08 Dec 2017

It was close to Christmas, and the heart of the Silly Season, an my Mom had gone away for a few days with her boyfriend, meaning I was left home all alone. All my friends were still all over the show, so it was difficult to get someone to go hiking among the trees. My heart telling me that would be great fun, but my head telling me that it would not be such great fun going all alone, not knowing what I should do, I decided maybe it would be better to go sun tanning and watch the the setting sun. Deciding that is what it would be, I got everything ready to take with me. All I needed would be a few bottles of water and my camera to take photos of the setting sun to take with me. Dressed in a tight fitT Shirt with cut away sleeves, and a pair of slip on shoes, I look for the keys of my Mom's bright yellow Mini Cooper S, found them hidden in the draw., now I was ready to go.

The engine purring, and with the water and camera on the seat next to me, and the sun roof wide open, and the music blaring in my ears, on my way to Llandudno I went. The winding road and all the over head branches from the trees, kept on reminding me of the other afternoon I had spent with Cindy hiking through the forest of tree. Still with the vision of Cindy's sexy looking body in my head, I though how stupid it was, of me, not to invite Cindy to go hiking with me, my heart kept on telling me that would of been a great afternoon, but my head kept telling me that would be the end of broken a budding friendship, as Cindy might of thought I just wanted to fuck her, just like any silly young boy. Winding through the trees and my hair blowing in the wind, and visualizing me lying on the rocks tanning in the nude excited me. Arriving at the beach, and with no parking, meant I would have to walk to the beach. Luckily driving a small car, I was able to squeeze in between two cars with ease. Parked, I kick off my shoes and took off my shirt, grabbing the two bottles of water, and my camera hanging around my neck, and walking down the street to the beach, and the hot tar burning my feet....... all I wanted was to walk with my feet on the soft sand and lying on the rocks in the sun. Finally there was some grass to walk on before reaching the some what twenty to thirty steps leading to the sand of the beach. Looking down at the beach from the top of the steps, all one could see was the beach filled with bronze bodies lying everywhere, and a plenty of surfers on their boards riding the waves or just paddling and observing the scene. Trundling down the steps, thinking lucky me, at least there would not be many people lying on the rocks, which would prevent me from tanning in the nude.

On the sand, and walking on the waters edge towards the path which leads to the boulder area on the beach, I hear a voice shout out, "Hello Billy, alone are you." Looking round to see where the sound was coming from I saw a lady dressed in a bright yellow bikini lying on her back and resting on her one elbow, waving at me, not quiet sure who she was, I walked off in her direction, the closer I got the more clear I could see who she was. She was Cindy, very surprised, I greeted her. Still standing, Cindy said, "Billy you have come to my rescue again," smiling I said, "what do you mean," Cindy said, " I see you have brought some water for me." Leaning forward, and buckling at the knees caused by the sight of her sexy body in her bikini, I handed a bottle of water to Cindy. Cindy grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me to the ground. After sipping on the bottle of water, Cindy said to me, " what brings you to the beach alone," laughing I said, "Looking for a sexy lady like you." Blushing slightly, I said, no come to tan on the rocks and watch the setting sun. After chatting and joking and laughing for a while, I said, I better go off to soak up the last of the sun from the rocks, asking Cindy if she would like to join me, saying she preferred the soft sand than the hard rocks against her bum she would give it a miss. So I got up and trundled over to the rocks, from my position I could see Cindy, and was sure she could see me as well. After taking off my shorts, I took a seat on the rocks, which were still hot from the sun. After watching the surfers for a while, I decided to lie on my back, and tan my body, closing my eyes from the glare caused by the sun, I carried on dreaming, what could of been. An hour had nearly passed by, and the sun was starting to set in the west, when suddenly a voice broke the silence, "so this is what you up too." Getting a fright as I had not heard anyone walking along the rocks, I opened my eyes, and saw it was Cindy standing right in front of me. Laughing I replied, so now you have seen me, not trying to cover up as I was not shy of showing off my body, I sat up and took a sip of water, and Cindy took a seat on the rocks next to me. Cindy then started to rough up my hair with her fingers, and the picture of her really sexy body in her yellow bikini in my head, let my imagination run wild, surely Cindy could hear and feel what she had done to my heart beat, which was missing a beat every now and then. Running her fingers from my hair, down my chest, and playing with my nipples between her fingers, was driving me wild with the desire to fuck Cindy. Unable to control my emotions anymore, I just grabbed Cindy around her neck and started to kiss her. First kissing on her lips and slowly trying to push my tongue between her lips, Cindy needed no second invitation, she opened her mouth at once, and forced her tongue into my mouth, and started to rub her tongue all over my mouth, and as deep into my mouth as she could. My hands started to fondle with her breasts, and it was one,two,three, and her breasts were all exposed and I started to run my hand down towards her belly, finally touching her pussy through her bikini panty, which was very wet. This caused Cindy to grab hold of my cock with her hand, squeezing my shaft, running her hand down to my balls and gave them a big squeeze. Cindy then stopped kissing me, and pushed me onto my back and said, " Pity I haven't got a condom with me." Looking rather shocked and blushing slightly as I had not expected that to come out of Cindy's mouth, Cindy looked at me, an said, so position 69 will have to do for me.Straddling her body over mine, and her looking straight at my cock, and her bikini clad pussy staring at me, Cindy started to play with my cock with the tip of her tongue, running it over the head of my cock, and down the shaft, until she was sucking on my ball, and working her tongue up my shaft again, until she finally had my cock submerged in her mouth, causing me to point my toes in the direction of the ocean. While Cindy was vigorously sucking on my cock, Cindy dropped her pussy right onto my face, knowing exactly what she wanted,I moved her bikini panty to the side, and started to suck on her pussy lips, moving my tongue up and down her lips, and trying to push my tongue into her pussy, with the tip of my tongue just inside her pussy lips caused Cindy to scream with wild desire for more. Know trying to push my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy, caused Cindy to suck harder and harder on my cock, and a few drops of precum on her tongue caused Cindy to bite on my cock to prevent me from cumming to soon. With Cindy enjoying sucking on my cock, and enjoying my tongue inside her pussy, causing her to arch her back, and to release my cock to scream please don't stop sucking my pussy. Me going wild on her pussy, and forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into her horny very moist pussy, and walls of her pussy getting tighter and tighter against my tongue, I knew it wouldn't be long before she would be squirting all over me. Suddenly there was a gush of squirt all over my face, and the salty taste of squirt running into my mouth, knowing what she had done, Cindy went wild on my cock again, and me trying to push it as deep into her mouth as I could, eventually almost down her throat, and me unable to control myself. I shot my load right to the back of her mouth, with her mouth now full of my cum, I could feel Cindy trying to swallow every drop of my cum. Slowly releasing my cock, and still some cum on the head, Cindy licked it clean with the tip of her tongue. Now with us both exhausted from the fun, Cindy lifted her body off mine, both getting to our feet, and me giving her a great hug, and thanking Cindy for the great afternoon, squeezing me again, she said next time I will make sure, I have a condom with me. Pulling on my shorts, we slowly walked back to our cars to go home again.