01 Nov 2018

Sitting and sipping on a glass of red wine, and getting mesmerized by the setting sun, whose rays were disappearing from the window as the time was passing by. When suddenly my cell phone started to vibrate on the table in front of me. Looking at who it could be, the name on the screen was R and R.I knew all too well what this could be, so I answered, the voice on the other end said, " Billy you know what Robyn needs from you." Stunned by the silence, Ronnie said, " Billy are you up to a game of pool this evening. " As this was the norm before we would go out on the town for a night of naughty fun, taking photos, making videos, having sex in all the most unthinkable places, and best of all me fucking his wife, while he would watch and cream all over the floor. Robyn was a lady who had no end too having sex for the evening. I am sure Robyn was like me, we both just lived for sex, yes kinky sex. Ronnie then said, " Billy see you just after nine."

Toot toot went the hooter of Ronnie's car, at the security gate of my driveway, looking out my front door, Ronnie flashed his light, to let me know that we would be traveling in one car for the evening, which would tell me, Robyn his wife wanted to have sex in the car, while Ronnie played taxi driver for the evening. Getting into the back seat of the car, which was already occupied by Robyn who was very sexily dressed in short mini skirt, with a halten neck blouse and her fishnet stocking. As the car pulled away, Ronnie said, " Billy, I hope you are ready to compete with a few other men this evening." Robyn shouted out, " Ronnie that is enough, or do you want to spoil the evening." Still traveling in the direction of the pool saloon, the thought kept going through my mind, are we going to have a Gang Bang that evening.Finally the three of us arrived at the Pool Saloon.

We entered the pool saloon, Robyn turned many heads with the way she was dressed. Walking in the direction of table where we normally played, only to see that it had already to be taken by four young looking teenagers. Looking at Ronnie, I said, we will have to find another table to play, Robyn looked at me and said, don't worry they won't be playing too long. Taking our seats next to the pool table, and our money on the table for the next game, the four young teenagers could hardly keep their eyes off Robyn, and them missing all their shots, Robyn stood up and said," to the teenagers, let me show you how it is done." Robyn taking a snooker Que from one of the teenagers, leaning over the table and her breasts almost popping out, Robyn cleared the table. Looking at the teenagers Robyn said, " which one of you want to partner me." All of them shout in one voice," Me." Robyn looked at then and said, " She would take all four of them on." In went the money and all the balls back on the table, Robyn sent the white ball smacking into all the other balls, pocketing a ball on the break, now leaning over the table and her nipples popping out of her blouse for the teenagers to see, and them whispering amongst themselves, Robyn almost cleared the table. Ronnie and I were busy sipping on our beers, and I was tempted to question Ronnie, if the teenagers were suppose to be the competition for me, but thought it would be inappropriate to question Ronnie. Robyn and the teenagers kept playing a few more games of pool, and I could see the teenagers were getting more and more horny, and two of them had developed a bulge in the front of their jeans, and Robyn enjoyed rubbing herself against them at every opportunity, causing them to get even more horny.

Ronnie looked at me and said, "Billy have you ever gone dogging, " looking at Ronnie, I answered, " Ronnie, I have had people looking at me, not me looking at people. " Ronnie looked at me and said, " well that is what is going to happen this evening." Wondering where the dogging site would be, and who would be watching Robyn and me. Robyn put down her Que and join us at our seats, Robyn grabbed me around my neck and started to cuddle me, biting on my ear lobes, then started to kiss me passionately, like she always did before she fucked me cowgirl style. Moving her lips away from mine, Robyn mumble, " Wow Billy, I wish you could lick and suck on my warm wet pussy." I put my hand under her skirt, and I could feel how wet her panty already was. I started to kiss her again, and the teenagers keep looking in our direction. Robyn stopped kissing me, and said, " Billy we will have to go to the car, because I need you to suck me before you fuck me silly. Robyn took the car key from Ronnie, and we left the saloon, while Ronnie was still playing pool the four teenagers. Robyn and I both walking down the street in the direction of the car park, my hand under her skirt and my finger rubbing her pussy, and her hands down the front of my jeans squeezing on my cock, we entered the car park and took the elevator to the roof top, where the car was parked for the evening. Finally we arrived at the car, parked against the one wall.

Robyn unzipped my jeans and out popped my cock, looking straight at the dark of night. Into Robyn's mouth went my cock, sucking on my cock tight with her mouth, and biting on my horny cock every now and then, and playing with her pussy with her one hand, and it wasn't long before Robyn had her first mouth full of my warm sticky cum. Open went the car door, off went Robyn's Sexy frilly panty, Robyn collapsed on the back seat of the car, with her legs spread wide open and her shoes almost touching the roof of the car, I collapsed on her warm very moist pussy, First rubbing my chin against her pussy lips, before licking on her pussy lips with my tongue, causing Robyn to start screaming. When suddenly I heard the sound of foot steps coming in our direction, thinking it was Ronnie, so I carried on driving Robyn crazy with my tongue all over her pussy. Robyn crossed her legs and pushed my face tight against her pussy, so there was no way out for me, Robyn just carried on screaming and started to arch her back, when suddenly the opposite car door opened, still not worried, I carried on sucking on Robyn's pussy, and the tasty of warm pussy juice was driving me wild with desire to just fuck Robyn's pussy. Robyn released my head from her vice like grip and yelled, fuck me Billy. Off went my Jeans, and my face dripping with Robyn's pussy juice, in went my cock, into Robyn's pussy, with Robyn screaming with every thrust of my cock going deeper and deeper into her pussy. This was what we had both been waiting for, a night of never ending fucking .I was fucking Robyn more and more rougher, thrusting my cock into her pussy as far as it could go, my balls smacking against her body, and Robyn's started to dig her finger nails into the flesh of my back. The fucking got faster and faster and both our screams got louder, and I shot my load of warm sticky cum deep into her pussy, Robyn feeling my warm sticky cum inside her pussy, Robyn clasped my body in her two arms, while I lay on top of her body.

Lifting my head, expecting to see Ronnie watching, I was surprised to see Ronnie and the four teenagers, standing with their cooks in their hands, still wanking . Not saying a word, I lowered my head on Robyn's face and said to her, "know who has been watching us fuck in the car." Robyn turned her mouth towards my ear and whispered, "Ronnie and the four Teenagers from the saloon." Robyn pushed up against my body and said, lets end the show for them.I got off Robyn, and out went my cock from her pussy all covered in cum, into her mouth went my cock, to suck it clean, while into her cum fulled pussy went three of her fingers, to be covered all with cum, and into her mouth went her finger to suck off the cum, in and out went her fingers,until all the cum was in her tummy.Robyn looked at the Teenagers and said, hope you enjoyed the show, next time you won't have to peep at me from behind the trees, when I am lying next to the swimming pool. Two of the teenagers were brothers and next door neighbors of Ronnie and Robyn, while the other two were just friends. The evening had been arranged by Ronnie, as he had caught the teenagers peeping at his wife .