12 Dec 2017

Working for a Cougar was really great fun, it all started from the interview. After applying for a position as a Operations Director for an Events Company, little did I know what fun, I was going to have with all the people around me. My curriculum vitae was in, all I needed was an invite for an interview. When suddenly my phone rang and on the other side was Sandy, thanking me for taking time to apply for the position, but I did not submit a photo of me with my application, so if I wanted to to be considered for the position could I submit a photo A.S.A.P., which I surely did, as working in the open really appealed to me. I got a reply soon, saying Sandy would like to meet up with me for an interview on Tuesday morning. All excited and unable to wait for Tuesday morning , and preparing the interview a million times in my head, because I really wanted the position. It was Tuesday morning, immaculately dressed, I found the address, and entered the building, and entered the elevator, to take me to the third floor, the door opens, and I exited the elevator, and met by a sexy looking Lady with the name Kim at the reception. She greeted me and said, " How can I assist you please. " Looking at her smiling face I replied, " That depends on my needs. " Kim looking lost for words and a little embarrassed, I said to her, not what you thinking, I am her for an interview with Sandy. Speaking to Sandy on the phone she said Sandy your interviewee is here, Sandy said tell him to take a seat as she will be through in a few seconds. While seated another lady popped her head from her office door and spoke to Kim, thinking for sure that was only done to see who had come for the interview. Then came a lady immaculately dressed and looking very prim and proper, walked in my direction and said, so you must be Billy for the interview, standing up and greeting, Sandy said, " Just wait a minute, I just want to talk to Samantha please. " Walking into the office where the lady had popped her from a few minutes earlier, the lady said to Sandy, so is that your interviewee, Sandy replied, yes looks more like a surfer than an operations director to me. Then the other lady, who I had presumed was Samantha, said to Sandy, he would do for me. The both chuckled with laughter, and Sandy came out and took me over to her office for the interview.

Asking me if I would like a cup of coffee or tea, saying a cup of coffee would be great to settle the nerves before the interview. Sandy asked Kim to bring two cups of coffee through to her office please. While waiting for the coffee to come through, we started to chat about the news, then Kim brought in the tray with the coffee on it, I jumped up and took the tray from Kim, and Sandy said, from the old school are you to take the tray from a lady. Knowing I had made an impression already, but would not secure the position for me, I took a seat again and started to sip on my coffee, while Sandy got my Curriculum Vitae from her draw, which had many red pen marks on it already. Feeling more nervous than before, Sandy broke the tension, by saying, I really like what I saw in your C.V., and asked me why I had majored in Organizational Psychology, in my master degree in business management. Thinking.......I replied, " I find people very interesting, and that would help me to get the best out of them in the work place." Then talking to me, more about the job description, and questioning me more about how I feel about the position, Sandy looked at me and said your age was not what I had in mind, looking at Sandy I said, " age is only a number, it is how competent a person is, in getting the work done." Sandy looking more surprised at my comment, said, " I really like you, and think you might be able fit for my company." After talking for a while longer, I left from the interview, still not convinced that the position was mine, I left for home.

Early the next morning, I got a phone call from Kim to say Sandy would like to meet up again on Friday afternoon. Feeling much more at ease I arrived at office, to meet up with Sandy, Kim took me through to Sandy's office, and in the office was sitting another lady, Sandy introduced me to her and said this is Samantha, my business partner, who would like to have an interview, with you before we make our final decision. Remembering what she had said to Sandy on Tuesday, when Sandy was in her office before my interview, made me feel more hopeful about the position. After a few minutes of discussing a few finer details, the both said the position, was mine and I could start, as soon as it suited me, which I said, would be the first of the next month, as I had a few ends to tie up between now and then. Leaving the building overjoyed, little did I know what the future held for me. On entering the office on the first morning, Kim introduced me to all the other staff members as Sandy and Samantha had not arrived at the office as yet. Kim remembering my answer to her question, when I came for my interview, Kim said, " to the other staff, beware, he has got a very quick sense of humor." While sitting in my office, and waiting for Sandy to arrive, I noticed Sandy's office was directly opposite mine, and she would have a complete view of me from where she would be sitting. In walked Sandy and Sam, as she wanted to be called, greeting me, Sam went to her office, and Sandy took a seat on the opposite side of my desk, giving me a crash course on there programs, and what everybody did, she went over to her office. While working, I noticed Sandy liked to look over in my direction, which made me feel rather uncomfortable for the first few weeks, and that she liked to uncross her legs every now and then,flashing her panty in my direction,knowing the view would catch my eyes and myattention, and seeing that she liked to wear pink and white panties most often. The work and the people were great, and it wasn't long and I was working at full speed, and getting on very well with all of them. Sandy like to pop into my office at every opportunity, to find out if I was still enjoyed working for them, and bringing me coffee. It wasn't long when Kim had noticed what was going on, and thought this is her opportunity to get back at me. Walking into my office, she said, " Wow someone has a crush on you." looking at Kim, I said, " don't be silly," Kim looked at me and said, we will see. Jokes were flying back and forth between Kim and myself, and the other staff though there was something going on between, Kim and I, but little did they know what, Kim had seen, how Sandy had a crush on me. Knowing office politics is a dangerous game to play, I kept my distance from mixing work time and social time.

Time had flown by and I had been at the company for six months already, and it was Sandy's birthday on Friday, and everybody was talking about what they were going to buy for Sandy. Kim came over to me and asked what was I going to buy Sandy for her birthday, looking very surprised, I said don't we do a collection and buy something from the office, Kim said no, we each buy her something separately as she buys everyone a gift on their birthday.. Not knowing what, I should buy her for her birthday, but thinking most women like receiving flowers, so I would get a bouquet of flowers delivered on Friday mid morning. Every body arrived on Friday with a present for Sandy, and left them on her desk before she arrived. Me been the only person who did not arrive with a present for Sandy, and everyone looking at me, and said, did no one tell you that, that it was Sandy's birthday, Kim said, I told him. Feeling a bit out of place at the moment, and not knowing what they will be saying when the flowers arrive mid morning. Sandy arrived at work with cakes for the staff, each getting there favorite cake. All the staff walked into Sandy's office to wish her happy birthday, and Sandy thanking them for the gift they had each given her. Walking into her office last, and wishing Sandy happy birthday, Sandy made sure, she gave me a return kiss on my lips, pushing her lips tight against mine. Everybody was in a very jovial frame of mind, and not much work was been done, as everyone would be going home after having lunch in the board room. It was just before eleven, when the delivery person from the florist arrived with the bouquet of flowers for Sandy, everybody screamed, wow.....who is the lucky lady......Kim calls Sandy and said, look what has arrived for you. Sandy looked more and more surprised, signed for her flowers, opened up the card, which had accompanied the flowers......Which had a message.....Happy Birthday.... from you know who...... Blushing......and not sure if they came from me, Sandy walked over to my office and said did you send me the flowers, not knowing what to say.....but surely my face giving me away, Sandy grabbed me in her two arms to said thank you, not quiet sure how Sandy would receive the gesture, Sandy said, " did I make it so obvious that I have an attraction towards you." Must admit that you are the first person in the office to send me flowers, and have caused me to buckle at my knees. Sandy still looking at me, Sandy said, "I surely owe you one." After all drinking wine and champagne over lunch in the boardroom, and everyone looking in my direction, and me waiting for the first person to leave, so I could follow suit, Kim came over to me and said, see what I told you, but it seem like it goes both ways. Sandy then stood up and thanked everybody for the fantastic day, before going home.