01 Aug 2018

The Lunar Eclipse had come and gone, the only memory was for me to edit and arrange the photographs and the video I had taken. Sitting in front of my laptop and busy editing the video and wondering what music I could use to make the video more interesting. Bang bang goes a loud knock on the front door, wondering who could it be....Please please!!!!! I hope it was not Tommy and his girlfriend Tammy, because they had wanted me to accompany them to a party earlier that evening. Knowing Tommy and Tammy well, they are a couple who enjoy a great threesome when they had, had something to drink, so I kept quiet and did not say a word, when suddenly there was another hard bang on the door, and a voice shouted out, " don't make as if you not there, I can see your light is on." But that was not Tammy's voice, so off to the door I went. Opening the door, and standing in front of me was a lady with long dark hair, which seemed that it had not seen a comb for a week, and dressed in a black dress which seemed to have a few buttons missing, but best off all she had a half bottle of wine in her one hand, and she seemed to be slightly pissed. Staring at her and not having said a word, she mumbled aren't you going to let me in. Now recognizing who she was, the lady from next door,I said come in.

Not wasting any time she pushed her way right passed me and took a seat on the couch in front of the T.V. Still clinging onto her open bottle of wine. Taking the bottle from her I poured each one of us a glass of wine. Sitting in the chair next to the couch and sipping on my wine, the lady said, "I do not bite so you can sit next to me." Before taking a seat next to her, laughing I said, " What happened to your rule, that you told your daughter you don't talk to strange men, when she said "Mommy the man is greeting you," the other evening. Laughing she said to me, " tonight I am taking you up on your offer that I could come over when I moved in." Sipping on our wine, I asked her where had she been earlier that evening? because surely she had not been drinking alone. No....no she answered, my sister and I had been to a company function, and we were both eyeing for the same man and she went home with him. Her, still looking at me, she said, "So I thought tonight will be the night to spend with my neighbor with the sexy blue eyes and greying hair.( She was a lady who always turned me on, because she was always very sexily dressed.)After taking the last sip of her wine, she grabbed me behind my head and pulled my head towards her head, pushing her lips on to mine, as I opened my mouth to rub my tongue on her lips, she pushed her lips against mine and into my mouth went her last mouth full of wine. The wine ran down my shirt, and with my shirt drenched in wine, she started to unbutton my shirt, and off went my shirt. The lady then got up and went to pour herself another glass of wine, on returning she took a seat on the wooden coffee table in front of me. Kicking off her shoe, she lifted her foot and started to rub my crotch with her toes, causing my cock inside my jeans to start getting hard. Trying my best to prevent my cock from getting totally erect, I started to rub my hands up and down her leg, causing her to get aroused, and finally she collapsed with her back on the coffee table

Her dress creeped up her legs and all I can see was her pussy. Smiling at her I said, "Wow my kind of lady, lady with no panty." Pushing onto her elbows, she said, " Oh must of left them in the car again." Leaning forward I started to suck on her pussy, sucking and sucking on her pussy was causing her to get more and more aroused, then I started run my tongue up and down her pussy lips and she started to lift her butt into the air. Lifting her butt higher and higher into the air, I could sense she was close to doing something extraordinary and suddenly she was squirting all over my face. Still sucking on her warm wet pussy, she crossed her legs to prevent me from lifting my face off her very moist aroused pussy. The tip of my tongue entered her pussy, my tongue now between her pussy lips, which led her to scream fuck me please!!!!fuck me.Lifting my face off her pussy, and my face still dripping, I took her by the arm and said off to the room should we go, she answered, " No..... no!!!!! you going to fuck me on the table or are you scared to get carpet burns on your knees." Taking off my jeans, I straddled over her face, and her, lifting her head she started to suck on my cock, dropping her head back onto the table, I bent my legs at the knees and she started to suck on my cock, sucking tighter and tighter on my cock, which led to her biting on my cock occasionally, and me mouth fucking her, trusting my cock as deep as it could go, causing her to gag on my cock. My cock dripping pre-cum. She released my cock from her mouth and said, " Now you going to fuck me." Taking up a position on my knees at the edge of the coffee table and her pussy on the edge of the table, I started to rub my cock up and down her pussy lips, causing her to moan and groan. Slowly I exerted more and more pressure on her pussy with my cock, causing my cock to enter into her pussy. My cock now fully immersed in her pussy, I slowly started to fuck her. Fucking and fucking the more vigorously the motion got, and her screaming fuck me deeper and deeper, and I started to trust my cock as deep as it could go into her pussy. The rougher and rougher the fucking got the more and more she seemed to enjoy the fucking, lifting her butt off the table into the air, and the less I could control my cock, knowing any minute I would be releasing my load into her very warm moist pussy. Her moaning more and more, and louder and louder turning into a grunt we both cum, my warm sticky cum in her warm wet pussy, I remove my cock from her pussy, and her still lying on the table, and slowly the cum started to drip from her pussy, with the cum still dripping she said, " Wait till my sister hears what she missed this evening, because she always said to me, she wanted to make love to you."