21 Mar 2019

So at 18 I found my guy. Well so I thought. Let's describe me first so you'll have an idea, I'm not very tall and I'm not very short either, for my age I've already a body of a matured young woman so my guy thought I'm super EXPERIENCED. Our first night together my heart was beating out of my ass as he is kissing me and undressing me like I'm one of he's casual flings I stopped him immediately and grabbed he's hand, I put he's hand to my chest so he could feel my heartbeat and I explained to him that I haven't done this before. He looked at me in amazement and asked me if I'm being 'foreal' I said yes what the fuck? My pink rosy cheeks all flushed and embarrassed I thought he would ditch me but he grabbed me so tightly and pulled my neck back I swear I've never been kissed so good in my entire life. Now keep in mind I'm 18 my dumb ass is already falling head over heels ? I all of a sudden just started getting these electric shocks rushing through my body all the way to my already wet vagina I was so overwhelmed. Now stay with me guys, God has blessed me with a wonderfully round squishy butt and he loved it, it made me love me? He loved my curves he appreciated all of me. Little did I know he'd be the reason why I started hating myself and having. Pointless. Hookups.

Till next time xx