawn, and started to chat with me, saying that she hoped she did not embarrass me the other afternoon. Still looking at her bright pink panty, I said," it takes more than that to embarrass me." Her smiling at me, when suddenly the the silence was broken by the voice of the Ice Cream Vendor, who let out a yell. Ice cream, you scream and we all scream for Ice cream or A lolly for Holly to make you jolly. I burst out laughing and said, "so it seems like he knows your name." She burst out laughing, and said, " Holly is not my name, but would you like to share a Lolly with me, not wanting to hurt her feeling I accepted her invitation, so up she got and walked over to the Ice Cream vendor at the top of the stairway. Still sprawled on the lawn she arrived back with a single lolly in her one hand, sitting on the lawn, she unwrapped the lolly and started to run her tongue up and down the lolly, looking at her, I said "looks like you enjoy what you are doing," Her eyes lit up and she said, " So lucky you will not be." After having a few bites from the lolly she handed the rest to me, after eating the lolly and just the stick in my hand, I looked at her and said, " off to home I will have to go." We both got up and walked up the stairs, at the top of the stairway, I looked at her and said, "thanks for the lolly." She grabbed my neck with her one hand, and said, "I hope I have not led you a stray." Releasing my neck, she crossed the street and went into her home. Walking on the opposite side of the street, I kept looking over my shoulder if I could see her. Little to my surprise I saw she was standing at the gate and was looking in my direction, my heart started to flutter all the way home. Not saying a word, all I could see was her pink panty in front of my eyes. The next day at school, I was in a trance , hoping I could meet that lady that afternoon. Walking home from school, all I could see in front of my eyes was the lady with the pink panty.

Home...Off went my school uniform, on went my running short, with a tight fitted T-Shirt, and off to the park I went, hoping my friends would not be there, as all I wanted to do was meet that lady again. Sitting on her favorite bench, she stalked up to me, grabbing hold of my two shoulders with her two hands, she said, " How lucky am I two have you in my hands." She started to massage my shoulders, and I was hoping she was not going to stop, as it was such a great feeling, to feel her hands on my shoulders. I turned my neck and smiled at her, and said you don't even know my name, smiling back at me, she said how naughty can I be, Jenna is my name, I said, "Billy is my name." Still massaging my shoulders, she asked me, can't I rather call you Willy. Laughing I said, " all the girls call me Willy, so that will be okay with me. After completing my shoulder massage, Jenna came and sat next to me, Jenna then started to rub her hand up and down my leg, which was driving me crazy, and was hoping she would stop as it was causing me to get an erection, and hoping Jenna would not see. Slowly slowly she started to rub her hand over my chest, and my eyes caught that she had no panty's on, which caused my heart to slip a few beats, and my cock almost shot out of my shorts. I could hear Jenna was starting to pant, and her eyes started to to tell a story, it was an invitation that I knew I would never refuse. My body was beginning to sweat, and Jenna looked at me and said, Would you like to join me for a quick swim in the pool across the street. Knowing all to well what she meant, I quickly agreed, so up the stairs we went across the street, through the gate and into the house we went. Out into the back garden, where was the pool, off went my shirt, and into the pool I went, waiting for Jenna to join me, leaning on the waters edge, out the house came Jenna, totally in her birthday suit, jumping into the pool, swimming a length or two, out of the pool she got, pulling me by the arm, out of the pool I got. Leaning against the table down went my shorts, and into her mouth went my cock.Out of her mouth went my cock, Jenna ran her tongue down my shaft, and started to suck on my balls, into her mouth went my one ball, pulling her head backwards out popped my ball, and into her mouth went my cock, sucking on my cock as there was no tomorrow, and it wasn't long and Jenna had a mouth full of warm sticky cum. Slowly I started rub Jenna's pussy, into her pussy went my fingers, trying to push my fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy, Jenna let out a scream, please please Willy I need your cock in me...So out went my fingers from her pussy, and into her pussy went my cock, we started to to fuck, Jenna's body pushed against the wall, and Jenna pulling my body tight against hers, I shot a load of cum again, and can feel her warm pussy juice around my cock, slowly I could feel her pussy juice running down my thigh, slowly Jenna pushed my body away from hers and asked, if I would like to lick her pussy clean, knowing my wish had come true, I started to lick on Jenna's pussy, the taste of warm mixed pussy juice and cum was driving me crazy, and I was hoping it would never end. Licking and sucking and my face all covered in pussy juice, Jenna pulled my head away from her pussy, looking into my eyes Jenna said, you better be back for more. Back for more I would be, we had many more such sessions. Thinking back I can say I was not abused, because I enjoyed the time just as much as Jenna, and I could of refused, but did not want too, as I enjoyed the sex and foreplay just as much as Jenna.