31 Jan 2018

The day was dead quiet and I had nothing to do and all day to do something. Walked over the street to the pub over looking the sea to have a drink or two. On entering I took up a seat at the counter and a view of most people in the pub as well as a great view of all the people in the street as well as the waves rolling in. The Bar Man walked up to me and said. " May I help you please." Not responding immediately, he walk down to the other end of the counter, helping a sexy lady, who seemed to be more his fancy than me, Ha ha.... not into men at all. Coming back to our end of the counter, I placed an order for a rock shandy, him looking rather confused, I said, "go and ask your Lady friend at the other end, if you not to sure what I mean." Laughing the Barman said, I see you also took a fancy to that Lady sitting over there. After pouring my rock shandy, and placing it in front of me, he returned to the Lady at the other end of the counter again. Chatting and laughing the two of them kept on looking in my direction. The Lady kept on lick her lips and sucking on her finger tips, hoping that I would understand what she was up to, winking and pushing my tongue through my lips, and sipping on my shandy and looking in another direction, my attention was hit for a six by the entry of a cougar dressed in a pink latex skirt and a white blouse, which was only buttoned from her belly down, her boobs were just about to pop out and greet my eyes that were hoping they really would. Walking down towards the window, she took a seat at a table for two.

Looking through the menu, and looking in all directions to see who would tickle her fancy. The steward approaches her and said, my name is Samuel, and I would be serving you. Smiling at Samuel the lady replied, glad to know I have someone to look after all my needs. Samuel not quiet sure what she meant, asked if she was ready to place an order with him. The Lady looked around, even more, as if to make sure no one would be able to hear what she was about to order. She ordered a double brandy and coke in a tall glass with plenty of ice. Samuel walked over to the bar counter to collect the order for the lady. Me looking towards her, I started to smile, and took a sip on my rock shandy, she smiled back at me. Samuel returned with her drink, looking very much as if she was only drinking a glass of coke. Sipping on her drink, I started lick on my lips, and thought how great it would be to see her great boobs which were just waiting to be freed. Putting my finger into my rock shandy, and bring my finger back towards my lips, and lick them dry, the lady obliged by moving her fingers towards her breasts and rubbing her nipple, before licking her fingers tips, knowing all to well what she was doing to me, I rubbed on my cock through my jeans, hoping she had not seen what I was doing. The lady started to get more and more flirtatious, popping out her nipple for me to see, and swinging open her legs to show off her white panty. After sipping on her drink again, she sucked on her index finger as if to tell me she would like to do to me. Getting up off her chair, she walked in my direction, which was also the direction of the Loo. On reaching me she whispered, " wouldn't you like to join me." and walked straight to the Loo. Thinking this would be my great opportunity.

Picking up my shandy, I walked over to her table, and took a seat on the chair opposite her, and slightly obscured by a pillar in the pub.As she exited the Loo I could see look straight in the direction of my stool at the bar counter, on seen the stool was empty she shook her head as if to say, how could you do this to me. Getting to her chair, she noticed I had already moved over to the table. Look straight at me, she said nothing slow about you, and said her name was Lexi, and I said my name is Billy. Smiling Lexi said," Billy, I see, I made you play with your willy." She moved her chair next to mine, and said, sure now it will be easy for you to see more of me. Her breasts were in touching distance of my tongue, and I was wishing I could suck on them. Uncrossing her legs, Lexi made sure I could see her pussy, as she had removed her panty when she went to the loo. Sensing that she was getting me more and more aroused, she grabbed hold of my cock with her one hand, just then a friend of her walked past to take a seat at the table behind us, and said, " Lexi, lucky you, got a ToyBoy again." Lexi laughed and said, " will have to wait and see." Still flirting with each other, and her friend wanting to see what we were doing, under the table, Lexi still holding my cock, Lexi whispered in my ear, would you mind if I let my friend feel what I am holding under the table.. Lexi turned around and said come feel what I am holding onto. Her friend got up and leaning over my shoulder, she grabbed hold of my cock and said, wow what a master piece you have. Lexi then looked at her friend and said, leave him alone he is mine. Pushing her friends hand away from my cock, Lexi grabbed hold of my cock again, me licking my lips, grabbed hold of Lexi's pussy with my one hand, causing Lexi to squeeze my cock tighter with her hand, and saying, Billy I need you in the Loo immediately. Taking a sip on my shandy, I got up and made off in the direction of the Loo, before I could get to the Loo, Lexi brushed past me and said follow me. Following Lexi, she did not enter the Loo, but led me down a narrow passage and into a small room. Looking at me, Lexi said, this is my fun room, with the door closed behind us, Lexi pulled my head towards her breasts and pushed my face tight against them. Licking on her breasts, and working my mouth towards her nipples, I started to suck on her nipples, causing Lexi to bounce on her feet, wasn't long and Lexi had me on my knees, sucking on her pussy. Sucking on her pussy lips, and forcing my tongue into her pussy, causing Lexi to start to scream

Sucking harder and harder on her pussy lips, and the taste of her pussy juice on my lips, and Lexi rubbing more and more on her clit, and the noise was getting louder and louder, the thought went through my mind, what if someone could hear us from the other side of the door. When suddenly the door flew open, and in rushed Lexi's friend, shouting, " so Lexi you thought you could take him all to yourself and desert me." She grabbed hold of my cock with her hand, and said, "Lexi, what kind are you, his cock is still in his jeans. She ripped open my jeans, and in a few seconds had my cock deep in her mouth and almost right down her throat. Sucking and sucking on my cock, tighter and tighter her cheeks formed around my cock, Lexi falls to the floor, lying on her back, she shouted out Billy you better fuck me before you cream.. With Lexi's legs spread as wide apart as they could go, I rolled on a condom and pushed my cock into her now very moist and horny pussy. The up and down motion, was slowly, and Lexi screaming Billy, fuck me, the motion gathered momentum faster and faster, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, causing Lexi to dig her finger nails deeper and deeper into my back. Her friend playing with my balls, giving them a big squeeze every now and then. Me thrusting my cock deeper and deeper, and both of us going wild, causing Lexi to orgasm fist, before I shot my load into the head of the condom. Her friend rolled me over and seen the condom full of cum, scream that is for me. Pulling off the condom, she licked my cock clean, before drinking every drop of my cum from the condom, she then licked Lexi's pussy clean. Tiding up our clothes, we all left the room, to have another drink, before making arrangement for our next meet, hopefully more comfortable as well.