06 Feb 2018

This was an article from my younger days, just after I left school.

I had decided it would be great to go do some shopping at Cavendish Square. On entering the Center from the steps from the street, the Center was full of patrons, just like ants going in all directions, into shops, out of shops, and just dodging each other from having a collision. The elevators and the escalators were full to the brim, patrons just pushing past hoping to get to their destination a few seconds earlier than the person they had just shoved out of the way. Finally it was my turn to take my place on the escalator, looking straight ahead at the floor above, and wondering if I would be so lucky to get what I was looking for. Tap tap on my shoulder, but thinking it was just someone bumping into me, so I did not look around to see who it was, that was taping on my shoulder. On taking a few steps of the escalator, the tap tap happened again, only to be greeted by a rude voice, so you avoiding me again. Looking around, I noticed it was a lady with the name of Wendy, whom I had met at a lady friend of mine. She was old enough to be my mother, rather than a girlfriend of mine. Wendy then said again, "so you are just avoiding me, or are you just to embarrassed to greet me, in case someone might think you are my Toyboy." Just to prove her wrong I grabbed Wendy around the neck and gave her a huge kiss. Little did I know that was what she wanted from me, and grabbed me around my neck, and responded by giving me a great kiss as well, with both of us clutched in each others arms, we carried on kissing for a few seconds more, which seemed like eternity to me. After been released by Wendy's vice like grip, we carried on our way.

Wendy had completed her shopping, and me still to do mine, Wendy said she would help me with mine, to buy a few shirts and a new pair of jeans. Walking into the store Wendy walked right over to the Shirts and picked out a few for me. They were my kind of shirts, very tight fit, to show off my chest and the biceps, which really turned Wendy on. With my shirts and two pairs of jeans, off to the fitting room I went, with Wendy following in close pursuit. Got my disc from the fitting room attendant,in I went, the curtain closed and me standing in the nude, as I never wear any underwear, thinking should I try the jeans on first or the shirts, only to be surprised by the figure of Wendy, who had burst into the fitting room. Wendy looked more surprised than me, said, "Billy what are you doing to me." Wendy grabbed hold of my balls with her hands, with her hands cupped around my balls, she gave them a great squeeze, not wanting to draw any attention, I just had to bare the pain, hoping she would let them go in a second or two. Little to my surprise, she kept on squeezing and said, " this will teach you a lesson from avoiding me. The fitting completed, we made our way to the cash register, Wendy carrying the shirts and the jeans, said this is a gift from me. Our shopping completed we left the store, with me carrying all the parcels, her as well as mine.

Wendy lead us over to a coffee shop that was just next to the escalator, and said, "this will be on me as well," we took up the seats at a table for two, very much in the view of the public, but with both our hormones taking over, I said, "to hell with what people think or say, as it was obvious we were not mother and son. Sipping on our coffee and nibbling on our snacks, Wendy just kept playing with my hair, rubbing her fingers through my long blonde hair, and rubbing her leg against mine. The time just seemed to fly by, it was just about four in the afternoon. Our coffees were finally empty, we decided it was time to return home, Wendy living just two blocks from me, it would be easy to carry her parcels home for her. On reaching the exit from the Center, we were met with a deluge of rain from the sky, and not a single umbrella between the two of us. Wendy said, "lets run down the street in the rain, like two naughty children." Running in the rain it was not to long and we were both drenched to the skin. Wendy's dress was clinging to her body, her boobs looking even bigger than normal and her nipple pointing straight a head like two bullets, and her dress clinging on to the mound of her pussy. Both looking like drown rats, we arrived at Wendy's apartment block, Wendy looked at me and said, " you will have to come and dry your clothes before you go home. Both of us, dripping wet, and a puddle of water around our feet in the elevator, looking more like we had made a pee, the elevator stopped on the third floor. We both walked over to the entrance to Wendy's apartment, on entering, dropping the parcels to the floor, Wendy ripped off our wet clothes, rubbing down our bodies with a towel. Both of us standing in the nude, Wendy pulled me over to the bed room, first giving me a great French Kiss, and not letting go, her hand wondered down to my crotch area, touching on my cock every now and then, finally squeezing my balls again with one hand, and pulling my body tighter and tighter against hers, making sure I could hardly move, not that I wanted too. Both our bodies tight against each other and the feeling of the heat given off by our bodies, my cock started to get erect, and Wendy opening her legs, and me pushing my cock between her legs, Wendy started to release my body slightly, so she could rub her pussy against my cock. Getting more and more erect, it wasn't long before Wendy pushed me onto the bed, leaning over and started to suck on my cock, her sucking on my cock, and me playing with her pussy, rubbing my finger up and down her pussy lips, and rubbing her clitoris with my fingers, causing Wendy to start to scream. It wasn't long before I had Wendy lying on her back on the bed, licking on her pussy, licking harder on her pussy with my tongue, my tongue, getting longer and longer out of my mouth and forcing it deeper and deeper inside her pussy, causing Wendy to arch her back more and more, lifting her butt of the bed, and pushing my face more into her pussy. Wendy moaning louder and louder and her body getting more and more tense, I could sense if would not be long before my face would be drenched again, except that it would be with her squirt and not the rain this time round. Both of us really enjoying the fun, and her getting more and more louder with her screaming, and her squirting all over my face, what a great taste it was, nice and salty. The edge of the bed nice and wet, Wendy moved towards the center of the bed, pulling me with her, sucking on my cock and biting on it as well, I opened her legs, pushing them more and more apart, and the fantastic sight of her pussy and her brown eye, and in went my rock hard cock into her pussy, fucking her harder and harder and me thrusting my cock deeper and deeper into her pussy, causing Wendy to scream again, screaming and screaming while I am fucking her, Wendy then pleaded with me to do anal with her. Releasing my cock from her warm moist pussy, I push my rock hard cock against her brown eye, slowly but surely my cock enters, finally it is in, fucking her slowly, as I could feel it was a tight fit, and I did not want to cause Wendy too much pain, as she said it was the first time she was having anal sex. After fucking for a while, and causing Wendy to scream some more and me ready to shoot my load, Wendy rolled me over and started to suck on my cock again as she wanted me to shoot my load in her mouth so she could swallow every single drop, with every drop in her mouth, Wendy sucks on my cock again, to make sure my cock would also be clean, with the taste of my cum in her mouth and the taste of her squirt on my lips, we both lie on our backs, Licking our lips, and thinking what a great afternoon we had, had. Wendy then said, " Billy I hope I don't have to pull you off the escalator before you fuck me again.