Written by LickSuck69.

06 Oct 2016

While completing my Honors Degree Business Management at U.T.C. my funds were running dangerously low, so I decided with the help of my Google, I would find something to do. Google put me on to Gumtree, who showed me lists of casual employment. With my eyes running through the adverts, one caught my eye and tickled my fancy, it read, " Drivers For Mr. Delivery Tygervalley " contact if you need. I contacted immediately, was told come for an interview tomorrow between twelve and two, I was there exactly at twelve to see the manageress, her name was Mandy. Mandy asked me if I had ever worked in this industry, I answered, I have worked in Bars and Restaurants, so this should be no different for me, she asked do I have a reliable car and do I know the area? Been the cocky me, I answered my car never lets me down and my G.P.S. will get me were ever I need to be. Mandy seemed to be very impressed and said we need a person to work two nights a week and one day a weekend, that suits me just fine will not disrupt my studies to badly, so I said to Mandy, how will working Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday during the day suit them, she answered so you employed, when do I see you, tomorrow I replied and off to my books I went again

Thursday evening, I arrive for duty, with my reliable car fitted with my G.P.S. and most of all my funky charm, which was going to lead me to make plenty of money. Mandy explained all the procedures to me, all the orders are placed through the office by different customers to be collected at different restaurants and take away outlets connected to them, was introduced to the members of the team. I worked with Billy for the first evening to get know where all the outlets were and so the owners could get to know me. Evenings and days went by, turning into weeks delivering food, too, rich people, very rude people, very friendly people and some very snobbish people and least of all to people who thought they owned you because you delivered to them. Enjoying what I was doing and getting to meet new people and friends was great for me, as people are always very interesting to me.. Sitting in the T.V. room waiting for orders to come in, was very amusing for me, listening to fellow team members telling their stories, trying to decipher which are true and which are fantasy. Out comes a yell order please, up you jump collect the invoice, rush off to the outlet, collect the order, enter the address into your G.P.S. and off you go, arriving at the address, knocking at the door,waiting to see who opens to accept the order, pays you, rushing back to the office for your next order, until it's time to go home again.

Arriving for duty this evening, just wishing the evening would past by quickly, because I was to meet up with my friends for a drink or two, because it was end of semester. Fortunately the evening was very quiet and not many deliveries, all back from the deliveries, all cashed up and waiting for the shift to end, talking to Billy and Steven. All of a sudden out comes that yell again, "Order Please ", we all look at each other, not willing to do the order, Billy says Peter that's for you, not having much of an option, but been annoyed, I collect the invoice, rushing off to collect the order, which reads Hot Spicy Delight, and Desert Strawberries and cream, from the Asian restaurant down the road. Looking at the address on the invoice, it reads, Mrs. Jenny Leighton, unit 23 The Nest, 63 Sonderendt Street, Durbanville. Entering the address into the G.P.S. off I rush, down all the winding poor lit streets, finally arriving at the address only to find out it's a guest complex with a security system to enter, getting out the my car, pressing the buzzer for unit 23, finally a lady answers, I say Mr. Delivery with your food, she says I will open for you, my unit three streets down on the right hand side, you can park in a bay that's marked V.I.P. Getting out my car with the thermal delivery bag, I rush to the front door, been slightly open,I knock on the door, greet by a scream, come in I am just on the phone. I enter the door of the single room unit, to see a lady presumably to be Jenny, dressed in a light pink robe, with dark pink slipper socks and her hair bundled on top of her head, leaning with her head against the headboard of the bed, chatting on her phone. She says sorry, I won't be a minute, the minute becomes five, five becomes ten, ten becomes fifteen, fifteen becomes twenty, twenty become thirty, finally the call ends. Getting off the bed she come over to me and say I am Jenny, sorry for the delay, but I was on the phone with my son in Johannesburg. Been annoyed for knowing that I have missed drinking with my friends, but not showing Jenny, I unpack her order from the thermal bag, knowing that there was no money to be paid because Jenny had paid by credit card, I was ready to leave and head home. Jenny then said could I offer you something to drink for all your patience, accepting her offer, Jenny got a bottle of white wine from the fridge and two glasses from the cupboard, asking me to open the bottle for her, been the charmer that I am, I poured the wine as well. Sitting on the stools at the breakfast nook, sipping wine, chatting, I found out more about who the real Jenny was, she was a Sales Manageress for a Medical Company in Johannesburg and come down to Cape Town every six weeks, and that she has a son who is in Grade 12 and that she is divorced. I then said what about your food, she answered, will eat when you gone or only if you are prepared to eat with me, we opened up the container warmed it up in the microwave and started to nibble on the dish of prawn and crayfish on a bed of rice, pouring another glass of wine, Jenny took the clip from her hair, causing it to drop past her shoulders, making her more daring for me. Jenny then started putting her fingers through my hair and playing with the lobe of my ear, while doing it over and over again, I noticed Jenny peeping at my crotch and feeling between her legs every now and then. Suddenly Jenny started kissing the lobe of my ear with her tongue and squeezing me close to her, leading us to start kissing passionately and Jenny mumbling I need you and squeezing me tighter and tighter. Jenny suddenly lets me go, and stands up, letting her robe fall to the ground, standing totally starkers in front of me, with the most amazing art work on her body.A face with her belly been the eye, with butterflies leading to her thighs, with the perfect message "Fuck Me Please " above her beautifully pierced pussy, there were three nicely positioned studs on her pussy. Jenny the grabbed me in her arms and squeezed my face against her breasts, causing me to suck on her nipple and running my hand between her legs fondling the lips of her very wet horny pussy. Grabbing my crotch with her hand, squeezing and squeezing, seen the pain she is causing me, she unzips my jeans, pulls out my cock and starts sucking on it, sucking, sucking, causing me to cum all over her face. With cum all over her, Jenny pulls me over to the bed and falls flat on her her back and says please suck on my pussy . I run my tongue down her legs and into her very wet pussy, sucking on her piercings and running the tip of my tongue between her lips, Jenny crosses her legs and squeezes my head on pussy, licking, sucking cases Jenny to scream and moan, releasing my head between her legs, pulls me on top of her and I push my rock hard cock, into her warm pussy and start fucking her pussy, pushing my cock as far as possible, causing her legs to quiver and her to orgasm as often as she can, filling her pussy with warm sticky cum. Ready to collapse, I just fall on Top of Jenny, closing my eyes and think what would not have been had I not taken that order to Jenny. We have remain friends, and Jenny still calls me her Mr. Delivery Man.