15 Nov 2017

So my girlfriend tolerates my crosssreasing, but does not approve and certainly does not help me with it in any way. It was during a drunken argument that she said to me " get a life!#" I woke the next morning with those words playing in my head and could not get rid of them. The following week I was on leave whilst the GF still had to work.On the Wednesday morning, after seeing the GF of to work, I had a nice relaxing bath, making sure I was smooth shaved all over. Feeling very feminine after the bath, I put on a sexy little G String with a matching bra and a baggy tracksuit, so that it was not apparent that I was wearing a bra. I then drove to a local glory hole. I walked in with my heart pounding in my chest,paid my entry fee and went through to the back, unzipping my tracksuit top just enough so that it was now obvious to anyone looking that I was wearing a bra. Chose my cubicle, locked myself in, took off my track suit so I was on in my bra and panty, got down on my knees in front of the hole in the wall and waited. I did not have long to wait before a hard cock appeared and I realised I was about to take a big step in my life and that possibly there would be no going back. I was horny as fuck, not in a normal swollen way, but my cockette was hard. I needed to taste that cock,feel it in my mouth and I did and I loved it. I was just getting into my stride when the guy really started to thrust into my mouth, face fucking me and from the way his cock was throbbing, I knew that I was about to get my first taste of cum. As the first spurt hit the roof of my mouth, my cockette exploded, not a normal spurty orgasm, rather a ooze that soaked my panty. I swallowed his whole load and it tasted so good,I knew immediately that I had to have more. The guy quickly cleaned himself up, zipped up and left. I remained on my knees waiting for my next cock and it wasn't long before you came into the cubicle next door. I felt quite slutty as I was eagerly anticipating my next cock. You stuck your cock through for me to pleasure and I was momentarily taken aback. Taken aback by the length of it, the girth of it, the blackness of it, the sheer beauty of it. I had to have it!!! OMG it was huge, I could barely wrap my lips around it but I tried, OMG did I try! I felt like a little slut, on my knees sucking a huge black cock and I loved it. I knew in that instant that my life had changed forever. "I want you to fuck me" I whispered to you through t hole in the wall. You replied" lets move to a bigger cubicle"

I told you " not here, I want my first time to be special" . We got dressed, left together and went back to my place. During the drive home, I was happy to note that the body attached to that magnificent cock was just as appealing in every way. When we got to my place, I gave you a beer and excused myself to change and do my makeup, I needed to look good for you. When I returned to the lounge, I was wearing a short skirt,sexy low cut top, makeup done, high heels and of course my favorite perfume. I sat next to you on the sofa, I was nervous, having never done anything like this before. You were calm and took control of the situation and it wasn't long before I was in your strong arms and we were kissing. I felt your groin and could feel your cock growing in your trousers and I just had to unzip you, to see and taste your manhood again. It wasn't long and I was on my knees between your legs, happily slurping away at your cock, getting hornier by the second. I needed to be fucked so I led you through to the spare bedroom, removing your shirt on the way. When we got to the bedroom, I went down on my knees,helping you remove your shoes,socks, trousers and boxers so that you were stood before me in all your magnificent naked glory. You lifted me up, almost throwing me onto the bed and you lifted my skirt, ripped off my panties, our need now urgent!! You lifted my legs, bending me almost double, the tip of your cock nudging at my entrance, until the head popped in. I came!! I begged you to go slow, and you did, gaining an inch at a time until I was completely impaled on you. I was in heaven, my love hole stretched out, I felt so full and was loving it. Once you were fully embedded in me , you slowly started pulling out and I whimpered at the sense of loss I was feeling, only to feel the joy of you filling me up again. It didn't take long for me to adjust to your size and soon you were pounding me good and hard and I was loving it, my first feminine orgasm building. You pulled out of me but quickly filled me again and my cockette was just oozing cum onto my belly, I felt so wonderful, on my back, my legs in the air, a hunk on top of me, it was bliss!!! I could feel your pace increase, I could feel y cock start to throb and I knew it wouldn't be much longer before you came. The heat of the moment overtook me and all of a sudden I was begging you to come in me, to give me your baby, I felt so feminine with your cock inside me. And then with one last push you buried yourself deep and I felt your cock twitching in side me and the hot flood of your sperm filling me and I knew this was going to be my life from now on. After your orgasm had subsided, you withdrew from me and went to the bathroom to clean up, I just lay on the bed, legs still open, your cum oozing out of me, my femininity affirmed. When you returned I thanked you for making me feel like a woman, fucked and full of cum. That was 3 months ago now, and although we play regularly, I just need you to know that I am proudly your black cock slut!!!!