06 May 2019

The shopping was done, the trolley was full to the brim.....and I was on my way to my vehicle which was way on the other side of the parking lot, and having been bugged by parking attendants was irritating me......Finally I was approaching my vehicle, when suddenly a young lady approached me, ignoring her, and placing all my bags in the boot of my vehicle, I thought just another person with a sob story to make a quick buck or two, with the trolley out the way, I looked in her direction, and she politely said, " I am not looking for money, I would just like a ride home please." Looking at her, she was much younger than me, she looked around twenty three, I asked, " Where do do you live?" Quickly she replied, "Just down the street." Thinking it could do me no harm as she was alone, I offered her a ride just down the street.

Into the car she got, she thanked me, and hardly said another word, until we approached the traffic lights, which were straight a head, Asking her which way would it be, right or left at the traffic lights would it be,straight a head it will be, she said. So over the lights we went, on the left hand side were the railway tracks and on the right were a clump of trees, with a few houses at the end of the street. Looking at her I said, " Looks like you live in the deserted end of the world." Laughing she answered," no this is not where I live, but where I always have fun......" Looking at her nervously, and the thought going through my head, " What have I let myself into." Realizing that she had put some fear into my head, she was quick to say, " Don't worry, "I won't hurt you, I just wanted to to have some fun with an old man like you." Knowing all to well what she meant, I looked over at her, and she looked over and me and slowly put her hand on my cock which was still in my jeans. Feeling my cock, she shouted out, "Daddy you have surprised me." Wondering what she meant, she carried on playing with my cock, rubbing her hand up and down the outside of my jeans. Still driving slowly down the street, she whispered in my ear, " Daddy wouldn't you like me to suck on your cock." Not saying a word, she unzipped my jeans, and pulled out my cock, she bent over and into her mouth went my cock, sucking profusely on my cock, I pulled over and parked under the trees. Still sucking on my cock and not even stopping to take a breath, my hand went wondering between her legs towards her warm wet pussy, pulling her panty a side with my one hand, my fingers started to fondle with her pussy, which caused her to release my cock from her mouth and scream out loud, "Daddy you surely know how to drive a lady wild with your fingers, please don't stop finger fucking me...." Into her mouth went my cock again, sucking and sucking, my whole shaft deep in her mouth, she started to squeeze on my ball, out went my cock and into her mouth went my one ball,sucking on my ball, and me still finger fucking her pussy, I could feel the finger fucking was driving her wild and she was squeezing her leg tighter and tighter together, so I would be unable to get my fingers out of her pussy. Back into her mouth went my cock, sucking profusely on my cock for a few more minutes, all control was lost by me, and into the back of her mouth went my load of warm sticky cum....with a mouth full of cum, she swallowed my cum. Sitting up she started to push her feet forward, while I was still finger fucking her pussy, she started to scream more and more, until she gasp out loud, " Daddy you have made me cum.....pulling my fingers out of her warm wet pussy she licked my fingers clean..... Both of us sitting in the car....She looked at me and said, " Thanks Daddy, hope we can meet again and have a great fuck in your car soon...." Looking at her I said it can be next weekend if you want too....Smiling and looking at me , she said Definitely......