Written by LickSuck69.

17 Oct 2016

After returning from the beach, lazing around my apartment, listening to music from my collection, thinking tomorrow's Monday, oh no work again. My cell phone rings, looking at the number appearing, not known to me, thinking should I answer, or is it a wrong number again, finally I answer. Hello, the person on the other side answers, do you know who is coming to Cape Town again, I ask who?????? they remain quite, then ask, is that The Delivery Man, asking, who are you? she shouts out loud it's Jenny, remember the night we had together, I shout out, when? Jenny answers, will be arriving at seven this evening and staying at the The Nest again. Asking Jenny, will she need a ride from the airport, she say's that will be great of you, I need to board so see you then. Good bye she says.

Me been very laid back as I am, dressed in my board shorts, New Balance T Shirt, and slip on sneakers off to the airport I go, parking very scarce , finally finding one on the third floor, off to arrivals I go. Waiting for Jenny to appear, wondering if her appearance has changed since the last time we met. Walking down the walkway in the distance, I see Jenny dressed in a coral summer dress with buttons down the front and the length between her tights and her knees, dragging along her black suitcase, finally we meet. Jenny grabs me around my neck and kisses me and say how great it is to see me again. Taking her suitcase, we make way for the parking, chatting, laughing, we enter the elevator to the third floor, with many people in the elevator, we just look at each other and smile, finally we reach the car, getting in, we leave for The Nest in Durbanville. While traveling, Jenny sitting at forty five degree, looking at me, I said,after not receiving an answer from my last text, I though that was the end, never never she said, just been to busy getting ready for this trip. When getting back to Gauteng after the last trip, Jenny said I could not stop telling my friend Kathleen, about the great evening She had with the fantastic man from Mr. Delivery, Kathleen been very jealous, kept on saying when will you see him again, she was the one who said, phone him this afternoon and surprise him, was very glad when you offered me a ride, because I was not in the mood to use Uber again. Noticing every now and then Jenny peeping at my shorts, causing my cock to stop sleeping, Jenny kept on crossing and uncrossing her legs, making it easy of me to take a peep at her very tiny sexy panty. Jenny asks can we stop at the family store for a few things for me to nibble on in the evening, as well as some milk for coffee and tea. so we stop at the P & P on the way, walking down the isles looking for what Jenny needs, walking in front of me, I see how sexy Jenny really is and though where is this evening leading. Finally we arrive at The Nest, booked in the exact same apartment again, unit 23. Helping Jenny with her luggage, Jenny offers me some coffee, because the wine was not chilled as yet. Stilling on the coach sipping on our coffee, catching up on the news since we last met, Jenny runs her fingers through my sun bleached hair, and biting on the lobe of my ear, causing my horny cock to start, wakening up and get very naughty, Jenny notices the happening and grabs my cock in her hand and says, this is mine for the next week, feeling very horny and just want to play with the piercings on her very moist wet pussy, I run my hand up and down her legs, up towards her pussy, feeling the piercing through her skimpy panty, just causes Jenny to go wild, she bites on my ear, squeezing my rock hard cock and balls, causing tears in my eyes because of the pain. Jenny looking into my eyes, grabbing me round the neck, she starts licking my neck and ears, driving me wild, with my arms around her body, squeezing her body close to mine. Suddenly her cell phone rings, looking at the number, Jenny says, who do you think this could be?........... it's Kathleen checking up on me. I said Jenny answer and let her hear what we up to, breathing heavily, Jenny answers and says Kathleen did you really have to disturb me,laughing they both disconnect their phones, we both laugh and sip on some more wine.

Jenny staring into my eyes holding my hand, pulling on my fingers, stands up and pulls on me saying follow me, thinking, "off to bed we go", surprising me Jenny leads me to the bathroom and says off to the shower we go. Turning on the water and setting the water to the right temperature, Jenny pulls my T Shirt over my head and pulls my board shorts, to below my knees, leaning forward Jenny, sucks on my cock, teasing the slit on its head with the tip of her tongue, causing my legs to quiver with excitement, noticing her actions are leading me to almost cum, she releases my cock and strips down, standing totally nude in front of me, noticing I am staring at her Tattoos, Jenny says lets get in, both of us enter the shower. With water running all over our bodies, I start playing with Jenny's breasts, rubbing my hands all over them and rubbing her nipples between my fingers, causing them to stand up, causing Jenny's legs to start to wobble. Running my fingers down her body, touching her pussy every now and then, causing Jenny to start dancing under the spray, I drop to my knees, with the water falling all over my face and on my head, I start licking and running my tongue on the piercings and between the lips of her pussy. Running my fingers underneath my tongue and pushing into her pussy, Jenny suddenly pushes my head against her very excited pussy, leaving no space for me to breath, feeling the warm of her very horny pussy she squirts all over my face, trying to drink as much as I can, not wanting to waste any. Jenny puts her hands through my wet hair, pulling me up so she can start kissing me again, putting her arms around my body causing hers to rub against mine, feeling her thighs open slightly I push my rock hard cock between them, this causes Jenny to go weak at the knees again, so Jenny drops to her knees and grabs my horny rock hard cock in her hands, massaging on it's shaft and putting it in her mouth, Jenny starts sucking on my cock with all her might, forcing it down her throat, suck, suck she goes, feeling the force of her lips round my shaft, not been able to hold back any more I explode with a gushing river of cum in her mouth, Jenny squeezes her head against my body, not letting go until every drop of cum she has had. Pleased with the fun we've had, we soaped each other down and said, tomorrow will be another night of fun.