Written by LickSuck69

20 Jan 2017

My final destination would be Seattle. With my luggage donated to the airlines for the next twenty three hours and my boarding pass safely in my hand, it's to late to decide to go back home, so on the trip I go. Boarding will be at seven, so lets hope the trip will be like going to heaven. So the announcement screams over the speaker system, boarding for flight EA567 is open and will take place at gate three. Like sheep we all proceed to gate three and stand in a queue and getting told what to do, finally it's my turn, place all your belongings into the tray please and through the x ray it goes. Standing around in the boarding lounge, staring at every one milling around me, wondering who will it be sitting next to me, for the first part of the fight for eight hour to Dubai, the gates open and every body rushes forward to the gates, hoping to be first on the plane, or just to scared that they were going to be left behind, through the gate I go, get told my seat is row 23 seat A, did not need to be told that as it was on my boarding pass any way, and I had asked for a window seat, even though there would not be much to see.. Getting to my seat, placing my hand luggage in the over head compartment, finally collapsing into my chair, seat B is still empty, thinking lucky me no one to irritate me. The plane is filling up, and entering and marching down the isle is this bottle blond decorated in glitter galore and takes the seat next to me. Thinking this could be very interesting, I introduce myself, looking me up and down as if to say is this what the cat brought in, not saying a single word. With all the procedural instructions out the way and all the door checks done, the plane moves down the runway, turning at the end, with the engines screaming and gathering speed, the plane finally thrusts into the air. Looking at the show piece next to me wondering how enjoyable this flight is going to be. It's not long before the air hostesses walk down the isle offering something to drink and a snack to eat, up and down they go, the lady next to me orders a whisky, but it must be a Jameson she says, sipping on her Jameson's and been in the air for an hour or two, I get the urge to go to the loo, asking her let me pass, she looks at me and says can't you sit still, looking into her eyes, I say don't worry, I will just pee in your ear then , rudely she lets me through, after going to the loo, I return to the back of the plane and chat to the air hostess for a few hour, finally returning to my seat for landing in Dubai. After exiting the plane, and entering the airport only to find out we have a stay over for four hours instead of the scheduled two hours, made me more irritated than I already was, walking around the airport, just seen glitter and bling and Rolex clocks hanging on every pillar, with the same time reading, thought this must be the destination of the bottle blonde who sat next to me, fortunately it was.

On boarding the plane for the rest of the journey to Seattle, I get to my window seat, wondering what will this flight produce this time round. Watching as everybody enters and takes their seats, looking to see who will be seated next to me. Walking down the isle is this lady with dark red hair and dressed to kill, with knee length boots, sexy mini skirt, her fur coat, and make up to make any mans heart to skip a beat or two , but the closer and closer she got, we could see this was mutton dressed in lambs clothing, taking her seat next to me, which was 34B, which was much lower than her breast size for sure.. Introducing myself to her, she smiles and say Brenda is my name. The plane leaving Dubai behind, and into the sky we go. Brenda starts chatting like the older lady she was meant to be, asking where am I going too, and where am I from, seeming to be very sweet, I thought this flight was going to be very much enjoyable than the first flight to Dubai. As the flight progressed the seemly sweet lady turned out to be very more interesting, her choice of drink surprised me , drinking beer, one after another, then came out her reading , she was reading fifty shades grey, definitely not the choice I had expected. Dinner been served and the lights dimmed so people could sleep, Brenda switched on her T.V. screen, and her ear phones plugged in , searching through the music list she stops on the rock music channel, after listening to the music for a while, on to the movie channel she goes, picking an adult comedy movie, watching and watching and laughing and laughing, and her legs covered with the blanket provided, Brenda keeps on putting her hands underneath the blanket, wondering what's she up too, because she has surprised me in more ways than one so far on the flight. Is Brenda playing with he pussy or is she just keeping her hands warm, just can't keep the thought of her playing with herself out of my head, Brenda gets up and says I am going to the ladies, wondering why would she say that to me. Wondering and wondering even more what is going on in the loo, is she peeing through the lips or is she fingering, fingering her horny pussy even more and more until she squirts into the bucket which is supposed to catch your pee... On returning to her seat Brenda says" That Feels much better now.", wondering even more now, surly she must of been playing with herself. Turning off her T.V. screen and getting ready to dose of to sleep, Brenda turns to me and says" If my head falls on to your shoulder while I am sleeping, don't think I am dreaming or trying to make a proposition to you." That finally answered all my thoughts and ideas of this Mutton Lady dressed in sheep's clothing. As boring as plane flights might be, this was one that turned out to be very interesting.