22 Oct 2018

Most readers would of had a holiday that they would never forget. A Boat Cruise, A Trip To The South Sea Islands, or what ever it may be. This is mine for all the wrong reasons.

Christmas had cum ( sorry for the wrong Spelling.) It was two days since the joy of all the nice food, and we were off to Durban, My parents and I. They thought they would give me a great treat instead of going to our holiday home in Uvongo as we had always done for years, as this would be the last holiday between the three of us for years to come. As I would be leaving school at the end of the year.

We had been traveling in the the motor vehicle for many an hour, and I was getting very irritable, as I was wondering how was it going to be with no friends of mine to spend the days and nights, for the next ten days , except with my parents, who mustn't think they were going to control me.

Finally we entered Durban from the city end, up West Street we went in the direction of the sea. From West Street we went into Smith street. Passing the Lonsdale Hotel, which was a land mark for me, as we had stayed there once before, when we went on a sports tour. Knowing that will be one of my hang out places in the evening. Into Gillespie Street we went, luckily we got a parking right outside our hotel, " The Four Seasons ", out the car we got and into the hotel we went to book in. While milling around in the foyer and my dad busy with the booking in, a porter approached us and said, " Any luggage to help you with, " my dad turned around and said, " Billy here is the key and bring the luggage in." On returning with the luggage on a trolley, and the booking in completed, my dad handed me a room key, which was 503. Into the elevator we got, and it stopped on the third floor and out got my parents, while still traveling to the fifth floor, I thought just like them, my mom was scared that I would see her in the nude, which I has seen many times before....No no went the thought threw my head, my dad must of thought no sex for the week, which would be impossible for both of them, as I had heard many a scream coming from their bedroom back home, yes at least four to five nights a week. Finally the elevator came to a halt on the fifth floor and the porter helped me with my luggage to my room, on entering I saw the view was nothing fantastic, but onto the building on the opposite side of the street. My clothes neatly packed away in the cupboard, I flopped onto my bed to energize my body for the evening.

I was awaken with a knock on the door, it was the maid coming to remove the bedspread and see the room was ready for the evening. I went over to the window to observe the view again, it was nothing like I was use to, where our holiday home over looked the sea. There were two grubby looking two story buildings, with their names painted on the wall. The one was " The Sleepy Hollow " Holiday Accommodation, Daily Rates, Weekly Rates or Monthly Rates. All the rooms windows looked in our direction, which I was sure would be having a few surprises for me. Off to the shower I went. After showering for close to half an hour, and all rejuvenated for my first night on the town, I got dressed to join my parents for our first evening dinner. While looking at the menu in walked a couple that looked more like brother and sister and sat at the table next to ours, the lady smiled and greeted me, which I politely returned the complement to her. The first course orders in the kitchen and me sipping on my beer, in walked a lady dressed in a short black mini dress and shouted out, " Hello Everyone, " and walked in the direction of our table and took a seat at the table behind my mom. My mom looked at her and said, " Typical, Mutton dressed as Lamb." Knowing all to well what my mom meant, I burst out laughing, and my dad said to my mom, " That is very mean of you," which my mom replied, " Do you Fancy Her. " We all burst out laughing, not knowing what the future had install for us a family. Dinner now completed, my parents went their way and I went over to The Lonsdale Hotel to see Gary and Spider to well known entertainers from Durban. While listening to the music and watching their comedy show, in walked the couple who I had met in the dinning room earlier that evening, they joined me at my table, chatting and sipping on our drinks, I noticed the guy got annoyed every time she spoke and looked at me. Jealousy is something I did not need, so I was reluctant to get very friendly with them. The night had flown by very quickly, and Gary and Spider were singing their last song for the evening, and off I went, walking along the street back to the hotel as it was way past midnight, and my bed was calling me.

On entering the hotel who was waiting for the elevator, it was the couple from The Lonsdale Hotel, we all got into elevator, and I introduced myself to them, Billy, they were Ronnie and Robyn. The elevator stopped and we all got out, and unfortunately we stayed in rooms opposite each other. They entered their room and I entered my room, walked over to the window, guess what, I was surprised by, my own porn moving, a couple were having sex in Sleepy Hollow opposite the street, which made me even more horny than what I already was. Finally I climbed into bed and fell a sleep. The days passed by, by going to the beach and letting my body absorb all the rays from the sun, and of course watching all the sexy scanty clad ladies parading along the sand on the beach. A couple of days had gone by, and I met a few new friends as well, and we had spent a few evenings exploring a few night spots, one been the notorious "Smugglers Inn." , which was an real eye opener to me, been approached by " A Lady Of The Night." Paying for sex was just not me, so I left and never made another visit to the inn.

It was just about New Year, it was only a few hours left and everybody was milling around the beach front waiting for the the clock to chime twelve and bring in the new year. Everybody was jovial and hugging and kissing each other, when suddenly my eye caught the lady who my mom had said, " Mutton Dressed as Lamb," hanging all over a sailor in uniform, and she noticed me as well. As the clock Struck twelve she walked over to me and grabbed me around my neck and gave me a real wet slobby kiss and wished me happy New Year, and walked back to her sailor friend. The new Year in and all the people still very happy, off to the hotel I went, staggering along the street feeling rather tipsy, finally I found my way to the hotel and my room. Collapsed on the bed I did not know when I fell a sleep, only to be woken up by Ronnie and Robyn to be wished a Happy New Year , and a greeting as they will be heading back home.

New Year had come and gone and so had most of the guests in the hotel as well, but we still had a few days before we were going to head back home. I was a quiet evening and I was sitting sipping on my beer and watching people walking past the hotel, and thinking, will I leave Durban without having a fuck, which I was hoping to have since I had a room all to myself. It was close to midnight and I was ready for bed, but still had a beer to finished, when a yellow cab stopped outside the hotel, out got the lady who had given me a slobby new year kiss. Looking at her, and her stumbling up the stairs, she walked in my direction and greeted me. Taking a seat at my table, we carried on drinking, we had another two or three drinks. Looking at me, she said, " Bad me, I did not tell you my name, call me, Naughty Candy." Our glasses are empty, Candy got up and said, Billy will you help me to my room. Obliging we both walked over to the elevator, we entered the elevator, and funny enough we both had a room on the same floor, her room 501 and me 503, but had never met each other before this evening. I unlocked my door, but she did not let go of me, she said, no you going to put me to bed, not sure if she was really intoxicated or was she just was putting on, so off to her room we went.I unlocked the door, and she rushed to the bathroom, and I walked over to the window. Me standing at the window watching the porn movie over the street, and the sound of Candy peeing. Candy finished peeing, walked out the bathroom and shouted out, " Is Xavier busy again....It was silent....Candy said, " Don't you know who Xavier is? " Yes yes I shouted, then Candy put her arms around my chest while she was standing behind me, whispering, "Wouldn't you like that to be me and you. Candy flopped on the bed, with her head deep in the pillows. I turned around, and there was Candy, almost totally nude, just with her skimpy thong which hardly covered her clean shaven pussy. Candy pulled off her thong and said, " Don't you want to eat on the midnight snack that I have for you." Candy rubbing on her sexy pussy with her fingers and licking them clean was making me extremely horny. Off went my shirt, then my jeans, now standing totally naked in front of Candy. I collapsed between Candy's legs just staring at her pussy. Thinking is this my lucky day....

Candy pushed my face tight against her now very moist pussy and said, "All yours Bill." I started to rub my chin up and down her pussy causing Candy to fondle with her breasts, slowly starting to moan as well.From my chin against her pussy, I slowly started to lick on her clit with my tongue, from her clit right down the lips of her pussy, causing Candy to arch her back, squeezing her breasts with her hands and screaming more and more, "you are driving me crazy Billy." While all the muff diving was going on, and my cock getting more and more erect, Candy started to rub my cock with her foot, and making my cock to start dripping, Candy said, "No Billy, don't cum yet, I need all your cum all over my body." The tasty taste of Candy's pussy juice, driving me more wild I started to suck on Candy's pussy, sucking tighter and tighter on her pussy, was driving Candy more and more wild, and Candy squeezing my rock hard cock with her two feet. Suddenly Candy rolled me over and started to suck on my cock, begging me to mouth fuck her, deeper and deeper in her mouth goes my cock, and me pushing her head tight against her body, Candy pushes my body away from against her face and out slipped my cock from her mouth.Candy started to masturbate my cock, and finally I could not hold back any more and shot my load of cum all over her body. With warm sticky cum all over her face and breasts, Candy collapsed on her back on the bed. Rubbing the cum all over her face and nipples, Candy slowly lick her fingers clean, me finger fucking Candy, Candy then looked at me and said, " Billy, I am still going to fuck you silly before you leave my room.

The cum all cleaned off her face, and my cock still rock hard, Candy climbed on top of me, pushing her pussy hard down on my cock, Candy started to fuck me cowgirl style, the harder Candy fucked me the more I was enjoying the fucking, as I had never been fucked cowgirl style or by an older lady. I could feel Candy's warm pussy juice flowing around the shaft of my cock.There was no stopping Candy, and once again I shot my load of cum, only this time deep into her pussy.Feeling my warm sticky cum in her pussy, Candy said, " Now this was what I wanted from the first time I set eyes on you Billy. Picking up my clothes I trodled down the passage to my room. It was the next morning and all I could think of was the previous night, when Candy entered the dinning room for breakfast, as she walked past me, and greeted, " Hello Billy, did you enjoy your evening." My parents looked and said, " What was that all about Billy." Having to think quickly, I said, No we just met at The Lonsdale Hotel last night, at the Gary and Spider show. My dad shook his head as not to believe me..........