Written by KeepPeeping

14 Dec 2017

Before I commence with this episode, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the readers, who have afforded me their time to read and comment on all my previous articles, it is most appreciated and would like to wish them a Happy Festive Season, and a Prosperous 2018.

In the elevator and move towards the floor of the office, I kept wondering what this Monday held for me, after what I had done on Friday, by sending Sandy flowers for her birthday. On entering the office, Sam and Kim were standing chatting at reception, Kim behind her desk and Sam facing her. As the door opened Sam turned around and greeted me, saying, " Good Morning Toyboy." Kim burst out laughing, and said, " you surely know how to surprise everybody, hope you going to give me flowers when it is my birthday." I burst out laughing and said you will have to wait and see. Walking over to my office, and passing a few offices that had people in them, I greeted them on my way past, most of them just greeting in return. Sitting down at my desk working, when Sandy walked in and said, " I would just like to thank you for the flowers again." Looking up at Sandy I said, " Hope I did not embarrass you with the flowers in front of the other people in the company." Sandy smiled at me and said, " I don't care what they think, just glad that there are still men who know how to surprise a lady." Sandy left, and went to her office, sitting at her desk, I noticed Sandy kept looking into my office, which was a norm by know, so it did not worry me. The days were passing by at a great speed, and most of the people were out of the office arranging events as Spring was approaching, and the smell of weddings was in the air. Knowing this will be the next surprise for everybody in the office, and nobody will be left out this time.

Spring was upon us and all the trees were getting their leaves and the the flowers were beginning to bloom, and the ladies in the company were beginning to dress like a tease, with their clothing getting more and more flimsy. The first of September was a Wednesday, and I got to the office before anyone that morning, arriving with a rose for each of the ladies, putting a rose on each ladies desk, I left for the coffee shop down the street. On arriving back at the office again, Kim looked up at me and said, " so the Toyboy is at it again, and thanked me for the rose, and wished me happy spring day." Slowly the other ladies came to my office and thanked me, for their rose. Finally Sandy and Sam, walked into the with a bouquet of flowers for the reception area, before walking to their own offices, not knowing what was waiting for them. Sam entered her office first and screamed out loud, I see the Toyboy was here again, Sandy scream out loud, what do you mean? Sam yelled out," wait you will see." On entering her office, Sandy yelled, " wow that can only be Billy." Looking into my office from hers and her rose in her hand, Sandy yelled, " Thank you Billy." Sandy's phone rang, and on answering, she said to the person on the other side of the phone, " You must see what was waiting for me on my desk, on this spring day, a rose." The other person must of said, you lucky, when Sandy replied, " We all got one." Sandy then walked over to my office and thanked me again, with a kiss on my lips, and said they had never had such fun in the office before. Everybody in the office seemed to have a true spring feeling , and seemed to have extra energy in their work, and couldn't wait for the next event to come in.

Business was flourishing, but as the saying goes, " Every silver lining has a dark cloud on the end," and this was the case in our company, Sam got a sad message that her father in England was very ill, which meant Sam would have to fly over to England. Sam left on the weekend and was not sure when she would return. The office was not the same without Sam around, as she always had a joke or two to tell in the morning, but life goes on. Now with only Sandy, Kim and myself around the office during the day, as most of the event coordinators were out doing functions or meetings with new clients for functions. My work load was increasing, organizing all the coordinators for the various functions. One morning I noticed Sandy was taking strain, as she would walk into my office and would leave again without saying a word, after doing this on a few occasions, I went over to Kim and asked if she had noticed a change in Sandy today, Kim looked at me and said, " Sandy had something to ask me, but did not know how to approach me." Asking Kim if she new what it was what she wanted to ask me. Kim, said she was not quiet sure, but she thinks it is work related. Returning to my office, I continued working, but looked in Sandy's direction, wondering what was it that I had done, that she did not know how to approach me. With the thought lingering on my mind, I stood up and went over to Sandy's office, and asked her straight out what was bothering her. Sandy got up and closed the door, and taking her seat again, Sandy said, you know Sam is away, and we not sure when she will be returning, "she and Sam were suppose to go to a conference at the Bolivia Lodge in Nelspruit this Saturday, and would be traveling by car, but did not feel safe traveling alone, so she did not know how to ask me to accompany her." Being a strait and understanding person, I said to Sandy, " being a work related event, I feel it would be my responsibility to accompany you." Sandy looking relieved, she said to me, " I will give you all the details later." The conference was an all day event, starting at nine in the morning and going on till nine in the evening, finishing with a cocktail evening.

With all the arrangement made, and me to pick up Sandy from her home just past five thirty as it was a three hour drive from Midrand to Nelspruit depending on the traffic. Arriving just past five thirty on Saturday morning, Sandy was already waiting for me, dressed in a summer pink dress with spaghetti straps on her shoulders, and matching sandals, and her toe nails immaculately manicured, and a basket with a flask of coffee and tin of freshly backed scones for breakfast while on the journey. We all buckled up and the sun trying to peep over the horizon, and music softly in the background, Sandy and I were busy chatting, when I noticed Sandy's eyes were starting to close, I said to Sandy," want to sleep do you." Sandy looked at me and said, would you mind if I put my feet up and slept for a while. Releasing her back rest into a sleeping position, Sandy slept for a while, with the music keeping me company. The music kept me from feeling sleepy, and the song playing " if I said you had a beautiful body would you hold it against me." I noticed Sandy had a smile on her face, not saying a word, I just kept traveling, when Sandy opened her eyes and said, " would you like a cup of coffee and a scone to eat." Yelled yip that would be nice, so we pulled off the road, I got out the car and poured the coffee while Sandy opened her door and sat with her legs hanging out of the door, and her pink panty flashing at me. After finishing our coffee and scones, we were back on the road again. Arriving at Bolivia Lodge, we went over to the Lepelle conference center, parked our car, and met up with all the other quests. The day was very enjoyable meeting up with people from the various suppliers who I had spoken to on the phone, and seen all the new range of products for the new season. The day was over and the cocktail party was great fun, everybody in a jovial mood, and the time flew by, and people were starting to leave, when Sandy said to me, " I am glad we are not traveling back to night." Smiling I said to Sandy, me too. After leaving the conference center, Sandy said," you collect the baggage from the car while I collect the keys." Meeting up with Sandy in the hall way, and ready to walk down to our chalets, Sandy looked at me sheepishly and said, "Sure you don't mind if we share a chalet." More surprised than anything, and knowing I had not brought any pajamas with me, I smiled and said that is fine with me. Walking down the pathway, and me carrying our baggage, Sandy put her arm around my neck as if we were a couple, finally we arrived at a chalet number 24, unlocking the door, we both entered, dropping the baggage on the floor, and flopping onto the bed, Sandy opened her baggage, and hung up her clothes for the next morning, and while Sandy was busy removing her make up from her face, I walked over to the bath room to have a shower, having just removed my clothes and not yet in the shower, the door to the bathroom opened and it was Sandy. Sandy then said , sure you won't mind if I joined you, thinking Sandy was just going to was her face, I got into the shower, still standing under the water, Sandy took off her dress and joined me in the shower, with her body dripping wet, Sandy gave me her shower gel and said, " would you like to soap my body for me. Putting the gel on my hands, I started rub my hands down her back, down her butt, down her legs, with the back of her body, fully covered in soap, Sandy turned around, and said," now you can wash the front of me, with my hands full of soap suds, I started to rub down the front of her body, thinking how sexy Sandy really is, her breasts really eye catching not even drooping, and would really pass the pencil test. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and had three piercing, one on the top of her pussy and one on each one of her pussy lips. Sandy then started to soap down my body, first the front, touching on my cock occasionally, making me thing was that by accident or intentionally. With both our body's fully covered in soap, Sandy grabbed hold of me and started to squeeze her body tight against mine, and the water running down our body's, rinsing the soap from our body's. Both our body's rinsed clean, Sandy leaves the shower, to towel down her body, with her body toweled down, Sandy left the bath room. I towel down my body, and left the bathroom, only to find Sandy already in bed, only covered by a sheet. I then flopped on the bed, with my body lying across her body underneath the sheet. Sandy then started to rub her hand lightly over my body, and I started to rub my hand up and down her legs, causing Sandy to arch her back every now and then. After rubbing each others body's with each others hands, Sandy slowly started to kiss me, after kissing for a while, Sandy pulled the sheet off her body, now with both of us just in our birthday suits, Sandy started to play with my cock, tickling it with her finger nails, causing my cock to start to get erect, slowly at first, then as hard as it can be. Sandy started to suck on my cock, while I was playing with her pussy, first with one finger, then two, and feeling her clit, which was driving Sandy to go wild. Both of us horny as hell, and both ready to fuck, Sandy gets off her back, and said, let it be doggy please. Dropping to her knees on the bed, and her elbows resting on the bed for support, I open Sandy's butt cheeks and rim her pussy with my tongue, before I slowly started to push my cock into her very moist tight pussy. I started to fuck Sandy slowly, holding onto her hips, I started to fuck her faster and faster, and Sandy's pussy getting tighter and tighter around my cock, Sandy then started to rub the top of her pussy with her one hand, causing her to scream and scream, and causing her to collapse on the bed when she orgasmed, fucking for a while longer, I shot my load into her pussy. Still with my cock inside Sandy's pussy, Sandy pushes a finger into her pussy , taking it out all covered in cum, she licked it clean. Slowly removing my cock, and the bedding all cover by the cum which had leaked out of Sandy's pussy, Sandy licked my cock clean, before we wondered off to the bathroom again. After returning from the bathroom both cleaned up, we lay on the bed clasped in each others arms, dreaming, how lucky we were, because it nearly could of not been, if it was Sam and not me.