08 Feb 2018

As you have your mouth around my dick, you do not hear the footsteps behind you as a man, 6 feet tall, and broad with muscle, dark hair on his chest and stubble on his face walks towards you. His dick is in his right hand as he wanks himself hard.

As he comes closer, he stands behind you, with you bent over the chair. You are still unaware of the eight inches of pure meet that are about to be thrust deep inside your pussy that is already wet with pure sex juices. He nods at me to indicate that now is the time when I should hold on to your head to stop you from forgetting the job at hand.

Without a word, his grip on his shafts shifts to one at the base so that he can direct his solid cock deep inside you. You whimper and try to turn, the surprise is clear in your whimper. This is a big dick, far bigger than I. His hands are on your hips and he is thrusting deep inside, mirroring the rhythm of you on my dick.

Your intrigue is tearing at you and I realise you from your torment, you turn to see this stud for the first time. He is strong in physique and presence. He withdraws his dick and you turn over, desperate to see him fuck you. You lay on the bed, rubbing your clit and opening your legs, urging him to enter once more. Instead he stands astride you and wanks once more.

His dick should really take both of your hands and you pull yourself up. You grab hold and lick the head of this dick. The veins are clear on the shaft and you realise that they themselves will provide additional stimulation to your pussy let alone the additional length. This is the first time you have touched this stranger and you are sucking his dick. Fuck it is hard and long. He places his hands on the back of your head and forces your mouth to accept more dick. Your reflex forces you to gag on the dick put he still pushes. This man does not care for you, he is just going to fuck you.

You are going to be abused, you know it, you are going to be forced to do things against your will and it is just starting now. The romance immediately vanishes but in its place is a raw passion and this makes your pussy drip with cum. Have you forgotten me so quickly? I knew you wanted dick but, hey baby, I'm still here, I am having to watch you relish the dick of another man.

Can I blame you, not really, will I blame you, never. You knew nothing of what was to happen, I knew it to be your fantasy and I wanted to make it happen for you. My fantasy is that you relish my dick as much as you do his. My feelings are in turmoil but they are my issues, not yours, not whilst you are being fucked so masterfully.

You change your grip and you now almost use his dick like an ice-cream, running your tongue from the shaft to the head, you are effectively licking the melted ice-cream. Your eyes open and you still cannot believe what is happening nor what stands before you. It is clear that this guy is in his late thirties and a keen gym going. His abs and chest clearly defined though covered with dark hair. His pubes, though trimmed, are thick and scratch at you face as your head flirts with his shaft and balls.

You wrap your spare arm around his legs, his thighs solid, his arse firm as your nails dig in. He makes his displeasure at the pain inflicted felt immediately by grabbing your hand firmly, so much so that it makes you draw breath. His hand on your head, he pushes you back to the bed.

Laying down once more, he stands astride your chest. He kneels across your chest and forces your sensitive breasts together. Hoping that he is going to massage them, he simply forces his dick into the crevice. This guy is paying you no attention at all. "Touch me", you cry in your head, "touch me". He does not. This guy is already in the place where we go when focussing on our own pleasure. He, with one hand grasping the perfect breasts that adorn your chest which he is now fucking, uses his other hand to caress his own body.

Your hands rise, though stop half way, you are unsure, Should you touch him, is that to betray me? You move your hands yet closer and yet you still dare not touch his chest. You are so close now you can feel the hair brushing your hands. You surrender to the urge that you have and he allows your hands to replace his. Firm to touch you close your eyes.

In a way it reminds you of me but the dick rubbing itself against you simply identifies this guy as a stranger. You savour the moment. I am simply left to stand and watch. You suddenly realise that you have not felt me touch you. Where am I? Your eyes open and you head turns from side to side. I am not on your right and then you see me standing at your left, to the side of the bed. My dick in hand, I am now left to wank.

You know not whether to smile -- would that be disloyal, would it show your appreciation of me fulfilling your fantasy, would it rub salt in the wound that you know that, no matter what I say, I now feel. You smile, it is all you can do, this is your fantasy, why would you not, that would appear ungrateful.

You know that in a way this is my fantasy. I have always wanted you to feel satisfied. To get hold of a dick and know that it is going to fuck you, for someone to forget of their care for you and to throw you around and fuck you. As much as I try, I know that I would struggle with that as no matter what was happening, deep down there is that solid lump in my soul that says that I love you and that I should not hurt you, that I should respect you, that I should please you before myself -- that is what I am doing now. You realise that and now you feel gratitude.

I move from your sight and you feel my weight at the end of the bed. You know that normally I would drag you down the bed, your lips to meet mine, my tongue to delve inside of you, to court your clit but this time I cannot. There is a stranger fucking the tits of the girl I love. The most gorgeous girl in the world, the one that I would do anything for is having her tits fucked by a stranger.

My arms go underneath your thighs and wrap around your legs. My hands reach for you pussy lips and they part them. Exposing your clit and pussy, you can feel my breath on the moistness that is now glistening in the soft candlelight. My tongue at first starts to dart from left to right just below your clit.

You are now not sure what to focus on. Should you be looking at this stranger or should you be thinking of me. The emotion in you is confused. You battle between guilt and pleasure. You then remember that I am at your clit. You know that I crave to be able to taste the very essence that is you during our personal time together. It comforts you, the first time you have felt such an emotion from me licking at your pussy. Normally it makes you feel that you want me to just get on and fuck you but you realise that you are in no position to dictate what is happening. The guy astride you must weigh 14 stone and it seems pure muscle, most of it surely cock, he is not going anywhere in a hurry.

I push deeper into you, my stubble scratching at you. You notice that we both have stubble. The penny drops for you. I have found someone that is similar to me, who is what I would like to be for you, tall, dark, mysterious, muscular and wielding an impressive cock. This is partly my fantasy too you realise as you know that when I watch, I am putting myself in his place. I have to disengage from the emotion of it which you know I will find hard, I wear my heart on my sleeve and you know that part of it is bruised but that is me beating myself up, not something that you or he has done.

You know that I will want you to enjoy this time, however long he lasts. Whilst in thought he releases his grip from you and moves further up the bed. He wants you to blow him once more. Grabbing your hair, it hurts as he lifts your head to meet his dick. "My lover would not do that, he would not willingly forget any thought of my care". You know that but then you remember that this is not me, this is your fantasy. With his dick in his right hand, he makes no effort now to support your head. This guy is just out for a fuck you realise once more.

You have to scrabble behind for a pillow. Before you are comfortable he is rubbing his dick along your face. His balls at your chin and then you mouth. You open for one to enter and nibble. He takes his dick and pulls away to force it into you mouth. It is uncomfortable, pushing at the roof of you mouth. You try and pull away but where can you go. You have to lie that and take it like a real dirty bitch.

I am still at your pussy but I am now eager to see what is happening. I resume my position to the side of you and gently wank, just enough to ensure that I stay hard. It is only now that you realise that the gym is paying dividends for me too and consequently you. Had you notice the lean torso in such a light before, you think not. As I walk closer to you both, he dismounts and you breath a sigh of relief. We now stand now side by side, the similarities are now clear in our physique with the exception of the most valued part of this sordid event, our dicks. He is a clear two inches longer than I and two inches to you makes all of the difference.

With his dick in his hand, gently wanking himself to maintain the selfish sensation he walks to the other side of the bed. What do you do now? You can only look at one of us at a time and we are both walking closer to the bed. We make eye contact and lock focus on each other. In your eyes I can see you asking so many questions; am I enjoying this as much as you? Will I let you relax and enjoy it? Will you allow yourself to relax and enjoy his dick which is obviously desperate to fuck you? Should you feel guilty for wanting him to fuck you over me? I smile and you realise that I am telling you that it is okay, this is your fuck, you have to forget the love that I have for you for these few moments as you know that if you keep them to mind then all you could think of is betrayal for to enjoy would be to betray would it not?

As our thighs meet the bed, it is clear that one of us is going to fuck you and the other you will blow. Who will you allow to enjoy your pussy? Who do you want to fuck you? You have had his dick in your mouth and your pussy now and you do not know exactly what is going to happen. In a moment you have made your choice. You are giving yourself to him and his dick, he shall enjoy your pleasure, not I. Do not fret, I want you to enjoy it.

You change position on the bed and as you do he grabs your legs and pulls you closer to him. Your knees are now astride his legs. You expected me to be able to rub my dick on your face but your head is practically in the middle of the bed. With his hands under your knees he pushes your legs back to your chest. You pussy and ass are now exposed to his dick, you can feel the head glancing your arse cheeks. Is he going to fuck your arse? You're not sure, you don't know him, what will he do? Have I already briefed him as to what you like? Would he respect that? Who knows, only this stranger, this stranger who is fucking you and fuck, are you wet for his dick. You can't remember ever being this wet. With your knees on you chest now, he is pushing them down quite firmly which serves to open your pussy a little. You look with anticipation at his face. He makes no eye contact. He holds his dick in his hand and pushes it deep inside you, slowly. You almost forget to breath as he pushes further. I cannot fuck you as deeply but this is almost painful and a pain that is not pleasurable.

His rhythm is increasing now and you are relaxing further. The pain is diminishing and the pleasure is increasing. Without warning he turns you legs to the side and you have to follow, lying on your side. You remember in an instant that this is how I describe fucking you. He rests both his hands on you hip, using it to increase his purchase. Still he thrusts and you now that I will be envious, not just that he is fucking you but that he is fucking you the way that I want to, not just the position but he hasn't the issue that I have. You realise now that I have arranged this. That will mean that I too shall fuck you as you want and deserve to be fucked. We use the word fuck but you and I both know that when we fuck it is actually an act of making love, that is why we enjoy it so much.

I climb onto the bed and come along side you. Looking down at you we again make eye contact though your eyes keep flitting between my face and the guy that is currently fucking you. He has his eyes closed then momentarily opens them to watch his dick enter you. He is obviously getting off on it and his breathing is becoming deeper. His chest is now heaving and you are not sure but you are thinking that he is getting ready to cum. You know he's not wearing anything, it is purely his dick that is in your pussy, you can almost feel the veins that were standing proud that you noticed with intent earlier. Knowing that just brings you off even more. You doubt that you will last too much longer.

Without warning he raises one of you legs and places it almost to his shoulder. He straddles your other leg and you feel your legs splitting. You remember again that this is how I want to fuck you. You remember me beside you, I nibble the nape of your neck but this time it feels almost out of place for us both. How can I touch you as gently or with the intent that I do normally when there is a stranger fucking you. It hardly seems right. It is as though I too have to forget all that I feel, that immense well from which pours such feelings of love. I pull away and though you want me close, you respect the change in the situation for us both. I love you Baby, I really do.

I then do something that surprises you. I place my dick by your mouth and lean forward to lick your clit, the clit that is just an inch away from another man's dick which is at that moment sliding in and out. It takes me all my resolve not to ask him to leave but instead I remain focussed on your clit and you on my dick. My tongue darts across and you are struggling to contain yourself. You are starting to orgasm but this guy, this stranger, has no intention of responding to your pleasure. That turns you on all the more. I pull away from your clit, realising that it is now too sensitive to continue. Your leg on his chest starts to cramp and you feel every inch of his dick pushing against the side of your pussy. His balls bang against the cheek of your ass and he immediately pushes your leg back down. Pulling out of you he quickly directs you to bend over -- he has remembered how you like it. You remember our conversations where I ask you to put you ass high in the air, you knees below your waist. He straddles you, his thighs outside yours and he pushes his dick inside your pussy. Using his hands he pulls your cheeks apart and pulls your hips against him. You come time and time again, your legs are quivering and his pace slows. He withdraws and you collapse on to the bed. Rolling over we both stand close to you. With our dicks in hand, we start to wank. You can hardly move such is the power of the orgasm and you can not defend yourself from the shower of cum that you know is to ensue.

You can see our hands tighten their grip as we close in on your breasts, your fabulous breasts that this stranger is about to soil. We are on each side of you. You look up and all you can focus on are the two dicks that are now wanking over you. You are surprised that he comes first, his head thrown back, his back arched and he comes. His cum, warm, silky and pure white flows freely. In a second more I cum, torrents of pure cum flying over your chest. Whilst I cum and before you have chance to say anything, this stranger is already making his exit. I remain beside you my hands falling to your chest and rubbing these two oceans of cum into your chest. I collapse on top of you. We lay silently as the door closes, the stranger evidently gone.