16 Nov 2017

It was a Friday evening, and the sun was setting and the moon was rising. Arriving home and leaving the car in the driveway, I entered the house with a bunch of summer flowers hidden behind my back, to give my wife a surprise when she saw me. My wife Rina turned around and said, " so what have you been up to again." Showing her the flowers I said these are for you. Giving her a hug and a kiss hello, I noticed our son Steven was not sitting in the lounge playing games, so I Shouted out hello Steven, Rina then looked into my eyes and said, sorry love, I for got to let you know that he was spending the weekend with his friend. Rina then took the flowers and arranged them in a vase and placed on the table next to the front door. Grabbing me around the neck and thanking me for the flowers, see whispered in my ear, " this is going to be naughty weekend." Smiling at her, "I said, so does that mean we going clubbing," Squeezing me tight, Rina said, "I would rather have a naughty night at home, watching naughty movies and see where it leads. While sitting on the swing on the patio,sipping on our wine and watching the reflection of the moon on the water of the swimming pool, Rina asked are we still going to braai, as Friday evenings is normally our Braai evening. Looking at the pool which looked so inviting, I said that would be a great way to begin our fun.

With the cracking sound of the fire and the smell of something cooking in the oven, Rina and I, with an arm around each other and swinging too and fro on the swing and chatting about how we would be spending this evening. Still sipping on our wine and almost one bottle empty, Rina got up and went over the kitchen, thinking she was going to have a look at what was in the oven, and get another bottle of wine, so I walked over to the fire and see if there were enough coals to braai the meat. Needing a few more coals, I threw a few more pieces of wood onto the fire, and returned to the swing. Hearing Rina's voice in the kitchen, I wondered who could that be, that she was talking too. Then I heard the sounds of foot steps coming from the kitchen, and it definitely was not just two, and as Rina entered through the glass door onto the patio, she said look who has come to join us this evening. It was Joanne her lady friend from across the street. Joanne looked across towards me and said, " hope I am not going to spoil your evening," Rina replied, " definitely not, you know you are always welcome. Rina and Joanne each flopped into one of the cane chairs on the patio, leaving me alone on the swing. I got up to go and get a new bottle of wine and a glass for Joanne, on returning and pouring a glass of wine for Joanne, and topping up mine and Rina's, Joanne looked towards me, and said, so what are you going to do for the weekend seen you both alone, smiling at Joanne, I said, I never plan anything, what must happen, must happen, so lets see where it leads. Rina then said to Joanne, did you see the flowers Billy brought for me. Joanne said, lucky girl, I wish they were for me. Rina then laughed and said, don't worry girlfriend your turn will come soon. We all burst out laughing. With the coals ready to braai, Rina went to the kitchen to collect the meat, with the all the meat on the grid, and me standing by the braai alone, Joanne came over to me, and asked, if I would like some more wine, saying that would be nice, Joanne came back with my glass of wine, looking at the the meat on the grid, Joanne grabs hold of my cock, and said this is the one for me. Joanne goes back to the patio, and her and Rina start chatting which leads to laughter,not able to hear what they were talking about made me more curios of what plans they had for later in the evening. Suddenly there was a splashing sound from the pool they had both taken off there summer dresses and jump into the pool, both naked and fooling around in the pool, both cuddled in each others arms and kissing each other, this did not bother me because I knew each had " BI- Tendencies." and Rina and I had been involved in the lifestyle of swinging. It wasn't long and the kissing turned to fondling. Joanne then jumped out of the pool, and sat on the edge with her feet hanging into the pool, Rina swam over to Joanne and started to play with her pussy, with Rina lick on Joanne's pussy, and the meat ready to eat, I started to remove the meat from the grid and the thought went through my head, what Joanne had said earlier the evening, when she grabbed hold of my cock. With all the meat off the grid and in a casserole dish, I moved over towards the patio, and the ladies still at the pool.

With the all the food on the table, the front door bell rang, wondering who would that be. I opened the door and standing before me was a hulk of a man, who had just returned from the gym, It was Frans another neighbor of ours, who had lost his wife and son in a motor accident two years earlier. Frans said I saw your car in the driveway so I thought I would just pop in. I said gladly come in, just in time to enjoy some braai with us. Going through to the patio, as we exited the door, I looked towards the two ladies still in the pool, shouting out, look who has join us for the rest of the evening. Rina then shout out, "hi Frans glad to see you," while Joanne shouted out Billy bring me a towel please. Rina was not shy of Frans as we had been good swinging friends before his tragedy. Taking two towels to the two ladies at the pool, they both got out and joined us on the patio. While Frans and I were in the kitchen getting him a glass of juice as he did not drink, Frans said, "this reminds me of the old days, when we use to swing." Looking at Frans I said, " Lets see where it leads." Getting back to the patio, I heard Rina and Joanne whispering, could just think what it was. We all dished up some food and started to eat, it was dead silent, not a murmur, just the sound of people eating their food. I looked across at Joanne who was sitting next to Frans, but across from me. Flirting with her with my eyes, Joanne took hold of a piece of wors with her hand, and as she was about to take a bite, I shouted out, imagine if it was the real thing. Everybody burst out laughing, and Rina said you would be so lucky. Still laughing I said, " Love, would you make me lucky." Rina said," you will have to wait and see." The ice was now really broken. Everybody was making eyes at who they fancied, knowing that Frans and Rina had been great swinging partners in the past, I though this would be my chance to see how Joanne felt about me.

All the eating completed, Frans took off his shirt and jumped into the pool with only his shorts. Rina joined him, Joanne looked at me and said aren't you going to join them, smiling I said only if you going to as well. Joanne said to me, but I don't have a panty, I said don't worry, nobody will be peeping. Off go my clothes and the two of us went into the pool. Joanne was rather shy at first, hanging around the edge. I swam over to Joanne and started to chat with her to make her feel more comfortable. Joanne then asked me, don't you get jealous with the way Frans and Rina flirt with each other, I said no because it is in all good fun, and we were swinger friends with Frans and his wife. So Joanne asked me, won't Rina get annoyed with me. If I flirt with you. Smiling at her I said lets flirt and see. It wasn't long and Joanne was all over me in the pool. I was fondling her all over and it was causing her to make a moaning noise. Frans and Rina left the pool and went to sit on the patio, after drying off their body's they went inside to one of the spare rooms. Joanne looked up at the patio, and said where is Frans and Rina? Smiling, I said inside having fun. Joanne grabbed me round my neck and playing with the lobe of my ear with her tongue, and feeling her rubbing pussy against my cock, Joanne whispered in my ear, can we also go inside please. I helped Joanne out of the pool and dried off her body, while she dried off my body. We walked off to the house, and went into the other spare room. Lying flat on her back on the bed and me next her, I started to fondle with her nipples, which I could see was starting to arouse Joanne, as she started to spread her legs apart, getting wider and wider, and the sight of her nice clean shaven pussy was causing my heart beat to increase, After sucking on her nipples and working my way down to her pussy, my lips landed on her pussy lips, causing Joanne to scream, sucking on her pussy was causing Joanne to arch her back and pushing her pussy into the air, with her one hand covering her mouth to prevent any noise to be heard. Pushing my tongue deeper into her pussy and getting the salty taste of pussy juice on my lips, and my cock already rock hard and ready to just fuck Joanne, when she said, now it is my turn to suck on you. Joane then sat on the edge of the bed, while I stood on the floor, and started to suck on my cock. First very slowly and not very deep, but the deeper my cock went into her mouth the more aroused I got. causing me to lift off the bores of my feet almost onto my tipy toes. Joanne falls onto her back on the bed and pulls me over, towards her body, with my body on top of hers, and rubbing my cock against her pussy, and it wasn't long and Joanne was making a moaning noise again. The loader the noise the more I knew, Joanne wanted me inside her pussy. Slowly I pushed my cock inside her pussy, starting with a slow motion, the more I fuck Joanne, the more she screams fuck me...fuck me....deeper please. The deeper I fucked her, the more Joanne dug her fingers into my back, so after fucking for a while, and feeling her pussy getting tighter around my cock, I feel her warm pussy juice flowing around my cock, I pulled my cock out of her warm moist pussy, and let Joanne suck on my cock until she caused me to loose control and shoot all my cum into her mouth and all over her body. While lying on the bed we heard the other room door open, after wiping Joanne's body clean, we left the room to join Frans and Rina on the patio again.