15 Mar 2018

It was mid morning and I was still lazing in bed, recollecting my dreams from the previous night while I was a sleep in bed. The thought of my dreams led me to start daydreaming. Top of my list was the dream of having my parents around again, as they were returning from their stay in London with my older sister who had just had a baby. My play time would be limited again, as they would see that my study's would be my number one priority.

Still lazing in bed and in no hurry to get up as yet, my mind started to wonder as it had never done before, and I was totally in dream land. Daydreaming about the times that I had spent with Tommy's Mom or Janine the lonely lady next door. Recreating the afternoon we had spent next to the swimming pool, the evening we had spent having dinner together, and last of all, the early hours of lust that I had, had with her friend Lindsey, before she decided to return home. The thoughts running through my mind was getting the better of my cock, getting more and more erect, and me getting more and more horny, and my dreams getting more and more naughty, but I knew that those opportunities would be few and far between in the future, with the return of my parents, as I would not be able to visit next door as I pleased. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door down stairs, thinking not again, The Bible Punchers, as it was their day to try and convert every one in the area. I left them knocking and knocking on the door, knowing that they would be leaving soon. Still daydreaming about the best naughty month I had,had, and how it had flown by so quickly, when I heard a splash coming from the swimming pool, thinking Buster what are you doing jumping into the pool, as the dog had a habit of jumping into the pool on very hot days. Not hearing him paddle from the one side of the pool to the other or him shaking the water from his coat, I thought I better get up and look to see who had jumped or fallen into the pool. Looking from the window I saw it was Janine the lady from next door. Feeling rather embarrassed that I had not answered her knock on the front door, I pulled on a pair of short, and went down stairs, and open the door leading onto the pool deck and greet Janine. After greeting Janine, Janine then looked rather sheepishly at me and said, " I hope I did not wake you Billy." Laughing, I said to Janine, " no you did not wake me, I was daydreaming about the past month, and thought you were the Bible Punchers, when you were knocking on the front door, that is why I did not open the door. Janine burst out laughing, saying to me, " You will need to be converted after all we have done during the last month while your Mom and Dad have been away." Still laughing, I said to Janine, " It did not look like, you were not enjoying the fun." Janine laughed and said, surely not and you Billy.

Returning into the the house to make a cup of coffee for Janine and myself, while Janine lay tanning in the the sun. The coffee made and a few rusks on a plate, I returned to the pool area to join Janine. While sipping on our coffee and chatting, I said to Janine, " My parents better not find out what had happened while they were away." Janine took another sip on her coffee, before saying, " Billy don't worry, your parents asked me to keep an eye over you while they were away in London." Laughing again, I said to Janine, " Pity all good thing come to an end." Janine smiled at me and said," We still have this evening." Looking more surprised, and wondering what Janine had in mind, when Janine said, "we will go to watch the setting sun at the beach to remember the great times we had together. Finished sipping on her coffee, Janine got up and said, "see you at six thirty as the sun will be setting just after seven." Janine back home and me back in my bed, I started to daydream again wondering what Janine had on the menu for this evening. My thoughts were getting the better of me, and all I could see was Janine standing and playing with her pussy in front of me, as she had done many times before, and wondered how many times I would see her playing with her pussy from my bedroom window. The afternoon had gone by, and it was time for me to shower before joining Janine for the sunset.

Janine ready, and hooting for me, I slammed the front door behind me, getting into the car, Janine grabbed me around the neck and gave me great kiss, which she had not done before. While driving down to the beach, all I could do was dream about the many times we made eyes at each other through the review mirror when she picked up me and Tommy from school. Janine peeping at me from the corner of her eye, she said to me, " Billy penny for your thoughts." Replying I said, " just thinking about the times we made eyes at each other while you gave me a lift home." Arriving at the beach and the car parked away from any other car, and us watching the setting sun, two guys came walking in our direction, when Janine pulled my head into her neck and started to kiss me on my neck, and me starting to fondle her breasts, and my other hand started to rub on her pussy. The two guys reached the car and stopped, looking at the setting sun, and looking in our direction every now and then, me saying to Janine, have they nothing better to do, than look at couple kissing in the car. Janine then said to me, "this area is known for Dogging," so must I make their day for them. Opening her car door, and putting her one foot out the door of the car, and flashing her pussy in their direction Janine started play with her pussy. The two of them were stretching their eyes to see, Janine shouted out, you can come closer to see. The two of them walked right up to the door, while Janine was playing with her pussy, until she squirted all over tar of the car park. A large puddle of squirt in front of them, the two guys said thanks, hope to see you soon.

The sun having set, and us back on the road, thinking we going home, when Janine took a sharp turn to the left, and said, "hope you don't mind we off to Lindsey, as she would like to she you." Wondering what was on Lindsey's menu, Janine said, "you will see another side of the two of us tonight." We arrived at Lindsey's home, the door was already open, Janine and I walked right in, and Lindsey was in the kitchen, taking the food out of the oven. We all greeted in one loud hello, and Lindsey turned around and grabbed hold of my cock, and said, "welcome my friend." We all walked through to the lounge, Janine took a seat on the sofa, and me next to her, Lindsey brought through the drinks. We all sipping on our drinks, and me wondering what the evening had in store for us.The chatting started and got more and more dirty, as the time went by, before Lindsey got up and took off her dress, standing just in her thong. Lindsey then walked over to me and pulled off my shorts, and leaving me just in my vest, Janine then pulled off my vest leaving standing in my birthday suit. Janine then took off her dress and we were all in the nude. Janine and I both seated on the sofa, Lindsey walked over to us, dropped to her knees, Lindsey started to suck on Janine's pussy, causing Janine to scream. Janine then asked me, "to stand on the sofa that she could suck on my cock." Janine sucking on my cock, and Lindsey sucking on Janine's pussy, and finger fucking her own pussy, the fun began.It wasn't long and we were in Lindsey's bedroom all on the double bed, me sucking on Lindsey's pussy, Lindsey sucking on Janine's pussy and Janine sucking on my cock. We all sucking and the hands started to wonder all over each others body, me playing with Lindsey's breasts and Janine playing with Lindsey's pussy. We all screaming, caused by the fun, when the two ladies got onto all fours, with their legs well spread apart and and asking me to lick on their ass, me licking on their ass's and finger fucking their pussy's with my fingers, and it wasn't long before the two of them had squirted all over the bed. The bed all wet with squirt when Lindsey, screamed Billy anal fuck me please. Bending over Lindsey, I slowly pushed my cock into Lindsey's ass, with it half way in I started to fuck Lindsey, going deeper and deeper into her tight ass, and Lindsey screamed fuck me Billy, fucking and fucking her tight ass, and my balls getting heavier and heavier with my cum, and me getting more and more ready to shoot my load in her ass. Lindsey then collapsed on her tummy and me on top of her, when Janine rolled me over and started to suck my cock clean. Sucking and sucking on my cock, all I could imagine was my cock inside Janine's pussy.Pushing Janine onto the bed, I inserted my cock into Janine's pussy.I started to fuck Janine, getting rougher and rougher, thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, I could feel her pussy getting tighter and tighter and getting warmer and warmer with her pussy juice flowing around my cock, until I shot my load into her tight wet pussy. Janine feeling my load inside her pussy, Janine rolled me off her body and started to suck all the cum off my cock, with Janine still sucking on my cock, Lindsey started to suck on Janine's pussy, to get the taste of my cum. After sucking on Janine's pussy for a while, Lindsey inserted two of her fingers into Janine's pussy to get some more cum into her mouth, sucking on her fingers Lindsey said thanks Billy and Janine for the evening.