12 Jan 2018

The temperatures have reach a wicked twenty seven degrees by eleven on this Thursday morning. The forecast was a more unbearable thirty four by two this afternoon. The windows were spread wide open, there was no breeze, not even the sound of a single bird in the trees. All the mechanical ventilation was on full speed, but was not making any difference to the situation, off went all my clothes, and standing just like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The sight of the reflection from the splash pool in the garden was a great invitation to me. Jumping for joy I made my way towards the pool, jumping into the pool, and hitting the water with one big splash, what a disappointment it turned out to be, the water was as hot as hell, and did not help my situation. Think what had I done to deserve such punishment on the last few days of my leave. Deciding what must I do, I decided the only way to survive the cruel heat was to go to enjoy myself by going to sit in a cool air conditioned movie house in the shopping center nearby my home. Arriving at the shopping center and my car parked in the shade under the roof, and making my way to the movie houses through the food court, only to be disappointed again to see the movie which I wanted to see was only showing in the evening. So second choice it had to be " My Daddy 2" Sitting in the theater which was very sparsely populated, chewing on popcorn, and wondering what the year will hold for me, the film begins. Laughing and enjoying the cool air condition theater, the time flies past really quickly, and the sign appears The End, which means it's time to be hit by the heat again.

Walking through the food court towards the escalator which would take me to my parked car, my thoughts are rudely interrupted by the the sound of a voice, which screamed, " Billy.....Hello...Billy...." turning my head in the direction from where the sound had come from, my eyes caught the sight of sexy looking lady sitting at a table, she called again......Hello Billy, recognizing her as Shane' the lady of the couple I had met at the club over the week end. I walked towards her table, on reaching her table, I greeted her with a kiss on her cheek, just then her husband Raj arrived at the table with a tray with something for them to drink and eat. Placing the tray on the table Raj takes a seat opposite Shane' and greets me. Ready to leave them to enjoy there meal, Raj asked me if I would like to join them, still full of popcorn from the movie, I joined them for a glass of juice to quench my thirst, and a chat with them. I took the seat at forty five degrees from each of them. Myself sipping on my juice and Raj and Shane' eating on their food, we all started to chat. Raj then said, " I don't know what you did to Shane' the other evening, but ever since then she has been in dream land or a world of fantasy." Smiling I said, " it proves she really enjoyed the other evening." Taking another sip on my juice they each took another bite on their food. Now with my juice finished I said, I would be off, when Raj said don't be in such a hurry, we are nearly finished and we can all leave together, with their meal and drinks completed, we all made our way to the underground parking. On reaching my car, Shane' just kept on talking, and made no intention to stop chat, when I asked them if they would like to join me for a sundowner, which Shane' gladly accepted, and Raj said where will we go. Looking at both of them, I said I live near by and we could have a sundowner at my place if it was okay with them. Raj said that would be a great idea as then there would be no rush as well. Saying they could drive with me, I opened the door, and to my surprise Raj got in, so I opened the back door for Shane' to get in. We left the parking lot.

Shane' sitting in the middle of the back seat, she took every opportunity to peep at me in the review mirror, while Raj kept on speaking to me, and asking me more about myself and if I enjoyed swinging. Saying to him I really enjoy been around people, as I have been in the service industry all my life, and that is why I can connect very easily with people. Driving along the quiet roads, Raj said he likes the area I live in, and it seems to be very quiet and safe as well. Arriving at my home, the security gate opened and we drove in. The car parked in the drive way, we entered my home, which seemed to surprise Shane' and Raj. Shane' seen the pool in the garden, said lets sit outside and watch the sunset. On offering them a drink, Raj said he would like to have his favorite drink which would be whisky on the rocks. Pouring his drink and handing it to him, and pouring Shane' a glass of white wine, they both made their way through to the patio, over looking the pool and the setting sun. I walked through to join them, with a tray, on it the bottle of Johnny Walker Whisky, a bucket of ice, and the rest of the bottle of wine in another bucket of ice to keep cool. Sipping on our drinks, Shane' asked me, if it was not lonely living on my own.I said I enjoyed living on my own, as I can come and go as I like too. Shane' then said so is that why you like visiting the the club, taking another sip of wine, Shane' got up and walked in the direction of the pool, thinking she just wanted to wet her feet as it was still very hot indeed. Shane' standing on the steps in the pool, I look at Raj, and said to him, don't you mind your wife going with other men. Raj looked at me with a surprised look in his eye, and said no, I find it a big turn on. Raj then asked me if I really fancied his wife, as Shane' had told him that she really enjoyed the other evening on the beach with me, and was really hoping she could meet up with me again. Shane' then started to walk deeper into the pool, and it wasn't long and she was hip deep in the water, her dress partly wet, she started to splash water over the front of her dress. Turning around, Shane' took a few steps towards the steps of the pool. Standing and her wet dress clinched on her body, I could see she had no underwear on. Raj looked towards me and said, would you not like to join Shane' in the pool. Shane' hearing what Raj had said, shouted out Billy.....Billy come join me...I need you. Raj then said Billy please make her and my day. Kicking off my shoes and taking off my shirt, I walk off to join Shane' in the pool. Still in my jeans, I walked into the pool, with the legs of my jeans wet, Shane' started to splash my body and in no tome my jeans were totally wet, and you could see the outline of my cock. I splashed Shane' and her dress was sopping wet again, and I could see the mound of her pussy. It wasn't long and our body's were pushed tightly against each other, and my hands clutching on her butt, and Shane' rubbing her mounded pussy against my cock still contained in my jeans. Kissing and cuddling each other, and our hormones going wild, I started to lift Shane' dress from behind her, with her dress lifted above her butt, I started to part her cheeks with my hands, and rubbing my fingers along her pussy lips. This caused Shane' to go wild with desire, biting on my earlobe, and pulling on my hair, I knew it wouldn't be long and Shane' would have my jeans off and my cock in her mouth. Shane' releases her body from against mine, unbuttons my jeans, unzips them as well, and pushes them down to my knees. I pull her dress over her head, and there we were both standing as Adam and Eve. Her two breasts fully cupped in my two hands, squeezing softly around them, Shane' grabs hold of my balls with her one hand an gives them a squeeze. Squeezing and pulling on my balls, and me rubbing her two nipples with my fingers, Shane' screams please......please...... dropping to her knees in the pool, Shane' pushes her face in the direction of my cock, which was semi erect already. Rubbing her tongue up the shaft after sucking on my balls, and the head of my cock peeping through the skin, Shane' rubs the tip of her tongue on the head of my cock. Slowly getting a little more of my cock in her mouth. Sucking and sucking on my cock, and me getting more and more horny, and me just wanting to suck on her pussy, I lifted Shane' to her feet, leading her to the edge of the pool, seated on the edge of the pool, I spread Shane''s legs apart and ran my tongue up and down her pussy lips, touching on her protruding Clit, causing Shane' to go wild. Sucking on her Clit, Shane' starts moaning, going louder and louder, crossing her legs around the back of my head, so I could not stopping sucking on her Clit. Me sucking for all I am worth and Shane' screaming and screaming, suddenly Shane' uncrosses her legs, and lifts my head off her pussy by pulling me by the hair. Shane' said this time you not going to disappoint me, slipping back into the water, she said Billy fuck me. Me pulling her body closer to mine Shane' takes hold of my cock and rubs it against her pussy, with her body against the wall of the pool, I start pushing my cock into her pussy. Fucking her pussy more and more and Shane' screaming louder and louder and her finger nails digging into my back, I thrust my cock as deep as I could into Shane''s pussy, causing Shane' to lift onto her toes. The fucking never stopped , fucking and fucking, the screaming of Shane' and I get louder, both of us screaming and screaming, until we both let out a loud shout I am cumming. My cock drowned in nice warm sticky cum and warm pussy juice, with my cock still housed in her pussy we both cuddled in each others arms in the pool. Standing in the pool, we are both surrounded by drops of cum and pussy juice, floating on top of the pool, Shane' scoops some with her bucket hand and drinks the cum and pussy juice, before leaving the pool.