31 Oct 2017

After completing my studies, I said " the days of working late are over", little did I know that there would be just as many. It was a Wednesday day morning when I was summoned to the managers office and told in no uncertain terms that I would be working late that evening as the quarterly figure would have to be out tomorrow Thursday morning, not Friday morning as was planned. Walking back to my work station muttering under my breath who the hell does he think he is , when one of my work colleague's said what is wrong with you, not saying a word I proceed to my work station and take my seat. Marc then came up to my desk and asked," What did the manager want to speak to me about." I said, no "I was told I would be working late as the figure had to be ready by tomorrow Thursday morning." I said to Marc you know how much work that is, and how long it will take to complete, many hours, and into the early hours of the morning. Rush.....Rush.....was the order of the day just wanting to to get finished and go home. The time and day just flew past at extreme speed, it was 5PM or 17 hundred hours and every one was on there home except me.

With everybody gone except me, and the office as dead as a cemetery, not a sound to be heard, except the sound of my fingers hitting the keyboard. The later it got the quieter it got, there was not even the sound of the elevator going up to the other floors or other people leaving the building. The work seemed not to be getting any less, and the hours seemed to drag by exceptional slowly. With the sun finally set, and the street lights shining through the windows, I knew now I was truly alone, getting more agitated the hungrier I got, and thinking this is not for me. I got up and went off to the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee, hoping that would quench my thirst and may be kill my hunger as well. Getting back to my desk and sipping on my coffee, I look at he time at the bottom of my computer screen, and saw it is only eight fifteen, and thinking the night was still but young. Punching in all the information and figures, and getting ready to draw all the reports, to see if all the figures were balancing or not, and the quietness was really getting to me, only to be broken by the sudden scurry of mice across the suspended ceiling, thinking any moment one would fall through. When suddenly I heard someone unlocked the front door, thinking it must be the manager to see if I was still working or was it the cleaner of the building or was it the security of the building to see why there still was a light burning in the office, not any one of them was it to be. On the door opening a voice shouted out, Johnny it is Lexi, I am just bring you a plate of food. Looking up at Lexi, I said how did you know I was working late tonight,, putting the plate of food on my desk, Lexi said, "I heard you mumbling to Marc, so I thought I would surprise you." Lexi then offered to make me a cup of coffee to go with my food, so off to the kitchen she went, coming back with the coffee and me getting stuck into the food, Lexi put the coffee on my desk. Thinking that she would be on her way, Lexi then went and sat on the desk opposite me, not saying a word, but just watching me eating my food, enjoying my food as I had not eaten all day, I had a quick peep in her direction.

With me, finished eating my food, and having a sip on my coffee, my eye caught the sight of Lexi sitting with no panty, playing with her pussy. Thinking not again, as I remembered what had happened a few weeks ago in the street, not saying a word and carrying on with my work, Lexi said," do you like what you see," looking up and smiling at Lexi, still not saying a word, Lexi carried on rubbing her pussy, and starting to moan a little bit, saying this will be much better than the other evening in the street. Lexi then got up from sitting on the desks, and walked over to my chair, pulling my chair away from my desk and standing be hind me, Lexi started to message my neck and shoulders, working down my chest, she started to unbutton my shirt. She carried on massaging me for a few minutes more, before walking to the front of my chair, and unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my trousers and pulled then down to below my knees. With my cock semi erect all read, Lexi starts to fondle with my balls with her two hands moving onto the shaft of my cock. Lexi then leaned forward and started to suck on my cock, forcing my cock to go deeper and deeper into her mouth until it reached the back of her throat, and caused her to gargle. I pulled her closer towards me, but Lexi resisted, then took her one hand and started to play with her pussy, finger fucking her pussy with her finger, still sucking on my cock, Lexi slowly released my cock from her mouth and stood up straight and straddled her legs over my chair, slowly dropping her pussy onto the head of my cock, rubbing her pussy against my cock, causing me to go wild with desire to fuck Lexi,Lexi started to push her pussy onto my cock, causing my cock to split her pussy lips and slowly entering her pussy, the feeling of my cock going deeper into her warm moist pussy, caused Lexi to start moaning and start riding me like a wild cowgirl. The motion started to go wild, Lexi bouncing her pussy lips against the my balls, screaming and her pussy getting tighter and tighter against the shaft of my cock and her pussy getting warmer and warmer until I feel her warm pussy juice flowing around my cock, but Lexi did not reduce the speed of her motion, but actually increased the speed slightly and screamed I will not stop fucking you until I feel your full load in my pussy. With her getting more and more wild and louder and louder and me more and more ready to shoot my load, I screamed I am cumming and shot my full load into her pussy. Still sitting on my lap, I could feel the warm pussy juice and cum running over my balls. Lexi then lifts herself and licked and sucked my cock and balls clean. Lexi then wiped her pussy clean and walked over to the door and left.

Feeling very more energized to continue working, I proceed to complete the task ahead. When suddenly the telephone rang thinking it could be Lexi, I answered the phone. The voice on the other side said, " I am Lexi's husband can I speak to her please. I answered, "She has gone already, she just dropped off the food and left." With the task fully completed I left the office, satisfied in more ways than one.