Written by LickSuck69

03 Oct 2016

While watching rugby on Saturday afternoon with friends, suddenly I get a vibration on my leg from my phone. It was from my friend Bella, asking if I would like to come around to night for a drink or two. I phoned back to Bella and said I would be there between 8.30 and 9.00 pm. Bella agreed and replied see you then. At arriving at her home, I pressed the intercom and said it's me, the voice replied, I am opening the gate so come in, reaching the front door I was met by a lady not known to me, she introduced her self as Stella a friend of Bella, dressed in a flimsy shirt like dress, with a single button, just around her belly, she said come through, Bella is just in the Shower she will be with us soon. Stella said, oh so you must be the friend who Bella was telling me about who drove her crazy the other afternoon. Stella then offered me a drink and said what would it be. Seen two half empty glasses of wine on the coffee table in front of me, I said lets make it wine for the evening. Taking the glass from Stella and seat on the three seat sofa, Stella sat opposite me, crossing her legs and sipping on her glass of wine, Bella enters the lounge, dressed even more sexily than the other day when we met, her dress was almost see through, grabbed me round the neck and started kissing me passionately. Then she said I did not expect to see you soon again.

Looking perplexed at Bella and Stella looking sheepishly at me, just about to say to Bella you were the one who SMS. me first, Stella said I sent you the SMS.from Bella's phone, because I wanted to see who this great friend is who drove Bella to Heaven and back the other afternoon. We all chatted, laughed, sipped wine, Bella started getting all over me again, kissing, cuddling, grabbing my crotch and squeezing, Stella kept uncrossing her legs and flashing her lovely pierced pussy at me. Thoughts rapidly went through my head where will this all end. Suddenly Bella yelled Stella you can't just leave him all to me, come join in. Stella jumped off the chair and join us on the couch, getting into my hair, kissing me all over, grabbing my crotch and say this is mine. I started fondling their breast and nipples with my fingers causing them to start moaning, leading me to start playing with their neat tight pussy's, Stella's was new to me, with three neat piercings, causing her to scream every time my fingers nibbled on them......... Next Bella's and Stella's dresses went flying across the room, and they both pulled my clothes , leaving me totally nude and ready to be ravaged by them, we all ended up on the floor. Stella grabbed my cock in her hands, moving her tongue up and down the shaft, before forcing my cock in her mouth never to let go again. Bella knowing what drove her crazy the other afternoon, she sat on my head, with her very horny moist pussy, just waiting to be licked, sucked and tongue fucked again, two licks, two sucks and one tip of my tongue between her lips, lead to a fantastic scream and orgasmic squirt all over my face, driving Stella wild with desire to be fucked by me, jumping to the squat position to have her very horny tight moist pussy to be tickled by the head of my cock, before forcing it between her lips and completely up her pussy. Stella starts fucking me like crazy, feeling her pussy tightening around my cock and all the warm juice from her orgasms. They clasp their bodies rubbing their breast together and say lets have a sip of wine, sipping wine slowly, they each start playing with my cock, then Bella starts sucking my cock vigorously and Stella starts rubbing her fingers through my hair and kissing my ears, suddenly saying would you like to lick and suck my pussy please, just smiling at her, Stella gets up and sits on my face, with her pussy right on my lips, with my tongue between her lips Stella starts to orgasm and squirt all over me and Bella with the best Blowjob you could wish for, drove my cock to go wild and ready to cream all over Bella's face and scream for some more. We all fell a sleep on the floor, with Bella waking me up at three and said lets go to bed and dream about our Saturday night in heaven.