23 Nov 2017

It was Saturday evening, the shift was over, and Alex was locking the door. We both left, Alex going his way and me mine. We both went in opposite directions, me walking along the side walk in the direction of the on coming traffic, and cars parked on the side of the street, and ladies standing outside the Inn. Walking with a spring in my step as it was the weekend for me. While walking with a spring in my step, a car flashed it's head lights, thinking the driver must be trying to attract one of the ladies of the night who were standing outside the Inn. The car was parked just a few cars in front of where I was walking. Flashing it's lights again, I turned around to see if any of the ladies had noticed or were interested in the car that was flashing it's lights, noticing no one was interested, I turned around and kept on walking, on approaching the car, the lights were flashed for a third time. Saying to myself, flashing one, two, three, I wondered who that could be, on reaching the front door of the car, I heard a voice coming from the inside of the car, do you remember me. Looking into the window of the car, I saw the face of a lady, who looked familiar to me, but could not put a name to the person. Saying to her, should I remember you, she said. you the gentleman from the Pizzeria aren't you. Taking a good look at her again, and remembering where I had met her before, I walked up to her car, and said, how silly of me, how could I forget a pretty lady like you. Saying, " Hi Lindsay," while talking to her through the window of the car, Lindsay said, don't you rather want to climb into the car, as you know what kind of people hang around this area, so I climbed into the car and we started chatting. She said she had been to the Pizzeria on a few occasions to catch a glimpse of me. Lindsay said, knowing it was Saturday evening, I knew I would catch you on your way out, so that is why I had decided to wait for you. Not quiet sure what Lindsay had in mind, I said, I shell be going, and opened the door. Lindsay said don't be in a hurry, I want you to go clubbing with me. Turning my head in her direction, I said, " I will have to go home and change and get my car." Lindsay said, don't worry, " I like the way you are dressed, in your tight fitted white shirt and designer jeans, and I could travel with her." Knowing I was not going to get out of this situation very easily, I agreed to go clubbing with Lindsay for the evening.

Lindsay, started up her car and pulled back into the traffic again. Turning at the traffic lights and going down in a southerly direction, I asked Lindsay, where were going too, Lindsay answered we going to Alberton, not knowing any of the clubs or ever been to that area before, exited me. Asking Lindsay what was the name of the club she had in mind, Lindsay said don't worry I will surprise you. On arriving at the venue, and driving into the parking area, all I could see was a grubby looking building with a name that had half the lights not working. Lindsay said here we are at "The Taylor's Travel Lodge." All I had heard about this place, it was better known as " Grab A Granny." After parking the car, and Lindsay touching up her make up, we got out of the car and trundled down the pathway towards the venue, with the sound of the music rustling through the trees, I could just imagine, this was not a place on top of my list for places to be frequented by me. Going through the reception area, we were finally at the entertainment area, which had a notice above the door, " Entrance Is Not Free....Pay At The Door." After paying the entrance fee and getting a stamp on my wrist, we entered the dodgy looking venue. Standing in the dimly lit hall and looking for a table to have a seat, and many people greeting Lindsay, and most of the patrons much older than me, finally the wine steward came over to us and said, " Miss Lindsay I have a table for you." Leading us over to the table which was against the wall, but close to the stage where the band was playing, we took our seats on the couch against the wall. The steward then asked if we would like to have a drink, before I could say a word Lindsay said, " A Double Brandy and Coke for me please," I ordered a glass of red wine. The drinks were brought to the table,we both took a sip on our drinks and Lindsay said, how do you like my choice of venue. Smiling I said, "something very different, but sure we can enjoy the evening."

One, two, three, and Lindsay's first Double Brandy and Coke had disappeared between her lips, and the second was on it's way. Thinking, if this is the start to the evening, how will I be getting home, so I will be be drinking slowly. The band having just completed a break, the started to play again, Lindsay and I started dancing, first rocking and rolling, then with some romantic music, we started to shuffle across the dance floor, clasped in each others arms, with Lindsay pulling my body closer to her's, with my hands holding her butt, I could feel she had no panty on, or very little, and her breasts pressing against my chest, I could feel she had no bra on and her breasts were fairly large and slightly droopy as well, more than a hand full. After dancing for a while, Lindsay said lets go and have a sip on our drinks. Sipping on our drinks, overcame a lady to our table, and she said, hello Lindsay,so is this your new "Toyboy", Lindsay looked at at her and said, " No Stephanie, this is the guy from The Pizzeria I told you about." I then introduced myself to Stephanie, She then asked Lindsay if she could join us at the table, Lindsay said that would be nice to have another couple at the table. Stephanie went to collect her drink, and came back to our table with her drink and a guy with her, who she introduced to me as Bennie, he was older than me, but much younger than Lindsay and Stephanie. The chatting turned to banter between the two ladies Lindsay and Stephanie. The drinks really started to flow, Lindsay was on her third Double, and it seemed like Bennie was trying to keep up with her. The two of them got up and took to the dance floor, leaving Stephanie and I at the table chatting, before we also took to the dance floor, while the band was playing some romantic music, while dancing with Stephanie, and looking over her shoulder at Lindsay and Bennie, and how they were carrying on. on the the dance floor, I could feel Stephanie pulling my body tight against her's, then she started to bite on my ear, causing me to get horny. At the end of that particular song, Stephanie led me back to the table, and came to sit right next to me, with her fingers running through my long blonde hair, and her tongue running up and down my neck, and up to my ear, and pushing her tongue into my ear, Stephanie whispers, so you the guy that Lindsay said really knows how to tongue fuck a pussy. Rather shocked at what I had heard, and lost for words, there was silence from me, Stephanie said don't worry Lindsay told me all about you. Stephanie then started kissing all over me, from my ear, to my neck and on to my lips, forcing her tongue into my mouth, pushing her tongue as deep into my mouth as she could go, pulling my body as tight as she could against hers. I started to fondle with her pussy through her dress, feeling that she had no panty on, but had a few piercings on her pussy lips, while fondling with her pussy, Lindsay and Bennie returned to the table, they took a big swig of there drinks, and said they going outside to get a bit of fresh air, so off to the doorway they walk. Stephanie took hold of my hand put it under her dress, and onto her pussy, I started to rub her pussy, first up and down her slit, then in a circular motion, then pushed my fingers into her pussy, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper into her pussy, and started to finger fuck her pussy, causing Stephanie to get more and more horny, and her, to squeeze her legs closer and closer together to prevent her from squirting all over the floor, with her legs now completely together and me unable to move my hand, Stephanie whispers in my ear, "don't you want to suck on my moist horny pussy."

We both got up and walked over to the door, we left the dance hall, and walked into the Garden, to get some fresh air, Stephanie, led me over to a bench under a hanging branch of a tree. I took a seat on the bench and Stephanie next to me, she opened the zip of my jeans, and pulled out my cock, and started to suck on my cock, first on the head of my cock, then on my shaft, biting on my shaft every now and then, with me getting more and more horny Stephanie made no effort to release my cock. Sucking tighter and tighter on my cock, and me getting, more ready to shoot my load, finally I lost total control and shot my load of cum right to the back of her mouth, which she enjoyed, swallowing every drop. While all that was going on, I was finger fucking Stephanie, now with my cock released from her mouth, I removed my fingers, and bent over her pussy, with my face deeply embedded in her pussy, I started to lick on he pussy with my tongue. My tongue going up and down her pussy, and sucking on her pussy lips every now and then caused Stephanie to go into seventh heaven, with the tip of my tongue touching on her clit, causing Stephanie to scream,"please...please suck on my clit," sucking on her clit caused Stephanie to arch her back and straightened her legs straight in front of her, finally causing her to squirt all over my face. On returning to the dance hall and to the table, sitting all on her own was Lindsay, with a double brandy and coke in her hand. Stephanie took a seat next to Lindsay, running her fingers through her hair, and said to Lindsay, I really understand , when you said to me, that he was the best puss sucker you have ever met, Lindsay looking at Stephanie, she said,"wow what a fantastic fuck Bennie was." Lindsay finished her Brandy and Coke, and took me by the hand and said, lets go home. Lindsay to drunk to drive, so I decided to take the wheel, so while I drove us home, Lindsay lay with her face on my lap, and my cock in her mouth, sucking on my cock all the way home, was more pleasing to me than to her, because she finally fell a sleep.