Written by Zalvation

23 Aug 2017

Im a young girl with long blond hair emaral green eyes i love to put red lipstick on and go out to town to smile at men make their day i met my match , I drove past this big white bmw x5 i believe it was being of naughty nature i smiled was a good looking man and i notice he can look down into my car so i slide my dress up a little just so you cant see my panties. After that i simply kept my way on the n4 to pta not paying attention so off i went and i got to the menlyn shopping centre and sunndenley the same guy same car parked right next to me making a bit nervous but something about this man made me feel its ok its safe . Not putting to much into it after all could be a coinsidance . But walking past his car locking eyes with him i suddenly felt a hand grab my arm pushing me against the pillar and he whispers in my ear the following words you seem like a bad little girl . Normally you would screem or run but i didnt almost like i wanted it like i was under this strangers control . With out hesitation nodding yes sir feeling how his hands traveled up my inner thighs cupping my soaked wet pussy feeling how my one leg quivered jerking my hips back as he slides his pulling the panties away pressing a finger between the pussy lips, i blushed slightly looking down the. Hearing now noq little girl look at me . Looking at him he smiled taking my hand. Into the entrence nr 3 the first paraplegic loo he pushed me in pushing my body ober the sink then i felt it the first spank making me jerk foward grabing the sink . Pressing his lips around my neck count little one . I counted one another spank harder than the first hitted my poor lil ass two . He slide his hands over my ass slowly pulling the panties down before slamming down again crossing my legs thr-e-e i studered feeling his hand slide down feeling the wetness . Before i knew it i was soaked begging for him not to stop rubbing me and spanking me another blow against my ass twenty falling almost . Holding still i suddenly feel how his thick veiny hard dick presses against my pussy lips curling toes before feeling how he grabs my hair and pulls his back and slamms into me making me casp for air i moaned fuck as my legs quivered under me feeling his breath on my neck hearing the words cum for me lil one as soon as i heard them my body collapse into a full hard orgasm squirting on his dick. Still holding still. As his trokes got harder making my breast bounce suddenly he made me drop to my knees pulling ny hear closer now swallow as he filled my mouth i grabed his dick wAnting more of his taste sucking the tip harder as he filled my mouth . Looking down at me where those eyes good girl he leans down kisses my head . I giggles im zal nice to meet you he replied with chris He helped me up And we went for a coffee