17 Aug 2018

" Should Actually Be In Taboo."

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, when Aunt Valery asked me if I would like to join her to spend the afternoon on Lundudna Beach. Thinking it would be better spending the afternoon on the beach, watching all the sexy ladies than just lazing around at home, I gladly accepted her invitation. The basket was packed and into the car we got. The sun roof rolled back and the wind blowing through our hair, Aunt Valery said Billy, " You must just call me Valery." Asking why?,... Valery answered, I am only twenty years older than you. Smiling at her, " I said, so you want me to be like a Toyboy for you." Looking at me she said, " So lucky you would be." We both chatted further, and not mentioning a single word about the evening we had at her friend a few weeks ago, and me thinking, would it ever happen again, but I knew I would like it to happen again. We arrived at the beach, and took the first parking even though it was quiet a walk to the sand. My feet burning and me carrying the basket that Valery had packed, finally we reached the steps leading onto the sand.

Finally we were on the beach which was very well populated with well tanned bodies, some very sexy, and some very saw for a persons eyes. Finding a spot against the boulders not too far from the waves, Valery laid her towel on the sand, and took off her sundress which was rather see through, left standing in her bikini, which was true to the definition, which was just covering what it had too. Lying on her elbows on her towel and me lying on the sand, pushing on my elbows and looking straight into the sun, wondering what fun this could be. It wasn't long and out came the suntan lotion, Valery rubbing all over her sexy body, and me watching her through my sunglasses rubbing her body, first her sexy legs, then her tummy, then all over her breast, caused me to start getting an erection, and me wondering why couldn't it be me. Valery then turned towards me and said, " Billy would you like me to rub your body down with some lotion." Caught by surprise, I never said a word at first, stuttering I said, "that would be great please." Valery lent over and started to rub my body with suntan lotion, first all over my chest, then all over my legs, with her elbow rubbing against my cock, causing my cock to get more and more erect. Having finished rubbing down my body, and seen the bulge in the front of my boxer shorts, Valery looked at me and said, " So is this what the beach does to you, all the pretty ladies. Me blushing and looking at Valery I said, " No it was your hands on my body that did that to me." Valery burst out laughing, and me looking at the sun reflecting off the sea. Both our body's burning from the sun Valery took out a bottle of water, first pouring some over her bronzed body, them some over me. Still watching the the waves roll in, I noticed Valery started to rub her pussy with her one hand, and I wondered why could that not be me, and my cock started to bulge again. Valery noticed and stood up and took me by the hand and said, " lets take a walk to the waters edge." First I resisted as that could be embarrassing with the bulge in the front of my shorts. Then I thought, " fuck everybody." Got up and walked with Valery to the waters edge. Standing at the waters edge and my arm around Valery's shoulder as if we were a couple, Valery looked at me and said, " Billy did you enjoy what you saw. " Blushing I said, " pity it wasn't me rubbing." Valery laughed at what I said, she thensaid, " I think it is time to return home." Getting back to her towel, Valery flopped onto her towel just to dry her body in the sun and me eating on some of the grapes that we had brought with us. Popping one into my mouth and then one into Valery's mouth, with all the grapes now either in my or Valery's tummy and the sun beginning to set, we both stood up and Valery just in her bikini, we started on the long walk back to the car.

Valery driving home just in her bikini was enough to drive my hormones crazy, and me trying my best to prevent my cock from going crazy as well. The music in the car and me singing to the tune,and Valery tapping her hand on my leg, was enough to make us both seem like first time lovers. Arriving at home and dropping the basket in the kitchen, I said to Valery, "Off to the shower I go." Standing in the shower and the water running down my body,and my hands all full of shower gel, when entered Valery, and said, " Do you need me to help you to soap down your back for you." Turning around I put some gel into Valery's hand, and she rubbed down my back, causing me to get another erection. Thinking that Valery was going to join me, she rinsed her hands and left the bathroom. After toweling down my body, went to my bedroom and flopped onto the bed with only the towel around my midriff. My eyes closed and me thinking about the afternoon, I heard the sound of foot steps entering the bedroom, and in came Valery with a cup of coffee. Valery then went through to the bathroom and quickly wash down her body. After showering Valery entered my bedroom only clad in her dressing gown. Looking at Valery I said, thank you for the coffee, but juice would of been better for me. Looking at me Valery took a step towards the bed and put her foot on the edge of the bed and flashed her pussy at me and said, " Is this what you mean." Valery then started rub her pussy with her one hand, her fingers going up and down her pussy lips, inserting her two fingers into her pussy and finger fucking her pussy, which was driving me crazy. My cock was rock hard under my towel and pushing hard against the towel like a tent pole.I then pulled Valery's body towards mine, lifted my head and started to suck on her pussy. The more I licked on Valery's pussy the more Valery started to groan and pushed her pussy tight against my face, which caused me to collapse onto the bed. Valery then jumped onto the bed and sat with her pussy full on my face, me sucking and sucking on her very warm wet pussy, and it wasn't long and Valery had squirted all over my face. My face dripping with squirt, Valery pull my towel open and started to suck on my cock. First only on the head with her tongue, then on the shaft, up and down her tongue went, then into her mouth went my cock, slowly slowly, then more and more tight her mouth went around my cock, then right down her throat. I started to mouth fuck Valery, more and more vigorously, when suddenly Valery pulled her mouth away and said, " No Billy, you going to fuck me." Sitting on top of me Valery slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock, and slowly my cock entered into her warm very moist pussy. Valery started to fuck me cowgirl style, groaning and grunting and me moaning and hoping it will never end, the fucking continued for a while, but seemed like a few seconds to me, before I shot my load of warm sticky cum deep inside her pussy. Collapsed on the bed and Valery still sitting on top of me, and the bedding all drenched in squirt and covered in cum, Valery said," so you will have to share a bed with me." Both of us got up to shower down again, before retiring to the other bedroom for the night.