Written by LickSuck69

10 Apr 2017

Santi still running her long finger nails through my long blonde hair and onto my chest, and feeling her nails scratching my chest through my shirt was starting to drive me crazy, and not knowing what her next move would be, I started looking at her very sexy body, noticing her nipples on the end of her sexy breasts were starting to stand up, and push against her tight dress, and were staring at me. Wondering.... how nice that would be to have her sexy breasts in my hands and rubbing her large nipples between my finger tips, was causing my cock which was hanging loose in my jeans as I am a person who never wears any boxers or jockeys, because I like my cock to be free, to get harder and harder and a bulge in the leg of my jeans. Santi knowing all to well what see was doing to me, started nibbling on the lobe of my ear, causing me to get even more randy, and hoping, she will stop before I cum in my jeans. Noticing how randy she has made me, and me loosing control of the actions of my cock, Santi stops and sits back and looks into my eyes not saying a word, then pulls my body close too hers and feeling the heat generated by the earlier escapade, Santi moves her head back from mine and says, surely you just feel like me, just wanting to fuck and fuck until we both collapse from total pleasure. Looking into Santi's eyes, I say that was always one your fantasies, so let me make your fantasy become a reality, and a evening to never forget.

Santi slowly starts to unbutton my shirt and running her long finger nails over my chest and down to my belly, finally she has my shirt unbuttoned and pulls it off and throws it on to the floor, Santi starts running her tongue all over my chest leading to my nipples and starts sucking on them, and her one hand runs straight to my cock and starts to play, feeling that I have no boxer on, Santi unzips my jeans and puts her hand straight onto my cock, giving it the occasional squeeze, taking my rock hard cock out of my jeans, Santi starts with a erotic blowjob, slowly running her tongue over the head of my cock and the tip of her tongue into the slit on the head and getting the taste of precum which seems to drive her wild with desire, then forcing my shaft into her mouth, sucking tighter and tighter and forcing it deeper and deeper into her mouth until no further it can go. Biting on my shaft just above my balls causing me some pain, squeezing my balls with her hands, Santi then releases my rock hard cock from her mouth and still playing with my balls, Santi stands up and lets go my balls with her one hand, and lifts up her dress and all I see is the sight of beautiful clean shaven pussy look straight into my eyes, almost saying come to me. Santi lets go of my horny cock and ball and pulls her dress over her head, and throws it onto the floor. Standing totally naked in front of me, and playing with her pussy, she pulls my head towards her horny wet pussy and pushes my face right on to her pussy's lips. My face smothered into her pussy, my tongue starts licking on her lips and forcing it's way between her lips and into her very warm wet pussy, driving her wild and causing her to stretch her legs and on to her tip toes, sucking and sucking I go, causing Santi to go more and more wild until she squirts all over me. Knowing all to well that Santi wanted to fuck me, Santi straddles over me, and forces her very wet pussy onto my shaft, causing my shaft to slowly enter her pussy, deeper and deeper it goes, finally totally submerged by her pussy. Santi starts fucking with a slow up and down motion, taking time to get her rhythm, holding my body close to hers, she starts to gather speed , fucking me as there is no tomorrow or that might be the last fuck for her, feeling her orgasm and orgasm and her warm pussy juice all around my cock, I can no longer hold back and shoot my load of cum all over the inside of her pussy. With the feeling of warm pussy juice and cum running over my balls, I squeeze Santi's body against mine. Santi looking into my eyes and says to me, it was definitely worth the wait and was way more exciting than my fantasy, and hoped we could have many more such evenings.