12 Feb 2018

Arrived late on a Thursday evening from a business trip, and on entering the front door, all I could see was my wife lying on the couch, her legs spread wide open, and her sexy pink pussy looking at the ceiling, thinking all she wanted was me, as we were known as " LateNightLovers" on the site for swinging. Little did I know that she was doing a show for our Voyeurs, " The 2 V'S" who were also a couple on the site. They never spoke to anyone, but just like to whisper to us when we were on our cam, about what they thought of our show. So greeting my wife with a great kiss, she shouted, sounding very excited, that she had something to tell me. "Do you know, who had spoken to me tonight, it was the wife of The 2V'S, and she asked me if we would like to join them for dinner on Saturday evening. Seemed more surprised than anything, I asked my wife Sherry, so who made the first move, she said, she was in the chatroom, when suddenly she got a private message from the Lady, asking for a phone number so she could contact me, been reluctant at first, the lady then sent me her cell number, and I returned a call to her. After chatting for a while, she said it was her husbands birthday this week end, and she said she would like us to join them for dinner and some naughty fun, and the theme for the evening would be " Kinky but Classy." Looking at Sherry, I said but that will be very easy as we are always kinky when we are on cam, she said we could take some of our toys for the evening, as that always got the most whispers from them, when we were on site in the early hours of the morning. Still thinking about what the weekend would have installed for us, Sherry grabbed me by the arm and said off to bed we are going, while walking up the stairs to our room, Sherry grabbed hold of my wrist and said, " Tonight I will teach you a lesson, for leaving me home a lone, just with my toys to keep me company. Sherry cuffed my two hands behind my back and strapped her strap on dildo around my head, and said so this is the way you will fuck me tonight. Sitting on my face and the cock like dildo deep inside her pussy, sherry started to fuck her dildo, until she orgasmed, releasing the dildo from her horny wet pussy, and licking it clean, Sherry said," see what you made me do for the last two evenings.."

Chatting about the Saturday evening and what we were going to wear, Sherry said, leave it up to me, knowing all to well what Sherry had in mind, I never said another word until Saturday afternoon. It was time to get ready for the evening, Sherry got out of the shower and got dressed while I was showering. When I entered the room from the on suit bathroom, Sherry was standing with her pink fishnet blouse and her nipples looking strait at me, putting on her pink thong,before putting on her white leather mini skirt, and her pink high heel shoes, and her pink leather bunny jacket thrown over her shoulders, looking more like a High Class Call Girl, and me dressed like a typical holiday maker, with my knee length shorts with black buttons running up the fly and a tight fit body shirt with most of the buttons undone, and a pair of slip on shoes. On reaching the house, we were met by a lady dressed only in a black apron and the wording, here to serve all your needs. Leading us into the living room, her walking behind Sherry, all I could see was her sexy looking butt, and the tan lines running through her cheeks. On reaching the living room, which had a fantastic view over looking the sea, she said, I am Heather the House Keeper and the 2 V'S, Vernon and Verona will be joining you soon. Heather pour Sherry and myself Gin and Tonic. While sipping on our Gin and Tonic, the sound of click clack, could be heard from the stairway from upstairs, Heather said, they on their way. Making the grand entrance the Birthday Boy, leading his lady into the room, dressed in a silk dress, which was covering very little, her introduced us to his wife Verona, who gave Sherry and I a kiss hello. Verona then unbuttoned Vernon's gown and dropped it to the ground, leaving Vernon standing in his jockstrap, gold chain around his neck, and his slip on shoe. Heather poured Vernon and Verona a Johnny Walker Blue, with both of them sipping on their whisky, and asking us if we didn't mind people watching us having sex, or role playing, Sherry said, no it does not bother us as most of the time you don't even know if anyone is even looking. While chatting further, Sherry uncrossed her legs and Verona said, " No Sherry, I did not expect you to be wearing a panty." Sherry then stood up and pulled off her thong panty, and said, " So is this what you wanted to see. " walking over to the couch where Verona and Vernon were sitting, Sherry lifted up her shirt and said, " Birthday Boy, you can feel if you please." Vernon caught by surprise, just smiled, before Verona took his hand and put it on Sherry's clean shaved pierced pussy. Vernon feeling the piercings on Sherry's pussy, made him grab hold of her pussy with his fingers. Verona seen what Vernon was doing, said, " Vernon that is for later this evening. Sherry took a seat next to me again, unbuttoning the fly of my shorts, and pulled out my cock and said, " Verona, see what is waiting for you. At that stage,Vernon call Heather.

Heather entered the room, and said, " Vernon, will you be eating at the table or in the Dungeon, Vernon said," No Heather we will be eating at the table, and will be having desert in the Dungeon. " But can you explain the menu please. Heather then said, " for starters you will be having Oyster and Cream Cum Soup, and for Mains, will be serving Rack of Lamb left on the Bone for the Ladies, and for Desert Strawberry's of Delight served on a Bed of Moist Pussy with Cum Cream. Heather then left the room to bring the Starter to the table, we all took our places at the table, Sherry next to Vernon, and Verona opposite Sherry, and me next to Verona. The Starter was served, we all took a sip of soup with our spoon, Heather standing at the end of the table. It wasn't long and Verona broke the ice, by rubbing her pussy, which every body could see through the glass table top, taking her fingers and putting them to my lips, saying which do you prefer.....Licking on my lips, Vernon then rubbed on Sherry's pussy with his fingers, pushing a finger into Sherry's pussy, causing Sherry to push against the back of her chair. Verona seen what Vernon was doing, said, " Vernon, can't you wait for desert." Sherry then said, " Verona you were the one to start the fun, and said, Vernon you can suck your fingers clean. It wasn't long and the food was secondary, Sherry playing with Birthday Boy's cock, and me playing with Verona's , nice soft clean shaven pussy, and Heather rubbing on her pussy lips, Sherry seen what Heather was doing, winked at her to come over to her, whispering in her ear, to go and suck on my cock. Heather then walked in my direction as if to clear the table, only to drop onto her knees and started to fondle with my cock, causing it to get more and more erect, and finally sucking on my cock. Vernon seen what was going on at the table said, lets forget the Mains and go and have desert in the Dungeon.

On entering the Dimly lit room, with the most erotic spread of toys on the table and against the walls, and in the middle of the room was a double poster bed, with a bowl of Strawberries and a can of whip cream. Heather then pulled off all my clothes pushing me on to the bed, cuffing my hands and ankles to each corner of the bed, playing with my balls and cock, until I was ready to cream, spraying my cock all covered with cream for Verona to lean over and start to lick my cock clean. Sherry lying with her back across my chest, and her legs spread wide open, Heather started to place strawberries inside Sherry's pussy lips, and all over her pussy, covered with cream, and Vernon's hands cuffed behind his back, and only able to use his his mouth, he had to eat all the strawberries and cream off Sherry's pussy. Verona's mouth all covered from the cream from my cock, she got onto the bed, with her pussy all covered with cream, sits on my face for me to lick her pussy clean. Licking and sucking on her pussy, and pushing my tongue between her pussy lips caused Verona to start to scream. It wasn't long and Verona was sitting on my cock, in a real cowgirl style, with my cock deeply inserted in side her pussy, causing Verona to fuck me, fucking and fucking and me pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, and Verona screaming harder and harder, I could feel Sherry arching her back against my chest while Vernon was working on her pussy to get the last Strawberries, the tighter he pushes his face against her very moist pussy, the more I can feel Sherry arch her back, causing Sherry to scream, please Vernon, please fuck me...Vernon lifted his face all covered in cream, and inserted his already dripping cock into Sherry's pussy. Vernon started to fuck Sherry, thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, causing Sherry to scream that everyone could hear she was orgasming, with her pussy all fulled with Birthday Boy Vernon's cum, sherry collapsed dead weight over my chest.

Next encounter to follow..