10 Jan 2018

Most people start celebrating on the afternoon of Christmas Eve, and I was no exception to the rule. It would be the first Christmas that I would not be alone, since both of my sons are overseas, as I would be celebrating with a a Lady friend Joanne from Gauteng. We were both sitting on the patio sipping on some wine, when Joanne stood up and said she was going to have a nap otherwise she would not see the night through, so off to the bedroom she went, leaving me sipping on my wine and wondering what we could do. Knowing that we had not gone to watch the setting sun, I thought it would be nice to go to the beach and have a picnic while watching the setting sun. Joanne sleeping, and me in the kitchen preparing the snacks to take with us to the beach. I cubed some fruit, took some grapes and some strawberries, to take with the cheese and biscuits, and cold chicken pieces, with a bottle of cold pink champagne, to sit and sip and nibble on, while we watched the sun setting and finally disappear into thin air. With the basket finally packed, Joanne walked through to the kitchen and said, " so what are you up to Billy." Surprised that she was awake already, I said to her, " I have a surprise for you, and showed her the picnic basket which was on the floor." Joanne's eyes widened and she said, " so where are you taking me." Smiling, I said to Joanne, " it's for me to know and you to find out if you can."

Joanne went to put a brush through her hair and put on her sandals, and came back to the kitchen, taking the basket in my one hand and Joanne's hand in my other hand, we went to the car. While driving on the way to my favorite Llandudno beach, Joanne kept running her hand through my hair, and asked where were we going too. I did not say a word, but kept listening to the music and watching Joanne's hair blowing in the wind, which was caused by the opening of the sun roof. It was close to six thirty and the sun was still fairly high in the sky and would not be setting much before eight that evening. Arriving at the beach, which was still fairly well populated with bodies that were catching a tan in the sun. The basket in my hand. and trundling down the steps leading to the beach, I said to Joanne, so off to the rocks we are going to watch the setting sun. Joanne reminded me that we had to be back home by nine thirty to Skype with my son. I replied don't worry, we will be in time to Skype with him. Climbing onto the rocks, and packing out our spread and opening the bottle of pink champagne, I poured a glass for Joanne and myself, and made a wish for a great Christmas to be. Both sitting and watching the setting sun and last few surfers in the water, I started to feed Joanne with strawberries dipped in cream, and she fed me a few grapes in return. Joanne then said she never thought she would be having such a wonderful Christmas Eve. The sun was setting and the snacks were nearing the end, and the tide was rising, and our clothes were been dampened by the spray from the waves hitting into the rocks beneath the two of us. Finally the sun had disappeared and it was time for us to return home to Skype with my son.

On arriving home there was a message from my son to say that we wold only be able to Skype closer to mid night as their flight to California from Seattle had been delayed by an hour. Sitting sipping on the left over champagne and looking at the photos of the setting sun, the time flew by quickly, and soon we were chatting with my son. After chatting for nearly an hour, we wished each other Merry Christmas, and said good bye. Joanne was looking rather weather beaten, and said we should go off to bed, as we had another hectic day tomorrow. Off went our clothes and in all directions, into bed we got. Clasped in each others arms, and it wasn't long before Joanne fell a sleep. Then I fell a sleep as well. It was just past seven thirty when I woke up, looking over at Joanne, and seen she was still a sleep, I slipped out of bed and put on a pair of shorts and went into the Kitchen, to surprise Joanne with breakfast in bed as we had said there would be no gifts for each other, as I had already given her a great gift with the holiday I had arranged for her. Hoping not to wake up Joanne, I went about quietly in the kitchen. The menu was ready, cubed fruit still on the skin dipped in yogurt, a few rashers of bacon, a beef sausage, a ham cheese and mushroom omelette, and topped up with a glass of Champagne and orange juice. All presented on a tray with rose petals strewn on the tray, I entered the bedroom. Joanne was already awake, and was reading through all the messages which had come through on her phone. Very surprised what she was seen, she threw her phone on the floor, and grabbed hold of the tray from me. Still shaken from her reaction, I grabbed Joanne around the neck, and kissed her Merry Christmas again. Both of us back in bed, with a tray of breakfast between the two of us, we began to feed each other, with a gentle kiss in between. The breakfast was now completed and the tray on the floor next to the bed, Joanne grabbed me around the neck and said, " It's my turn to spoil you." Kicking off the duvet, and both of us already naked, Joanne grabbed hold of my cock with her two hands, playing with my cock for a minute or two, then into her mouth went my cock. Sucking on my cock, and biting on my cock every now and then, and me rubbing her pussy with my one hand, causing Joanne to arch her back, and sucking tighter on my cock. The feeling of her tight mouth around my cock was causing me to go wild with desire to just want to fuck Joanne. Joanne suddenly releases my cock from her mouth and pushes my head against the pillows, and jumped up and landed with her pussy on top of my cock, pushing slowly downwards, and my cock slowly entering into her pussy, Joanne starts to fuck me cowgirl style. Me fondling her breasts with my two hands, and running them down her belly, onto her pussy, Joanne is still fucking me, faster and faster she goes, pushing harder and harder down on me, Joanne started to scream and scream, and I started to scream as well, just knowing that I would be shooting my load any second soon.Joanne still screaming, and me ready to shoot my load, Joanne screamed out here is my cream, at that very moment I shot my load as well, with her warm pussy full of her warm pussy juice as well as my warm sticky load of cum, Joanne collapses on top of me, saying, "what a way to spend a Christmas morning in bed with you Billy.