05 Mar 2018

Ring ring the alarm clock went, it was Friday morning, and I was late for varsity, and the first lecture was half way through.Rush rush it was for me, getting ready to make the second lecture.Reversing my car out the garage, and waiting for the gate to open, I was met by the sight of Tommy's Mom watering the garden. She greeted me, " Morning Billy, so will you be joining me for dinner this evening." Not sure what my answer should be, while still thinking, Tommy's mom yelled, "stop avoiding me, you have no excuse for this evening, see you at seven." Pushing my head out the window, I screamed, " see you then." off to varsity I rushed, thinking how could I get out of dinning with Tommy's Mom. Knowing all to well, that she would not stop inviting me, as she had invited me a good five times already, by leaving invites on the front door every time she came over for a swim. So I decided with a little help from my friends, it would be best to join her for the evening.

From one lecture to the next, and finishing the day just past two, I had plenty of time to decide, how I was going to spoil Tommy's Mom for the evening.The thought went through my head that flowers are a ladies second best friend, so off to the florist I went, and ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered, with a simple message, that read, "hope you enjoy the scent, from you know who." The bouquet was delivered, just after arrived home, and I was tanning next to the swimming pool. After tanning for a few hours, and my chisel chest looking great from all the gym work, it was time to get ready for the dinner evening with Tommy's Mom. After showering, and dressing in a tight fitted vest and a pair of running shorts, over I went.

Knocking on the door, and waiting. I heard the foot steps on the floor approaching the door, the key unlocked the door, the door opened, and standing before me was a sexy well tanned lady dressed in a low cut dress, which I had seen many times before, except this time she was not wearing one of her black or pink bras, which normally drove me crazy. On entering, and me following Tommy's Mom, and the sun catching her dress, I could see she had no panty on, and my cock started to bulge the front of my shorts. Tommy's Mom turned around and said, " you must call me Janine," and gave me a big hug to say hello. Janine then pulled me by my arm into the lounge, and pushed me onto the sofa. Still hoping she had not seen the bulge in the front of my shorts, Janine offered me a beer, But I said, "I would rather have a glass of wine instead," looking at me very surprisingly, Janine said to me, " Very strange to see a young man like you drinking wine, as all of Tommy's friends drink beer. After pouring me a glass of red wine, Janine flopped into the chair next to me, both of us sipping on our wine, and chatting, I could see Janine had had a few glasses of wine before I had arrived, and the smell from the kitchen was divine, and making me feel rather hungry. When Janine got up and took hold of the bouquet of flowers which she had received earlier that afternoon. Looking rather sheepishly at me, she asked, " If I had anything to do with the flowers," keeping a straight face, I said, " Definitely not," Janine then returned the flowers to their place on the table. Janine then walked around the back of the sofa and pulled off my vest and said, " Wow this will be the first time I have seen your chest from such a close view." Me Blushing, Janine started to rub her hands all over my chest, causing me to blush even more. Janine joined me on the sofa, and both of us chatting, and me looking more and more at her slightly drooped breasts. When Janine, asked me why had I been avoiding her since the afternoon at the swimming pool, did me squirting all over your hand annoy you, Looking at Janine, I said, surely not, I wished it was rather all over my face instead. Janine burst out laughing and said, "so you also into water sports are you." Laughing, I said, " I am into diving, muff diving, and all types of water sports that go with you. Laughing louder, Janine,said this could be a very interesting evening.

Janine got up and went to the kitchen, to turn the oven down so as not to spoil the food. I got up to find the bathroom, as I need a pee. Standing in the bathroom and peeing Janine sneaked up on me, and me just finished peeing, Janine grabbed hold of my cock, and said this is mine for the evening. Walking past one of the quest rooms, Jane took me by the arm and said, so lets start with desert before we have our main meal. Taking me into the room, and her flopping onto the bed, I flopped next to her, Janine smiled at me and said, " don't be so lazy, it's your turn too make me horny. Spreading her legs wide open and over the edge of the bed, and her silky clean shaven pussy looking straight into my eyes, was all I needed. Dropping onto my elbows on the bed, I started to run my tongue up her leg and straight onto her pussy. Licking on her pussy lips, and her rubbing on her clitoris, causing it to get bigger and bigger, and my tongue pushing deeper and deeper into Janine's pussy, and her, arching her back, and my mouth getting closer towards her clit, finally me sucking on her clit, me sucking more and more vigorously, caused Janine to scream louder and louder, and arch her back more and more lifting her butt of the bed, and I could feel it wouldn't be long before Janine squirted all over my face. Me still sucking for all I am worth on her clitoris, suddenly I felt the gush of squirt all over my face. My face dripping wet and Janine's dress, and the bedding all wet, Janine said, " surely that must be more tasty than the wine. Laughing, I said," for sure hope there is plenty more where that came from. Janine pulled off her dress and standing naked in front of me, and pulled me up by the arm, and made our way to the kitchen, to dish up our food.

Both of us seated at the table, and me still with my shorts on, Janine said, " Not fair, you must take your shorts off, so I can see what you hiding from me. Pulling off my shorts, and my cock still rock hard from the fun in the bedroom, Janine grabbed hold of my cock, and said, " Beware when I am finished with him."Nibbling on the food, and both of us playing with each other. It wasn't long before the food became secondary for the evening. Janine dropped to her knees under the table and started to suck on my cock. Sucking on my cock and biting on my balls, and pulling them with her mouth, and it wasn't long and I had shot my load of warm stick cum into her mouth, causing Janine to choke, with cum running down her chin and onto her breasts, Janine took up her seat again. Seen Janine wiping the cum with her fingers and sucking them clean, was driving me crazy, and all I wanted to do was suck on her pussy again.I started to fondle with her pussy, rubbing her pussy with my fingers, and pushing my fingers into her pussy, rubbing against her pussy walls causing Janine to push her feet onto the floor and lifting her butt of the chair. It wasn't long and we were both on the floor, Janine with her legs straddled over my hips and her pussy rubbing against my rock hard horny cock, and me just wanting to feel my cock inside her pussy. Janine pushing her pussy down on my cock, and slowly entering into her pussy, I could feel the warmth of her pussy walls. My cock fully submerged in Janine's pussy, Janine started to fuck me. Both of us fucking and fucking, Janine getting more and more wild, bouncing her butt against my thighs, both our bodies dripping with perspiration, drops dripping from her breasts onto my chest, I started to pull Janine's body closer to mine. The heat of our bodies against each other's, was driving us both to go wild, fucking and fucking, screaming and screaming, and me shouting, keep fucking me Janine. Janine started to pull on my hair as she started to orgasm, the feeling of warm pussy juice flowing around my cock, was to much for me, so I lost total control and shot my load into Janine's warm wet pussy.. With both of us totally exhausted, and her body on top of mine, we fell a sleep on the floor, before waking up to carry on with the fun on the floor.