Written by LickSuck69.

29 Sep 2016

After completing my shopping yesterday at Century City, taking the elevator to the roof parking, standing in front of me, a lady dressed in black, with long blonde hair, just reminded me of a friend of mine Bella. Getting off the elevator and joining the queue to pay for the parking, she stood in the queue next to me. She looked at me and smiled, having paid for our parking, she said to me, I know you, looking a little bemused , she said her name was Bella and she lived next door to me and my wife in LakeSide, then she move to Edgemead, then everything came back to me, and I said I always wondered what happened to you, because you were our first true friend once we came to Cape Town. Bella asked me how I was doing and if we could go for coffee, I said that would be great to catch up with all the old news. Walking to our cars, she said she knew of a quaint coffee shop in Edgemead, I said that's fine with me. Bella said there is my car, I noticed her car was parked right next to mine, so I said right next to mine, so I said I will follow her to the coffee shop in Edgemead, so we left. Every time we stop, I noticed she was looking at me in her review mirror, which made me very horny. Arriving at the shopping centre, we parked our cars, Bella came over to me and asked if I would rather come over to her home for coffee, which was just down the road, feeling really horny by now I said that would be great. So off we went again, arrived at her home parked our cars in the street.

On entering the house Bella just grabbed and hugged me, starting kissing me, whispering in my ear, you know how wet you made me, while I was peeping at you in the review mirror, I answered you drove me crazy. Squeezing each others body tighter, I could feel her legs quiver and her breast getting more perky, and her tongue getting more wild in my mouth and driving me crazy. Suddenly Bella stopped, and said, this was not what I brought you here for, so will we change the coffee for whisky, I answered whisky please, as I knew whisky would make me frisky and what then. One became two, two became three, and suddenly we were back into each others clutches again, kissing, cuddling, groping and driving each other crazy, the shirts and blouses went flying, licking, sucking each others nipples and me squeezing her breast, she grabbed my crotch and squeezed, I swept my hand between her legs and felt you have no panties on I scream, Bella scream they went flying on the the way home. The skirt went flying, she stood totally naked in front of me. Thinking " Wow what a beautiful Tight Pussy", no second invite was needed, falling to my knees I grabbed her around her buttock and pulled her closer to me. Started lick and sucking on her very moist and humped pussy, pushing the tip of my tongue between her lips and feeling the warmth of her tight pussy, I started tongue fucking Bella, slowly I could feel lips closing, then her thighs on my head, know what was coming, Bella screams and let a gush of squirt all over me. Bella pushes me to the floor, unzips me, shouting no underwear, yes makes it easier for you, pulls out my rock hard cock and straight away puts her mouth in the direction of my cock, starts running her tongue down the length of the shaft and back again, over the head, in her mouth and down her throat, causing her eyes to tear. This carried on for what seemed like an eternity, suddenly Bella loosens the rest of my trousers, pulls them off and sends them flying, jumps on top of me, , sitting with her pussy on the head of my cock, forcing my cock deeper into her pussy until it's completely in, Bella starts fucking me as if there was no tomorrow, screaming, gushing squirt all over me, jumping off my cock, she sits on my face and says here's your cum lick me clean. After licking all the cum off her moist pussy and causing her to orgasm again, we role over on the floor, lying on our backs, Bella says lets have a rest before we start again. Playing with her pussy and her with my cock, we start talking about how we had each fantasied about wanting to be with each other, but the opportunity never arose, both been single now we will make up for lost time. Got off the floor, went to shower, collected our clothes from all over the floor, we got dressed, exchange phone numbers, hugged, kissed, said hope to see you soon, we parted ways. Will share the next meeting with the lucky readers.