26 Jul 2018

" Meeting For Dogging."

Having been on the site for a fair length of time and having met some very interesting people, I must admit that Daredevil Vicky was one of the people that I found most intriguing. Her site name has been changed of safety reasons. Daredevil Vicky was the one who pushed me to write this story.Spending most of my time in the chatroom, I noticed Daredevil Vicky was always peeping while I was on my cam. At first not even greeting just peeping, not even answering when I messaged her. My curiosity got the better of me, so I read through her profile which I found very interesting, her interests were mainly Dogging, but rather seemed like Voyeurism to me, she just enjoyed watching from the chatroom. Slowly slowly the ice seemed to chip away, and one evening something I wrote in one of messages must of caught her fancy, because she replied to my message and the ice was broken. We chatted through the chatroom for another few days before she agreed to meet over a cup of coffee. The meet over coffee went from a quick cup of coffee to an hour and a meal. We both had very similar interests, and she asked me if I didn't get embarrassed by been in the nude while in the chatroom. No I said, "that is me", if you don't like what you see you don't have to look at me. Asking Daredevil Vicky if she was really into Dogging, Daredevil Vicky just smiled and said, " it is for you to find out and me to know, so you will have to wait and see." After an enjoyable evening and seen that we had a great chemistry, we exchanged contact numbers, and went on our ways.

A week had gone by and I had not seen Daredevil Vicky in the chatroom or she had not returned any of my messages to meet for a drink one evening, thinking well you win a few or you loose a few, so this must of been one of the loosing few. Ring....Ring goes my phone while sitting and having a sundowner at home.....looking at the screen, I saw it was Daredevil Vicky. Answering, She apologized to me for not returning any of my messages, because she had been out of town for the last week. Daredevil Vicky then said, "I am sure you did not miss me as there must of been many other ladies drooling over you." I burst out laughing saying, I will never know because they could be like you.....just looking. Daredevil just burst out laughing and said, "I have seen your sexy cock on the screen, so now it's time for me to touch and see your cock for real", so would you like to join me for a Dogging Evening. I gladly accepted, saying where would it be. Daredevil said, I would have to go shopping with her that evening. She said, I would have to meet her at the Supermarket just after seven thirty as the store closed just after nine, and was frequented by varsity students and it was central for both of us. Daredevil Vicky said hope to see you then.

Dressed in a pair of loosely fitted trousers and a tightly fitted shirt, I entered the store. Collected a basket and wondered where would Daredevil Vicky be. Wondering down the isles and no sight of Daredevil Vicky, thinking so would this be a no show again, when suddenly I entered the isle which had the men's toiletries and most of all the condoms. I noticed Daredevil Vicky was leaning over her trolley, the closer I got I could see Daredevil Vicky was not wearing any panty's, and there were three young students who were standing behind her, and there eyes where nearly popping out of their head, caused by what they where seen. Walking lightly down the isle in Daredevil Vicky's direction, as not to spoil the students fun, I walked right passed Daredevil Vicky, standing at the end of the isle, I turned around and looked at Daredevil Vicky, recognizing me she said, Hello KeepPeeping, I walked back in her direction, as two of the students hurriedly walk away in the other direction, while the other student made as if her was looking for a product from the shelf, but kept looking at Daredevil Vicky's pussy. On reaching Daredevil Vicky I gave her a kiss and felt her pussy with my one hand, and heard the student mutter lucky you. Looking at the student and smiling I said, " You wish it could be you." Daredevil Vicky took a pack of condoms off the shelf and we carried on wondering though the store, with nothing more to do and the student as horny as hell, we paid for the condoms and left the store

Walking in the direction of the escalator which led to the roof-top parking, Daredevil Vicky noticed the student was wondering about, looking at her, she whispered, "Must I make his evening for him." Smiling I said, " Surely you have made his evening already." knowing exactly what Daredevil Vicky meant, I said, Lets see if he would oblige." Now on the escalator and sure he could see Daredevil Vicky's pussy, the student walked in the direction of the escalator, and getting onto the escalator and us almost at the top, and me feeling Daredevil Vicky's pussy and her pushing her hand down the front of my trousers and playing with my cock, we walked off the escalator and him caught half way between the bottom and the top, we stood waiting for him, as he walked off the escalator, Daredevil Vicky looked at the student and said, "Surely you would like to join us at the car." The student blushed and turned every color of the rainbow and never muttered a word, looking more and more embarrassed, I looked at him and said, "I am sure you would really like to have a close up view of Daredevil Vicky's pussy." Daredevil Vicky took him by the arm and we walked over to the car, that was parked away from all the other vehicles. On reaching Daredevils Vicky's car, she unlocked the passenger door and flopped onto the seat, spreading her legs wide open, and all I could see was her sexy clean shaven pussy. Dropping to my knees I started to suck on her pussy. Daredevil Vicky seen the huge bulge in the front of the students Jeans, pulled him by the arm closer towards her, and said, " Don't be shy take out your cock so I can also see." The student unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already rock hard erect cock. Daredevil Vicky grabbed hold of his cock with her two hands, first squeezing his cock, then rubbing her hands up and down the shaft of his cock...It wasn't long and the head of his cock had a few drops of pre-cum, realizing it won't be long before he would cum.....Daredevil Vicky pulled out a condom from the pack that she had bought in the store, rolling it onto his cock, his cock totally covered by the condom, into Daredevil Vicky's mouth went his cock. Sucking and sucking on his cock and causing the student groan and groan with the excitement of having his cock sucked by Daredevil Vicky, and him trying to push his cock deeper and deeper into Daredevil Vicky's mouth, louder and louder he got before shooting his load off cum into the head of the condom.The student now silent and his cock still in Daredevils Vicky's mouth and my lips full of Daredevils Vicky's pussy juice, Daredevil Vicky released the students cock, unrolled the condom fulled with his cum, and looked at him and said, " See what your friends have missed....With his cock all cleaned up and back in his jeans he slowly makes his way in the direction of the escalator. Both of us sitting in Daredevils car, Daredevil Vicky leaned over towards me, unzipped my trousers and pulled out my cock and into her mouth it went, sucking and sucking on my cock, I could feel how aroused Daredevil Vicky was getting, sucking tighter and tighter on my cock, and the more horny I was getting, finally shoot my load deep into the back of her mouth.Swallowing the cum, Daredevil Vicky released my cock, and looking up at me, and said," Wow that was much better than I could imagine, hope you will keep come back to give me more.